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How to Use Live Streaming for Augmenting Brand Identity

Published On November 1st, 2023 1225Streaming Tech

$70 billion! This is the estimated size of the live streaming market by 2021, hardly 4 years from now.


Live streaming is delivering high on several business benefits that you cannot turn a blind eye towards.

  • 1. It creates a sense of urgency
  • 2. Delivers an In-the-moment experience
  • 3. It doesn’t cost a bomb to live stream
  • 4. It reaches out to audience on a large scale
  • 5. It heightens engagement

There are still more reasons why I can go on about why live streaming is awesome. But, live streaming is going to be another frantic attempt to make yourself seen unless you use it in the right means.

In a world where 8 Billion+ live streams (Facebook & SnapChat combined) are happening at anytime, for your brand to stand apart there must be something unique, something rewarding, a pull factor that will bind your viewers to your live video.

How to do that? I have been reaching out to many in the media and marketing industry to find out the holy grail to build live streaming app. Luckily, some gave me enough input to whip out few ways of how to make live stream work for a brand. This is what I am putting across in this quick blog post.

How to Live Stream like a Pro

Video is hard to play with. Live streaming is an even harder nut to crack. There are plenty of topics to deal with, the choice of camera, the angle, the topic you are going to explain and so on. There is one perfect strategy that works all the time. Live streaming platform helps a cookery show is entirely different from live streaming vs VOD a soccer match or even your private birthday party.

Here are some quick ways how you can make your live stream stay unique in a sea of other videos.

Question & Answer Sessions

Live streaming sets the stage to know the pain areas and feedback of your customers directly in their own words. Since live streaming is dynamic without any holds barred, it gives customers a sense of feeling that they are part of the problem that your product/service is trying to serve.

Facebook introduced Town Hall some time ago which became an instant hit. Town Hall put public at direct interaction with leaders through Q&A sessions. Here is the flyer that was put up for Town Hall meeting with Obama through Live streaming.

live streaming

Product Launches

Video is exciting. If it is something about that is new that the world has not seen, the LIVE feed will have more demand and engagement. The exclusivity of the live stream will invoke curiosity which will in turn can pump your conversion rate.

A teaser pic of the Mi product launch live stream:
live streaming brand

Behind the Scenes Action

As humans we all want to know how things happen behind the screen. How is a product made, who are the team members who make something happen, what is the process involved, all this and much more. There is a demand to know that is not shown in a marketing video. A live streaming session that showcases the candid nature of action that takes place behind the screen is a good way to bond with viewers.

Check out how hotshot investor Gary uses live streaming of current and behind the scenes to connect with viewers:

live streaming augmented reality

Be Genuine Be Original

Video is real. So don’t fake it in live streaming. If you take a close look, the most watched and talked about live streams are those which came from people who did without any hidden intent. Their intent was to reach out with a genuine purpose to engage, enlighten or entertain their viewers. The same principle if applied to video streaming solution for your branding purpose can make it stand apart from others who always thrust marketing slogans upon customers.
Who can use live streaming to their benefit?
Live streaming can be used for any endless purpose. But, to make things clearer, we have narrowed down on some proven ways how live streaming is being used around the world for forging a brand identity.



Online Fitness Platform trainers can live stream daily workout regimen through a dedicated channel.



Online tutors can conduct one-on-one training or on-demand training for students with VOD premium membership/subscription.



Chefs and hobbyists can live stream cooking sessions to exclusive groups.



Board meetings and team huddles between employees located at remote locations can be conducted virtually.



Music, sports, entertainment, award functions, etc. can be telecasted live over the internet.

Contus Vplay – An Intelligent Live Streaming Solution

Contus Vplay is a readymade live streaming solution that helps everyone with the need for live VOD streaming to do it effortlessly and with several additional features.

A comprehensive list of live streaming features of Contus Vplay:

  • 1. End-to-end live stream management including encoding, transcoding, archiving, etc.
  • 2. Live streaming to any screen size including mobile, desktop, TV, etc.e
  • 3. Post event footage download or playback.
  • 4. Option to download footage upon payment or through subscription.
  • 5. In-built payment integration in video player.
  • 6. Detailed analytics of viewership & demographics.
  • 7. Webcast to website or social channels.


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