22 September, 2023

Technical workflow of package delivery tracking software & Its progressive user levels

A package delivery software makes it easy and smooth for delivery managers and businesses to monitor and achieve order fulfillment with minimal efforts. A management system for package delivery puts the delivery process on autopilot and spares businesses from the burden of complicating operations. The workflow of a package tracking app or software is fairly simple and is depicted as below:

delivery tracking app


Why choose delivery tracking app?

“60% of European customers are prepared to pay for on demand delivery service.”

More than standard deliveries, an package delivery software can be a great boost to customer satisfaction. Business sectors from diverse backgrounds (like the ones we are listing below) can benefit significantly from on demand delivery tracking apps.

delivery tracking app

58 Billion! Is the amount of revenue that businesses are expecting to realize collectively from mobile app sourced orders. Any business sector that is taking the eCommerce route will invariably have to opt for a package delivery tracking software that will reduce the interval in between order receipt and delivery.

How to integrate a package tracker app in eCommerce store?

Contus Dart package tracker app in Android and iOS can be integrated into your ecommerce store or multi vendor marketplace store through API. Contus Dart parcel delivery app makes use of REST API which makes things easy for integration and hence it can be done in quick time.

In case if you need a parcel tracking mobile app exclusively developed for your own ecommerce store, we can provide a custom app development service as well.

on demand delivery solution

In short, Contus Dart package delivery software can well and truly simplify all the responsibilities related to tracking, delegating and managing any number of deliveries and provide insights that help business perfect their order fulfillment strategies.


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