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Driving Growth & Excellence through Cutting-edge Technology: Sriram Manoharan

Published On December 13th, 2023 633Announcement

CONTUS TECH is a leading software as a Product company that builds and delivers enterprise-grade products and digital engineering services for their clients worldwide. The company is headquartered in Chennai and has other regional offices in the USA, and UAE. They have 300+ in-house skilled engineers with expertise in latest technologies like IoT, DevOps, Microservices, Kubernetes, RPA, Fullstack and more.


Being a top-notch SaaS provider which specializes in the unified communication and media streaming sector, CONTUS TECH is ranked as one of the top app development companies in India on GoodFirms platform.

GoodFirms has helped immensely in improving CONTUS TECH online presence and visibility. Its profile on GoodFirms is holistic and attracts the right target market. Reviews, offerings and company details are all showcased in one place, providing a comprehensive picture of Contus Tech.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Mr. Sriram Manoharan, CEO of CONTUS. Let’s have a glimpse of this interview and learn more about the company, its vision, and its accomplishments. 

Company Introduction

CONTUS TECH has headquarters in Chennai and an office in Santa Clara, USA. It has already served over 1000 global businesses from more than 40 countries. Mr. Sriram Manoharan, as the CEO of the company, fuels thoughts and innovation. 

The company has more than 400+ employees and is capable of delivering high-quality software solutions. The company wants to venture into new markets and have people-first company culture.


The journey began in 2008 with the launch of a web design start-up with a great vision. The company made history with the launch of the HD FLV player that attracted 1 million downloads.

From that point, CONTUS TECH grew in strength, building digital excellence for connected devices (IoT) across the world. It had exemplary flagship products which included VPlayed, MirrorFly and OntheFly.

In January 2023, the company had expanded its services to 40+ countries with Software which was offered both as product (SaaP) and service (SaaS). Mr. Sriram Manoharan stated that today the firm has digital footprints in every sector with stand-out apps, solutions and platforms.

Business Model

CONTUS TECH has a 400+ dedicated in-house team, which includes experts, engineers and innovators. This team delivers hi-tech solutions across the globe on-time. The company believes in team-work and restricts itself to working with on-shore employees.

Beating the Competitors

CONTUS TECH does not depend on external funding, which keeps it realistic and practical in approach. The company’s clients are business partners who are sure about their growth by making use of Software products and solutions.

Clients requirements are addressed with custom software offerings and automated processes. They keep updating their services with use of state-of-the art tools and practices.

The project costs are optimized as per client expectations and delivered before time, so that they can make the best use of the product or platform. This personal touch to every client requirement is what makes the company stand out from the competition. 

The company provides professional support round-the-clock after launch, keeping the client’s need at top priority.

Industries Served

CONTUS TECH mostly serves industries like healthcare, telecom, financial services, logistics, entertainment, eCommerce, sports, fitness, enterprises and more.

The company has a reputation for exceptional customer service and quality software products. This keeps the customers happy and they keep returning with new requirements and needs.

Most Popular Services

After 14+ years of operations, clients approach CONTUS TECH mostly for secure, scalable in-app communication SDKs, fully customizable video streaming solutions, live streaming and other engineering services. All these services are based on modern and digital-savvy software products or platforms.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Mr. Sriram stated that the company’s products are consistently ranked in the top 5 of global rankings due to engineering prowess and customer requirements. They exceed expectations and post-launch support builds great rapport with clients.

The company’s quarterly CSATS show 85% customer success and satisfaction rate. Client testimonials also reveal that their products are competitive and compelling. We have a dedicated team for each client to implement their requirement to precision.


CONTUS TECH ensures that every enquiry, lead or prospect is addressed efficiently. The company has dedicated marketing, sales, business analysts, product development, testing, delivery and support teams for all products. 

There is 24/7 support post launch to ensure that the software product or platform works seamlessly. Customer support is provided on phone, email, chat throughout the day and night.

Payment Options

The company has two billing structures, one-time purchase fee (SaaP) and recurring monthly/annual billing cycles (SaaS). The latter remains constant for some duration but the former varies depending on clients requirements & budgets. 

However, CONTUS TECH strives to make all its products, platforms and services feasible for businesses of all sizes and scale.

Minimum Budget Criteria

Although the company has minimum budget criteria for accepting projects, the focus is to meet client’s needs. As a result, they are flexible with the minimum budget criteria. Of course, the total cost is based on complexity and project tenure. CONTUS TECH strives to deliver high quality products to its clients to propel its business growth.

In 2022, the company saw a 30% spike in overall revenue from previous year along with awards and recognitions.

Vision for the Next 10 Years

Mr. Sriram stated that the company wants to become the next big thing in the SaaS tech landscape. The dream is a big one and to achieve it CONTUS TECH wants to deliver software products to businesses to create revolutionary changes.

Company’s technical and financial progress will drive client’s businesses and brands. CONTUS TECH will leverage AI and other technologies which are in alignment with their products/services.

The company considers its employees as its lifelines and foster mutual growth. Workshops and training for the team are organized to achieve digital excellence not just for next 10 years but for generations.  

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