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10 Ways Influencers & Creators Can Make Money in 2024

Published On July 2nd, 2024 429Streaming & Monetization

Video creators nowadays are gleaming with fame! It’s not a surprise that it has become one of the highest-paid sectors because of its technologically streamlined monetization and efficient support. It is proved that monetized content creators generally earn $51 per hour on average.

People no longer consider it a hobby or a part-time job, instead, they see it as a money-making mainstream job and make money as a video creator easily from anywhere with more cost-cutting and cost-productive strategies.

Why think about hardcore earning ways, when you can earn money online with your video content, spice up your resume with more prolific creative ideas, that you can execute through video content, and earn plentiful? Do you know, “The average income of content creators who run a business is $75 per hour in 2024 ?”.  It’s a good pay, isn’t it?

Stop concealing your creative genius and become a video creator to the world! Here is a list of the top 10 ways through which you can earn multifold with your talents, in your own space, and in your timeline. So, don’t miss reading the blog, and lose the tips to earn money with Videos. Let us tell you how to start up smoothly and meticulously!

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Key Factors to Consider by Content Creators to Earn

Before you start multiplying your revenue, it’s crucial to know the key factors that will help you reach your target faster and smarter. Scroll down through the list of factors, and be sure to follow the steps to reign in your online content creation process.


To earn money as a video content creator in 2024, you need an all-in-one intuitive content creator platform that supports premium content creation. With such a video platform, you can create, upload, host, market, manage, and stream your videos seamlessly, maximizing your earning potential.

Platforms like GUDSHO offer highly comprehensive video monetization models, allowing you to engage in various financially beneficial activities while also providing marketing opportunities to expand your reach as a creator. 

Ensure that the platform you choose includes features such as:

  • Video Hosting
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Monetization
  • Video CMS 
  • Video API integration 
  • Video Security 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Video analytics


If you are a video creator from a particular region,  but making content that applies to people of any region irrespective of their regional and national residence, then you need to take a careful look at this factor. The amount earned from video monetization differs based on your location and your viewer’s location, so make sure to pitch the right ads and streaming methods to reach your target audience effectively. 


Remember, as a video creator, you are also an influencer. It’s crucial to ensure that you influence in the right way. As a trendsetter, people of various age groups around the world will watch your videos, so you are allowed to deliver positively impactful messages. Good intentions will be rewarded abundantly, so make sure to utilize your talents optimally.


As a video creator, you need to diversify your income streamlining. Try using video platforms that help you connect with other creators, brands, and opportunities positively. This diversified approach will allow you to enjoy a wide range of experiences and will equip you with skills and ideas to earn more. 

Best Ways to Make Money As Creators

Content creators, influencers, and Social Media, these terms are governing the marketplace, and don’t you feel that you keep hearing this multiple times a day? So is the market trend, here is what we have for you, we have come up with the top 10 ways to earn as a video creator and rock social media with your skills. 

Consider it as tips or a guiding star, just read through it and start a popular career like never before! Let’s get started! 

1. Online Teaching (Live & VOD)

There are plenty of online teaching platforms that support e-learning extensively from a broader diversifying perspective. There are no longer classroom rules and distance-subjected learning deformities, everything is streamed online, It is just a matter of reaching your audience and delivering your teaching skills methodically.

Platforms like GUDSHO, Udemy, Coursera, and Unacademy, promote online teaching based on Live streaming and video-on-demand ideas. Just connect with the audience via live streaming and earn from a subscription or upload videos on demand and earn from pay-per-view technique for the content they wish to learn.

 Isn’t it incredible to connect virtually and reach millions of people with just a click? There is no need for second thoughts, you can be a yoga teacher, a programming coach, or an AI influencer, just market your teaching skills and earn fortunes, and a good video platform does this job for you, while you could just teach, relax and sell online courses. 

2. Marketing Exclusive Content

Got unique ideas ? and wondering how to make money online? Be a leader and stand out with your exclusive content. 

Be it an effective weight loss process, funny behind-the-scenes content, a crime investigation, a personal blog to a targeted audience, spiritual enlightening content, best therapy ideas for happy mental health,  unprecedented cooking tips, or a new-era makeup tutorial, it can be anything !. Make your mark with your exclusive content and market it in the right video platform that suggests an effective monetization model or marketing toolkit. 

With a perfect marketing toolkit, you can perform actions  like:

  • Branding: Give your videos a unique brand value on a channel that is fully featured on the video channel and marketable on all video platforms.
  • Visibility:  Stay in the spotlight by boosting your video presence with optimized content and get recognized instantly across screens. 
  • Targeting:  Decide your target audience and deliver your promotional initiatives accordingly, choose a platform that helps you with conversions.
  • Viewership: Deliver your ideas and content directly to your viewers, enhancing ratings, social shares, and unique plays, thus making them feel valued by your online video channel. An online video channel like GUDSHO also facilitates the conversion of your live videos to VOD.

