22 September, 2023
Near Field Communication Technology

Near Field Communication – How to Use it Effectively?

NFC – The current striking technology that comes with attributes to make your life utmost easy! NFC, certainly can be called as a technological swift or transformation taking place in today’s time. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a RFID (Radio frequency identification technology) which interacts with electromagnetic radio instead of direct radio transmission.

We’ve been consistently hearing about smartphones launched with this feature and the crunch it has created in today’s technology. To accomplish the NFC functionality, first the mobile phone should have been embedded with an NFC chip, with which the handset can send data within a short range.

The basic idea behind the Near Field Communication technology is that you need to bring your device much close to another NFC device for a secure communication and data transfer. The technology also lets you to store your credit card information in your handset, so that it’s enough to just tap or wave your phone near any NFC reader, in order to make a payment.

NFC’s Role in Mobile Payments

NFC, clearly is the latest innovative trend set up in the mobile payment industry. Though mobile payment even is a new sector, this NFC concept has brought in some amazing changes for making payments in a more convenient manner. By making use of this technology, your credit card can be purely safeguarded from instant flashing when you use it. Using Near Field Communication in the payment system mechanism is quite simple. The users have to simply fill-in their credit card information on the NFC chip or the phone’s smart chip. Once the billing has been generated in the billing counter, customers can just wave or tap their handset on the NFC device. So, this is it! The Payment is done.

When making use of near field communication payment system, most of the times it is not needed to type the authentication password. But, in some cases it may be required to type in the authentication PIN. Though this might be quite frustrating, it fully concerns about the safety of your bank account. NFC technology covers the option to debit the money from your pre-paid card, credit card or directly from your bank account. This simple, easy and hassle free payment methodology has also got some challenges just like other new technologies. The reason why most of the payment systems are not ready to accept this NFC based payment mode is they are uncertain about the consequences.

Listed below are the core advantages of NFC payment:

• Easy-to-use
• Cost-effective
• Reliable
• Secure and Flexible Payment
• Fast Payment Process

Effective Ways to use NFC

Near field communication is purely a standard of radio communication, which allows devices within close proximity (up to around 10cm) to communicate with each other. This states that a NFC enabled smartphone can interact with another NFC enabled handset or other NFC devices. Reliability and flexibility are two major factors which drives the success of NFC technology. Illustrated below are some of the potential uses of NFC technology and the ways to use them effectively.

1. Social Media Networking

Social networking is already into the part of everyone’s day to day lives and is still becoming more stubborn in the industry. One of the most prominent uses of near field communication is, you will be able to share photos, videos and text files by means of your NFC enabled mobile devices. This is in fact similar to the Bluetooth technology. But, Bluetooth seems to be a step ahead that NFC as it can stay active over a longer distances while the activity is pretty short for NFC. However, when it comes to stability and easy to set up functionality, NFC stands superior to Bluetooth.

2. E-Commerce

Another popular benefit of using NFC technology is the ‘contact-less payment’ which is done. By using your phone as a credit card, you will be able to make payment in a simple step. Companies all over the world have started to implement contact-less phone payment systems and some countries like Italy have even started to use NFC in their public transport system. In future, these NFC enabled devices are also expected to act like keycards or IDs, which might not require us to carry any sort of cards in hand. It is just enough to have your NFC handset wherever you go.

3. NFC tags

Near Field Communication also offers a convenience to businesses with promotional possibilities which indeed is a cost-effective benefit. This technology allows your phone to be paired with NFC tags, stickers or markers which can be programmed by bespoke apps to activate a certain task on your smartphone. The NFC tags concept can be added on anything such as changing your phones settings, opening a specific program, or creating and sending you a text. The opportunities for this idea can be quite limitless right now, but within few years the businesses which had cleverly encrypted NFC tags will certainly find some difference and those who haven’t started using them will be left behind.


As you see, the NFC based services are becoming more popular not only in the smartphone industry but also in social networks, payments and other future technological prospects. The technology is wholly into increasing the user experience in terms of shopping, learning and sharing data. With more and more able NFC tags and apps launched by mobile application development companies consistently, the industry is surely going to stay steady for decades and decades.

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