22 September, 2023

How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

With more number of eCommerce sites evolving each day, either online site owners and consumers are facing challenges individually in their own way. For a retailer, it is the ‘competition’ and for consumers it is the ‘confusion’. Online site owners have fallen into a highly competitive world of eCommerce development business, while the consumers are agitating each other in finding the best online store. But, the worser situation goes to site owners who stammer upon to drive traffic to their online store. For store owners who have not still found a solution for this concern, will get a handful of ways by continuing to read this post. Drive more customers to your website by using the following techniques and increase traffic to your online store.

Make An Attractive Store By Fulfilling Your Objectives

An attractive website is something that is understandable, engaging and interesting. In order to generate a better web traffic to your online site, the keen thing you got to employ is better visibility. Make sure whether the objective or motto on which your site is built, is utterly mentioned on your site. It is not required that you got to waste bucks on hiring expensive graphic designing and flash animation. The only thing to fall important is, your site needs to focus your objectives in an attractive and understandable manner.

Be Clear with the Sales Factor of Your Store

Being paid for your service is quite crucial with any site. Bare in mind that your site also needs to be a lead generation tool. Targeting on the right group of audience and concentrating on your marketing campaigns can help you to some extend in fixing the sales potential of your site. Most online entrepreneurs are not clear about tying their sales and target audience in a same knot. Think of the better ways to enhance your sales, other than just offering products. You could offer your customers with some free newsletters or training or an extra lesson, etc. Do remember these things while building the strategy for your business.

Advertising, Promotion & SEO

Drive some extra traffic to your site by means of promoting it via SEO and advertising methodologies. Make it easy for your customers to find your store through search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are best to rely on for enhancing the popularity of your site. You can blindly rely on the basic SEO techniques like article marketing, press release marketing, blogs, adword analysis and so forth, you can easily bring your stores on the top listings of Google and other search engines. Also, avail on the pay-per click advertising techniques which helps great in driving traffic to an eCommerce site. There are a plenty of low-cost strategies followed on SEO, which you can employ with.

Social Media

Without the involvement of social media, nothing can be possible these days. Social media networks also play their part in driving traffic to an eCommerce store site. In order to cheer up buyers and grab their attentions, social media techniques has really got to be relied on.

1. Facebook
The first and foremost social media giant to crawl websites on search engines. One way to benefit with Facebook kinda marketing is, you can keep a calender on your store’s Facebook page, which displays all your upcoming events. All you got to do is, keep updating regularly about your site on your Facebook page.

2. Twitter
Twitter – another important social network to drive attention to your sites. Twitter updates are famous all over and when you have new announcement on your product or service, let your twitter followers know about it. The only thing you got to be conscious is, never sell your products directly via twitter.

3. Blog
Blogs are also a better way to promote the traffic of your sites. Most of the online stores will be having individual blog directories on their sites. You could write blog posts on various topics falling under your category name and employ options to allow viewers comment and share those posts via facebook, twitter, stumble upon and so forth. Give them the option to like and share our blog on the different social media networks, so that they get shared on their profiles, which will be viewed by their friends and thereby drive traffic to your site.

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Reviews on your products from various users prove to be a valuable service to drive traffic to your online store. There are two types of reviews any product would receive. The positive and the negative. This is where most retailers commit their mistake. They just show up their product’s positive reviews and hide those negative reviews. Remember that reviews and ratings play a major part in increasing conversion rates. Even it is negative, don’t just hide them up ,since users who have already used your products will be knowing the truth and this could even trigger up their anger. Only avoid displaying negative reviews if they are really rubbish and is of no use. Otherwise, show them off and reply the user back with appealing words like ‘ we agree to your point and we are working to fix this bug’ or something like that. This could not only convince that particular user, but the others who have also participated in the forum.


Ratings are also a better way to gather product information from your users. For those retailers who have a fear for displaying reviews can simply opt for ratings, since ratings are straight forward and simple.

So, these are few factors to think of in order to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. Apart all, bare one thing in mind. Until and unless you make your website a pleasant and encouraging place to allow users to express their feedbacks, your site is lacking to traffic.

How to Drive Ecommerce Traffic

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


  1. Geno Thampi Reply

    Nice post highlighting the importance of reviews and ratings for an eCommerce store. However, doesn’t reviews and ratings aid mostly in conversion than getting the visitors? Perhaps you can detail something on the lines of implementing schema markup for reviews which would get rich snippets for the store in the search results. Rich snippets play an important role in improving the CTR.

  2. Sharan Reply

    A very informative post. But I would like to suggest one thing. Nowadays search engine algorithms give preferences to a responsive sites while ranking a page. So making your site responsive will be a key requisite if you wish to drive in more traffic.

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