Also, try implementing subscriptions in your channel and earn from monetization models like: 

  • SVOD ( subscription video on demand)
  • AVOD  ( Advertising-based video on demand)
  • TVOD  ( Transitional video on demand)
  • Pay-per-views 
  • Donations/ Gifts

By opting for these models you can multiply your revenue in less time. You also can get a token of appreciation in the form of gift money or donations paid to you deliberately by your audience voluntarily for your exclusive content. 

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3. Channel Subscriptions/Membership

Make your viewers your family, build a community with your channel subscriptions, and pave the way for a long-lasting relationship. Earn with your video content and at the same time know who wishes to be a part of your creative journey. Make them stay committed and at the same time benefit their curiosity and make every minute fruitful. 

There are plenty of video Monetization tips for creators. Choose some of the best monetization models like subscription, AVOD, rent/buy specific videos, bulk video series, and donations for your special videos, and make money from every single video. Why just get satisfied by delivering your videos? Achieve more by expanding your fan circle with subscriptions, feed their thoughts, and make your every action accountable. 

4. Offer Pay-Per-View

Have you considered the subscription/membership model to establish your digital empire as a video creator? If you find it adaptive, congratulations! You’re just a step away from your goal. If not, don’t worry; there is a pay-per-view. 

If you believe your audience may not require a monthly subscription or prefer the flexibility to pay for individual videos, try the pay-per-view mode. Simply attach a price tag to each video and earn exclusively from those views. It’s an excellent opportunity to keep your content in the spotlight while ensuring a good return on investment (ROI).

5. Earn with Automatic Ads

If you’ve come this far as a video creator, well done! It’s time to talk about automatic ads. Wouldn’t you like to discover a smart way to increase your earnings while saving time? Automatic ads analyze your content and identify new opportunities to showcase your videos. 

Simply choose a platform, upload your videos, and let it generate income for you. Just Insert the designated code into your content where you want the advertisement maker to place automated ads, and let Google do the heavy lifting. Host your video content on the right platform, and let automated ads do the legwork while you sit back and relax with your favorite drink.

6. Earn with Live Event Streaming

Don’t just be a free entertainment channel for your viewers when there are the best ways to monetize your goals! Whether it’s a live event or live video streaming of your content, you can earn from pay-per-view or find sponsors interested in branding opportunities during your live events. Additionally, consider monetizing your content with live event ads to expand your reach and increase earnings

All it takes is showcasing your creativity; the platform you choose will handle the rest for you. Online Video Platforms like GUDSHO offer over 300 inbuilt features to help you monetize your live streaming and video content effectively.

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7. Selling Merchandise

Once you have a good number of viewers and subscribers, consider monetizing your community during live streams. As a next step,  try merchandising your channel with products like t-shirts, mugs, hats, and hoodies. Attract viewers and encourage them to make purchases, thereby earning from it.

 Just make sure that the merchandise you choose aligns with the theme of your channel’s niche. For example, let’s consider the famous YouTuber Emily Tube, who owns a famous merchandise clothing store by the name of emilytube clothing. She showcases these items on her entertaining channel, where she makes learning fun for kids in her videos. Also, she serves as the brand’s product ambassador, promoting T-shirts based on her channel’s theme. By adopting this approach, you can pique viewers’ curiosity, encouraging them to engage with your channel and content on a personal level, thereby enhancing your earning potential.

8. Branded Sponsorships

Marketing brands required a lot of effort earlier, but now it has become easier than ever, you can even do it via live streaming or through any video content. Try collaborating with brands and get paid while sponsoring their brand through your videos or live streaming. In this way, you will not only get paid but also you will get free goodies. Just know your target audience well plan your sponsorship accordingly and win the game. 

9. Sign up for Creator Funds

You can sign up for your creator funds and access financial support and promotional assistance to expand your reach and earn extra. It fosters a sense of community among creators nurtures talents and helps you get in touch with fellow creators for more networking opportunities and collaborations. You can also enhance your scope by giving exclusive content to offer premium membership. As a creator, you need to think in all ways to earn and grab every opportunity that comes your way. 

10. Receive Donations

You are a creator that your followers love! So don’t hesitate to get their support, it can be a creative offering, a token of appreciation, or non-profits, just give your viewers the privilege to give you at their heart’s content. Enjoy the showered love and add the earnings to your growth fund.


Hurray! Now that you have reached the end of the blog, you must have gained ample insights to boost your earnings. You are doing great as a creator! , now that the idea to earn more is in your hands, select the right strategy apply it to your business, and create a legendary impact on society. As the American marketing strategist Seth Godin says, “ The YouTube video maker gets more out of making a video than you get out of watching it “This proves to the world that the oppurtnuites are surplus for people who wish to make a bigger difference. Wishing you all the very best!


Kiruthika is a Senior Digital Marketer specializing in SaaS Marketing at GUDSHO, where she leverages her expertise to drive result-oriented strategies. With a passion for innovation, she has expertise in navigating the complexities of online marketing.

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