28 September, 2023

Current Principles Pursued In Web Development

Right from planning to delivery, today’s web development phases are utterly new and innovative, which are not the actual principles followed a decade back. Developers are initiating modern principles and methodologies in monetizing great apps. In this post, I’ll be discussing on some of the modern principles trailed in web development industry for the recent days.

• Focus on Single Page Apps
• Consider the Appeal Factor
• Craft it Mobile Friendly (though it is not a mobile app)
• Build and utilize your own REST API

Each of the above principle factors varies depending upon the interest and concerns of the developer. However, these rules are quite significant when it come to build web apps in today’s time.

Focus on Single Page Apps

Single Page apps are quite familiar subject for most web developers and web development companies. It was Gmail to popularize the concept in 2004, until then it was all the traditional web apps which were slow-moving from one page to another. Each of these pages is generated dynamically on a remote server. Eventually, the web page you see in your browsers are static with least or no programmatic logic to process interactions and data you feed to the page.

A single page app overcomes all factors dealt with programmatic logic and computation. Here, the server doesn’t just assemble the web page for you. As a substitute, the web app is running all through your browser. The browser and server is able to interact each other with the exchange of data needed to run the app. Apart all, the most appreciable thing is all these actions takes place without page refreshing or reloading. With increasing browser capabilities, it has become even easier than ever to design and develop single page apps. Web designing, web frameworks and JavaScript libraries have turned out to be an ultimately significant terms in the past few years. The ability to create real-time apps is also made achievable with single page apps. An app which works live is called a real time app and these apps update itself without the need of user interaction. Building real-time apps these days have become extremely easier with single page apps.

Consider the Appeal Factor

Well, again an obvious element to look on. Any user who has his first experience with your app will absolutely cherish, if your app has really got an admirable figure. First impressions count and this is the reason why most of the web software development companies also value the look mainly.

Great looking apps centers more attention, even if they are just okay with performance. However, this doesn’t mean that the app can be bad with quality. Any fundamentally better app will sure shine on the market, if it is built with an appealing look. My request to developers who are poor in design, never give a try. Just look for your friend or someone who is best at it. Remember, look has got all to do with app while the quality and experience fall secondary.

Craft it Mobile Friendly (though it is not a mobile app)

“Mobile First”. This is the concept which needs to come into the views of any web developer, prior to constructing a web app. Though the users of web app stay unique, it is clearly evidenced that they are also the users of mobile apps. But, answer me a question. Are the users of mobile app still using web apps? May not or may be. The takeover of mobile app usage is tremendous and there is nothing guaranteed to keep your web only apps stay on the market for ever. So, on what aspects your work is getting favored to mobile devices? Read further!

While you design for larger screens (desktops and laptops), you have a lot of whitespace which you go to keep filling up with content and content until it gets covered up. But with mobiles? Things are simple. Just focus on the main features and hence it is easy to focus on the core of your application. These smaller set of features wouldn’t kill your time as you are able to take them from your larger screen content. I don’t know whether you are aware of the fastest web app in today’s time? It is a blank page. Yup, blank pages are web apps that load in no time. As you dump them up with content, the page really gets slow. This concern is over taken on a mobile page, since they keeps your app away from getting overstuffed. Hence, your apps are able to feature small and fast.

Mobile application development incorporates the same features as that of Responsive Web Design. This concept was also born at the time of mobile apps, with focus to fix desktop sized web apps on mobile sized web browsers. The methodology uses CSS3 functionality named media queries. Media queries make it easy for an existing web app or site to become mobile friendly.

Build and utilize your own REST API

Making use of REST APIs is the best option you ever had. The best thing with REST API is there are a lot of principles and opinions out there. Besides the core principles of REST APIs, it is also quite important that the API needs to be pragmatic. This sort of API is designed for a specific purpose and not for general purpose. REST API happens to be the interface for all data exchange between the single page app and the server.

Bottom Line

As a web developer and web development company all you got to be aware of is, about the experience your app creates and just not the performance. Bare in mind, web development industry is not gonna stand the same and is changing everyday every minute.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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