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8+ Top DevOps Consulting Services & Solutions Companies in USA

Published On May 24th, 2024 327Engineering

Software development today is highly influenced by the strong trend of integrating the DevOps methodology, which has redefined the framework of workflow optimization and operation improvement. Yes, you read that right! 

Companies operating in various sectors —- software development and extending to virtually all sectors view DevOps practices as highly applicable to their operations and often outsource organizations specializing in resolving DevOps-related issues i.e. DevOps consulting firms. 

As the demand for DevOps skills continues to rise, the modern IT landscape is witnessing more and more DevOps consulting companies. This growth underscores the vibrancy and importance of DevOps in achieving success.

However, amidst all the expansion happening, many IT startups may struggle to navigate the abundance of DevOps consultancies, each offering unique specialties and scopes of operations.

That’s the reason why we have come up with this blog. Here, we will be looking into the top DevOps company that will be the leading choices for the year 2024. Let’s get going! 

Top 8 Best DevOps Consulting Companies in USA [2024]

Discover the top DevOps consulting firms in the USA for 2024. Some of the best consulting companies are CONTUS Tech, ApphiTect, Veritis, Appinventiv, Algoworks, Nine Hertz, etc.

1. CONTUS Tech

Streamlining your development journey with expert DevOps consulting services.

top DevOps consulting companies

CONTUS Tech is the leading DevOps consulting company that strives to reinvent work processes and streamline operation efficiency. Being devoted to excellence, CONTUS Tech deploys the best practices and a complete professional staff of DevOps engineers to trigger digital transformation for companies.

As CONTUS Tech realizes the extreme importance of implementing security into the software development lifecycle flawlessly, the DevOps consulting services ease the development of robust software programs and ensure security manifests itself at every stage.

The key reason that CONTUS Tech has become the best DevOps company is the result of their overall effort to encourage interactions between operations and developments. With CONTUS Tech as your DevOps consulting partner, you can trust that your journey toward operational excellence is in safe hands.

  • Founding year – 2008  
  • Headquarters – Santa Clara, USA 
  • Industries – Media, healthcare, finance, sports, etc. 
  • Tech stack – Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Angular JS, .NET, WebRTC, etc.
  • Team size – 350+ experienced engineers.  
  • Portfolio – Effective Deployment of DevOps in E-commerce Platforms, Media Outlets, etc. 
  • Services and expertise – Full Stack Development, Cloud & DevOps, SaaS Product Development, IoT & Connected Vehicles, Media streaming & OTT, Unified communications. 
Want To Elevate Your Operations With Top DevOps Consulting Companies?

2. ApphiTect

Transforming businesses through seamless integration and automation with DevOps consulting expertise.

top DevOps consulting services

ApphiTect is a value-driven DevOps consulting service provider in the US, UAE, providing exceptional DevOps services across Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Dubai.

They have successfully delivered 1,000 projects globally, showcasing their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Their DevOps consulting services promise 3X better scalability, ensuring your operations can keep pace with your evolving requirements.

From building and testing to deployment, monitoring, and security, Apphitect offers a seamless, full-cycle DevOps service.

This empowers your business to achieve total automation across your software delivery pipeline

  • Founding year – 2008
  • Headquarters – United Arab Emirates
  • Industries – Media, sports, E-commerce, healthcare, finance, etc.
  • Tech stack –Flutter, Angular.JS, and Node.JS etc.
  • Team size – 250 – 350+
  • Portfolio – Coca-Cola, Sony, McDonald’s, JCB, Cisco, Amazon,  and others
  • Services and expertise – Full Stack Development, Cloud & DevOps, SaaS Product Development, IoT & Connected vehicle.

3. Veritis

Empowering your operations for efficiency and agility with DevOps consulting solutions.

DevOps consulting firms

Veritis stands tall among the many other DevOps consulting firms, renowned for its innovative approach and unwavering dedication. Embracing agility as a core principle, Veritis operates with remarkable speed, delivering results at a pace that surpasses industry standards.

Having more than ten years of industry experience, Veritis has emerged as a top-tier DevOps consultancy firm in the market. Distinguished by its extensive expertise, Veritis delivers diverse DevOps consulting solutions — Iterative and incremental development, flexible workload management, robust security measures, automated testing protocols, etc.

  • Founding year – 2004
  • Headquarters – Irving, Texas, USA
  • Services and expertise – DevOps, cloud solutions, access management, managed services, etc. 
  • Industries – IT, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, etc. 
  • Tech stack – Git, Jenkins, Docker, AWS.
  • Team size – 200+employees. 
  • Portfolio – NEC, Solera Holdings, and many more.  

4. Appinventiv 

Elevating your development practices with tailored DevOps consulting strategies.

best DevOps consulting firms

Appinventiv prides itself on the best DevOps consulting services, which mainly focus on delivering customer-centric solutions tailored especially for all enterprises as they grow. The DevOps consulting solutions at Appinventiv are based on careful Assessments & Planning. A clear course to operational perfection can be laid along this line for companies. 

Nevertheless, infrastructure Automation is a specialty area of theirs. It helps businesses get rid of inefficiencies and allows them to streamline processes in their operations. They support automation of the deployment of software packages to various operating systems. 

