3 October, 2023

Mobile Web Take Over – The Complete Stat

Mobile Web Usage is experiencing growth in every way and none of us can deny that fact. For mobile application development companies to gather customer attentions and get to know the current mobile web traffic scenario, it is quite integral to understand the stats and facts that initiate the take over of mobile web.

Current Stats

1. Mobile search has grown 500% in the past two years. In may 2012, 10.11% of website page views came from a hand held mobile device.
2. Since 2011, 45% of the world’ population has been covered by a 3G mobile network.
3. Average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011. The average amount of traffic per smart phone in 2011 was 150 MB per month, shifting from 55 MB per month in 2010.
4. Last year’s mobile data traffic was eight times the size of the entire global internet in 2000.
5. Also, the mobile data traffic in 2011 was 8 times greater than the global mobile data traffic in 2010.
6. It has been predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015.
7. 51% of consumers prefer android smartphones and 38% prefer the Apple iPhone.
8. In early 2013, website visits from tablets will surpass smartphone visits.
9. 10% of all website visits will come from tablets by 2014.

How has this prediction exhibited itself so far?

1. In 2005, the shipment numbers of desktop/notebook PCs were around 200,000 millon pieces where smartphone shipment numbers were just about hitting 50,000 million pieces. Tablet usage was unfamiliar at this time. In 2012, smartphone and tablet shipments surpass desktop and notebook PC shipments by almost 200,000 million units.
2. In 2012, 1 in 6 people intend to buy a mobile tablet.
3. Overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 10.8 exabytes per month by 2016, which will be an 18 fold increase over 201’s 0.6 exabytes per month.
4. Global mobile data traffic more than doubled from 2011 to 2012 went from 0.6 exabytes permonth to 1.3 exabytes per month.

How has mobile Internet gone global?

1. Mobile only web users stand higher in Egypt with 70%, India with 59%, S. Africa with 57% and USA with 25%.
2. A large percentage of mobile web users are “mobile only”, which means that they never or very rarely use a desktop or laptop to access the web.
3. Asia Pacific and Western Europe countries will account for over half of global mobile traffic by 2016 with 62.57%.
4. This growth rate for mobile traffic which was evidenced as 15% in 2011, will be increased to 19% in 2016.

Why, when and how are consumers using mobile devices?

1. 40% for keeping up-to-date with daily news
2. 67% for internet access
3. 48% for listening to music
4. 48% use it for social networking purposes
5. 70% only use their tablet at home, 24% use their tablet on the go and 6% use at work.
6. People using mobile applications as per age group:
18-29 – Games(29%), shopping(16), reading books(15%)
30-49 – Games(27%), Email(21%), Reading books(17%)
50-64 – Email(29%), Reading books(14%), Videos(14%)

The Role of Social Media

1. As of June 2012, 543 million monthly active users had made use of Facebook mobile products.
2. From all tweets sent out of Twitter, 40% of them come from mobile devices.
3. The advent of new lower priced tablets in late 2011 has meant that a whole new arop of tablet owners have been created.
4. 48% of people now own a mobile device.
5. 52% of tablet owners report owning an iPad.

How is M commerce being benefited?

Now that more and more people are owning smart mobile devices, there is an increasing focus on mobile commerce.

1. 29% of smartphone users use their phone for shopping.
2. 50% of mobile users are returning visitors to daily deal sites.
3. Even more interestingly it was shown that mobile payments are expected to quadruple over the next five years to more than $1.3 trillion.
4. Mobile is revolutionizing the way that commerce works. 24% use their tablets to shop 2-3 times a month.
5. 20% use them to shop more than once a week.
6. 12% use them to shop every day.
7. ebay has fore-casted $8 billion in mobile sales this year compared to its forecast of $5 billion on mobile sales in 2011.
8. 41% of Egyptian smartphone owners make purchases on their phone.
9. 78% of US smartphone owners use their smartphones in store.
10. The higher shopping satisfaction people experience in mobile websites is provided by iPad (75%).

How has app development picked up and how is the industry growing?

1. Games are the most downloaded out of all applications.
2. Apps are now on a $10 billion market and are growing at almost 100% a year.
3. Right from their launch in 2008, Apple app store and Google android market is experiencing a steady growth.
4. Within the end of this year, both the markets will have an average of 750,000 apps.

What’s on the horizon for mobile web? Will desktop internet usage end?

1. Early in 2012, the number of smartphones/tablets has exceeded the number of PCs sold.
2. The number of internet users worldwide will grow from 2 billion in 2010 to 2.7 billion in 2015.
3. One third of American adults own a smartphone.
4. Tablets will exceed 10% of global mobile data traffic in 2016.
5. It seems very likely that desktop internet usage has met its match and it is expected that by the year 2015, desktop sales will make up on about 18% of computer sales.

Hope you are enough with the info! These relevant facts and numbers will surely serve your mobile and mobile app development needs.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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