7 December, 2023
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The Best Video Sharing Platforms for Sharing Large Video Files

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Video creation is a step by step process where the final step of any video is bringing it to the attention of the audience. According to video stats, about 86 % of the traffic is generated from videos. 

Video creation has evolved from shooting in gigantic cameras to our pocket phones and watching video has become a daily norm. Video content creators, video business companies, media companies, ad agencies, fitness experts, eLearning platforms, religious streaming services are making use of this video era for the benefit of outreach and stability in their business.

What is video sharing?

Video sharing is nothing but allowing people to access video across the globe through live streaming or video sharing platforms. Viewers use the search box to search keywords for the videos they intend to watch. Businesses, video content creators upload videos in video streaming and sharing sites and monetize content for revenue generation.

How it works?

Once you finish the video recording, go to the finest and top video sharing platform and then start uploading the files. The video sharing sites/ platforms will do the job of reaching it to the maximum number of audiences as possible. 

Why should you use a video sharing platform?

The odds of hosting your video as an individual shortens the reach and hinders the monetization benefits, whereas video sharing platforms will have tools that markets, monetizes, and manage all your tasks in one space without any hassle.

The advantages and benefits of video sharing platforms is marginally higher when compared to the individual hosting a video through social media platforms.

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5 Benefits of video sharing platforms

1) Embedding

2) Exposure

3) Video security

4) Business value

5) Promotion and marketing

1) Embedding:

Video embedding is a tedious process, an individual creating a personal website to share and market videos is another task which involves a hell amount of work, whereas with video sharing sites, embedding videos is in-built within the platform increasing the engagement of the video through any visual representation.

2) Exposure:

The reach and exposure one gets through video sharing platforms is explicit when compared to an individual sharing it on their personal social media profiles. A video sharing platform has multiple marketing options and strategies to work on your video and to expose them in the public.

3) Video security:

Security is a huge concern, since copyrights and duplication are getting into the nerves of video creators. Video sharing platforms provide encryption to safeguard your videos within the channel and watermarks that protect it outside the streaming platform.

4) Business value:

Building a business brand and adding value is a mammoth task, where branding and marketing companies are hired separately to handle the job. 

But what if you can do it with your videos?

Yes it is possible to build your brand image with videos that you share through video sharing platforms. Video sharing platforms easily connect with target audiences and make an effective and powerful means to build your social network.

5) Promotion and marketing:

The key to any successful business depends on the exposure and reach it attains with the audience. Video sharing platforms possess a dedicated  marketing team to showcase your videos. These platforms hold certain analysis tools that help you reach the right audience at the right time.

8 Best Platforms That Handle Your Large Video Files


GUDSHO is a rapidly growing Video Sharing Platform owing to its easy-to-use interface and accurate tracking tools that allow even a novice user or creator the ease of use and navigation. What makes it an even better choice is the fact that it has a Global reach which helps creators promote their content, not just around local segments but also on an international stage.

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2. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most popular video sharing sites which plays videos without advertisements and this in turn helps the viewers experience a solid and smooth one.  One can upload up to 500 mb of videos for a free basic account, to move further  to increase the bandwidth of premium accounts with 5 to 25 gb per week.

3. Vidyard

Vidyard is another video hosting platform that lets you share large video files. They provide a Free Plan, a Pro, and a Business Plan and provide you the video upload limit.

With the Free Plan, you can upload a video of 30 minutes maximum. By opting for the Pro Plan, you can upload a 60-minute video; with the Business Plan, there is no maximum limit on uploads.

4. Wistia

Wistia assists you with video hosting as well as marketing. The platform offers several advanced features that let you capture leads easily and manage overall videos. They allow you to upload videos of up to 2 hours, and you can embed customized CTAs or lead capture forms within your videos.

Additionally, you can use Wistia for live streams and connect to your audience, clients, or team in real time.

5. TED

TED is a media organization that posts free informational videos, called Talks, on topics ranging from technology to global issues to business. Its goal is to share ideas and educate people. Users can apply for a TEDx license to upload their Talks on the site’s video sharing platform. Viewers often believe content creators and company representatives with TED Talks are reputable professionals.


Not least of all, VEED allows content creators, businesses, or just anyone to upload videos of any size since they have set no specific limit. In all their plans, the storage remains unlimited with all major video formats.

The platform is a must-consider for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to create videos for presentations, product demonstrations, training, and other purposes.

Their cloud-based storage solution keeps your video content secure and lets you access it anytime, anywhere.

7. YouTube

YouTube is a global video sharing platform available in nearly 100 countries. You can find nearly any type of content and audience on YouTube, from video blogs and short films to educational content and how-tos. Users with a minimum amount of subscribers and viewing hours can earn ad-generated revenue. Companies and content creators can view their total subscribers, views and comments. They can also analyze data and demographics of their audience.

8. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is a video sharing site that allows users to search for content by category, group, keyword or channel. Much of its content is news, music videos and TV shows. DailyMotion recommends videos to users based on the content they’ve watched recently. While people can upload videos for free, files can be no larger than 2 GB and no more than 60 minutes long. Content creators can earn revenue through paid content and advertisements using the platform’s Publishing Partner program.


Video platforms help you share video content for multiple purposes. All these mentioned video platforms let you share large video files where you want the duration to be at least 60 minutes. Since different video platforms provide different features and benefits, it’s best to go through these platforms once and determine accordingly.