  • Founding year – 2015
  • Headquarters – Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Services and expertise – DevOps services, DevOps professional services, etc. 
  • Industries – Healthcare, Real Estate, Process management, Medical insurance claims, etc. 
  • Tech stack – React Native, Flutter, Java, etc. 
  • Team size – 250+ developers.
  • Portfolio – Completion of over 250 DevOps projects — KFC, Alphabet, KPMG, etc. 

5. Algoworks

Your trusted partner in navigating the DevOps landscape for sustainable growth

Algoworks has proven itself among many other DevOps consulting companies in the USA, known especially for their expertise in boosting software excellence and safeguarding clients’ systems. With a focus purely on Code Quality and Security Audits, Algoworks guarantees businesses can reduce vulnerabilities while upholding sector-leading standards.

Having supported enterprises across industries in resolving intricate operational issues for over a decade, Algoworks brings unmatched know-how. Their systematic process for DevOps consulting assimilates core best practices including continuous delivery, monitoring and logging, configuration management, and employing code to define infrastructure. 

  • Founding year – 2006
  • Headquarters – Sunnyvale, California, USA
  • Services and expertise – DevOps consulting, DevOps and test automation, mobile and web app consulting, software test management, etc. 
  • Industries – Financial Services, Gaming, Manufacturing, Software Services, etc. 
  • Tech stack –  Salesforce DX, Git, Golang, etc. 
  • Team size – 250+ employees. 
  • Portfolio – Integration of DevOps — White Pine Diamonds, DeGroot Logistics.

6. Nine Hertz 

Achieve seamless integration and continuous delivery with our DevOps consulting firm

best DevOps consulting services

With an attention to integrated growth, Nine Hertz excels in streamlining application rollout processes, minimizing complexity, and maximizing productivity. With a track record of over a decade (15 years), the company consistently delivers high-quality projects on time and within budget across diverse industries.

As businesses navigate, Nine Hertz stands out as a dependable companion, committed to excellence throughout the entire development lifecycle. Their comprehensive suite of services covers essential DevOps consulting and foundation services, including Continuous Integration and delivery, Infrastructure Management, ongoing monitoring, and knowledgeable consultation.

  • Founding year – 2008
  • Headquarters – Jaipur, India 
  • Services and expertise – DevOps development, Salesforce development, CRM solutions, etc.
  • Industries –  Education, Banking, Gaming, Lifestyle, etc
  • Tech stack – Docker, Ansible, Gradle, Angular JS. 
  • Team size – Around 500 to 800 employees work here. 
  • Portfolio – 1800+ projects in 15 years period with 92% client retention. 

7. To the New

Authorize enterprises with tailored DevOps services and guidance

DevOps consulting solutions

As a leading DevOps consulting firm, To The New specializes in end-to-end delivery pipelines across various cloud platforms. Leveraging collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation, and cloud adoption, the company ensures seamless yet efficient software delivery. 

With features including one-click deployments and rollback, continuous integration, and disaster recovery solutions, DevOps service providers prioritize reliability and agility. The multi-skilled team harnesses top DevOps tools to automate and meticulously measure the performance of delivery pipelines, confirming optimal outcomes are achieved for the clients. 

  • Founding year – 2008
  • Headquarters – Singapore
  • Services and expertise – CDN, payment gateways, notifications, ad-engines, etc. 
  • Industries – Financial Services, E-Commerce, Healthcare, and many more. 
  • Tech stack – Java, Python, React, Oracle, Kotlin, etc. 
  • Team size – 1000+employees.
  • Portfolio – Sony Liv,, HDFC Mutual Fund, TRDA Ratings, Indigo, etc. 

8. Rishabhsoft

Leading the way in DevOps excellence with our top-tier consultancy services.

DevOps consulting

With a focus on collaboration, performance, and high-quality software delivery, Rishabhsoft’s DevOps consulting company offers DevOps services tailored to automate and streamline software development processes. Leveraging over two decades of proven IT excellence, they assist businesses in continuously integrating, deploying, and delivering software at a faster pace. 

Above all, the expertise extends to cloud integration, harnessing the potential of leading platforms like AWS and Azure to optimize infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency. Apart from that, they specialize in streamlining release cycles for a diverse range of applications, from legacy systems to agile environments and beyond.

  • Founding year – 2000 
  • Headquarters – Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  • Services and expertise – Data analytics, product engineering, DevOps consulting, IoT, etc. 
  • Industries – Media & Entertainment, Retail, Real estate, Manufacturing, Logistics, Edtech, etc. 
  • Tech stack – React, Angular, Flutter, iOS, Node.js, etc. 
  • Team size – 100+ employees
  • Portfolio – Bright Star Engineering, HCXP

Summing Up 

In the end, all we would like to say is that our exploration has shed light on the top DevOps consulting companies, each offering unique expertise and tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses. 

From accelerating software delivery to optimizing infrastructure and enhancing operational efficiency, these best DevOps consulting play an important role in driving innovation and facilitating growth to a much greater degree. 

As organizations continue to embrace and adopt various DevOps principles, the DevOps services provided by these companies serve as indispensable tools for navigating the complexities of modern IT environments. 

Ready to elevate your operations? Take your business to new heights with the industry’s leading DevOps consulting firm. Let’s embark on a journey to success together!
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