29 September, 2023

How to build mobile optimized websites?

Each one of us own a mobile phone, without which our days and nights would never move a second. It was with the evolution of smartphones, the mobile industry started to witness an electrifying growth. The best thing with smartphones is, they have entirely freed us from the tradition of sitting in front of desktops and laptops to access web. With one such phone, you are able to surf internet from anywhere you go and anytime you want. However, the only thing that bothers mobile-web users is, most of the websites work poorly on smartphones. The reason behind this is, those sites might not have properly optimized for mobile phones. Until and unless the websites are mobile optimized, no user can get with an amazing surfing experience. Optimizing a website for mobile devices stands a bigger part in enhancing the rate of site usage.

Why to have a mobile optimized website?

Before coming to our topic, let us first quickly discuss about the need for having a mobile optimized website. Here goes some stats, which makes you realize how important it is to optimize a site for mobile devices.

1. Mobile traffic presently makes up to 10% of global Internet traffic
2. Almost 21% of sites have been optimized for mobile phones in 2011
3. Among the smartphone users,
-> 79% of people use them to help shopping
-> 54% use them to find retailers
-> 48% to find coupons and promotions
-> 34% see if the product they want is in stock
-> 44% to read product reviews
-> 49% to compare prices
4. 74% of shoppers make their decision based on the information they find on a smartphone search.

3 Ways to optimize your website for mobiles

Mobile Site Builders

Making use of mobile site converters can be one best way to optimize your site for mobiles. These code free services help you to create a mobile site with your little knowledge on HTML and CSS. Mobify, MoFuse, Wirenode, MobiSiteGalore and Zinadoo are a few to name with.

Hire a Designer

Another best way can be to hire a developer who specializes in writing for mobile devices. A number of expert developers are there to create a mobile optimized website, but what matters is the unique charges they fix to build a site. The rate varies from few hundred to thousand dollars based upon the complexity of your site and experience of the designer.

CMS plugins

If your site falls under any of the popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or Magento, then by making use of multiple plugins and extensions that comes along, you can easily built a mobile version for your website. You can simply search for the word ‘mobile’ on your CMS. There are also options to go with customization in plugins or extensions as far as your requirement. On the note of customization you can go with Magento which has unique features compared to other open source platform. To achieve this you can simply hire Magento Web Developer and build your site for customizable outlook.


With the rising need and usage of mobile devices, it has become extremely significant for any site owner to optimize his site for mobile devices. And, if it is all about enhancing your online shopping store, then this is the right time you got to realize about building your very own intuitive mobile optimized website. Whether you do it yourself or hire a designer to do it, a mobile optimized website is the utmost thing when it comes to present scenario.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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