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Discover the Top 8 SaaS Software Development Companies & Services in 2024

Published On June 19th, 2024 1810Engineering
Learn About SaaS Development

Do you know which area is rapidly expanding within the larger IT field?

It is software-as-a-service.

For those working in tech, it is almost impossible to go through a typical day without encountering at least one SaaS application.

SaaS development market has experienced a quick expansion in recent years, and so this result is not surprising.

Statista predicts that the worldwide SaaS market will be valued at around 197 billion U.S. dollars in 2023, and it has a projection to grow to about 232 billion U.S. dollars by the next year, which is 2024.

So, we will discuss SaaS now. We will talk about what it is, why it has become so popular and the best development companies in just a few minutes.

What is a SaaS Product?

Software as a service product is a type of software that you access and use over the internet instead of downloading it onto your computer. It’s like renting software rather than buying it.

Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the internet.

A SaaS development essentially frees you from complex software and hardware management. It’s like renting a house instead of buying it; you use the software hosted on the provider’s servers without worrying about maintenance or updates.

Some of the  well-known examples of SaaS products are Google Workspace, Salesforce,Slack, Dropbox 

Now, almost all of these SaaS products are subscription-based. This indicates that you pay a regular fee — usually every month, every six months or once per year — to utilize them and they are constantly updated and taken care of by the provider. In exchange for this service, you have continual admission to the newest characteristics and security enhancements.

Want to Build Your Own SaaS Product From Scratch?

How Does a SaaS Development Company Benefit Businesses?

Talking about SaaS in web development includes making applications that live in the cloud and can be reached by people through the internet. A company for software development company offers numerous benefits to businesses, from cutting down on cost and human resources to everything in between. Let’s discuss them here. 

1. Save Cost and Human Resource

SaaS development companies help businesses avoid the expensive cost of buying, keeping up with, and improving traditional software. The SaaS models that depend on subscriptions have lesser initial charges and consistent continuing expenses. A small business might decide to utilize Salesforce for managing its customer relations instead of creating and sustaining its own CRM system.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Software as a Service solution, also known as SaaS, has great scalability. This means businesses can easily adapt their usage to match the current requirements. For instance, an e-commerce firm might encounter seasonal bursts of visitors.

Now, it can easily increase its resources during high-demand seasons and decrease them when business is slower without altering its physical setup. This is possible by using a SaaS product such as Shopify.

This kind of flexibility is important, even very important because it allows for adjustments when there are changes in the market or if the business expands without requiring costly modifications to infrastructure.

3. Accessibility and Collaboration

Being cloud-based, SaaS applications are accessible from any place that has an internet connection. This feature helps teams to work together more effectively because workers can view, distribute, and edit documents or data at the same time even if they are in different locations.

Let’s consider a scenario where a worldwide team works together on Google Workspace. The members of this team may be present in various time zones, but they can still work on the document at once, ensuring no unnecessary breaks occur in communication.

4. Automatic Updates and Maintenance

SaaS development agency takes care of all software updates and maintenance. As a business, you get the newest characteristics and security improvements without any extra work or interruption in service.

An instance is, that people who use Microsoft Office 365 don’t have to think about putting in the newest updates or security fixes. Microsoft takes care of this by updating the software itself; it keeps all users up-to-date with a secure version that needs no effort from them to maintain safety measures.

5. Data Security and Compliance

A proper SaaS development firm puts in a lot of money for secure actions, compliance protocols, and routine backups. The kind of security they provide is usually not affordable or simple for single businesses to accomplish.

For instance, a healthcare giver might employ the services of a SaaS electronic health records (EHR) system such as Epic or Cerner. 

These SaaS development companies are compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Therefore, you can feel safe knowing that all your delicate patient data is handled securely and privacy standards are upheld in accordance with these rules.

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making

A majority of SaaS solutions provide high-level analytics and reporting tools. This aids businesses in understanding their operations and customer habits, which can be beneficial for making well-versed decisions and planning ahead.

For instance, imagine a marketing team that uses Hubspot. This tool provides comprehensive analytics about how customers interact with the team’s campaigns and their overall performance. The information aids in understanding customer behavior better and adjusting marketing strategies for more effectiveness.

7. Focus on Core Competencies 

When software development is given to SaaS specialists, businesses can focus on their main operations and play it to their strengths.

Consider, a retail company may concentrate on product advancement and client service while leaving the technical operation of their e-commerce platform to a SaaS provider such as Shopify. This sharing of work lets businesses flourish in their particular fields without dealing with the intricacies involved in software creation.

8. Accelerated Time to Market

Companies that develop SaaS allow applications to be deployed quickly, this is an important benefit for businesses in fast changing markets.

For instance, a start-up planning to introduce a new service could use SaaS platform for quickly launching its app. The speed at which you can deploy it, along with your capacity to adjust rapidly according to market response and alterations, gives businesses an advantage in competition.

SaaS Software Development Companies: Top 7 Services in 2024

Are you looking for the best SaaS software development services based on their areas of expertise? Here, we’ve curated a selection of SaaS development companies, including CONTUS Tech, Classic Informatics, ApphiTect, Syndicode, Taazaa, and more.

1. CONTUS Tech

The top SaaS development company delivering secure and reliable solutions globally

saas development company

CONTUS Tech is renowned for its custom-made and robust SaaS solutions. We excel at deploying services with no downtime, ensuring seamless integration and operation. 

Our company provides clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product) estimates and prioritizes data security and user privacy.

By partnering with our company, our clients can reap the benefits of our commitment to timely delivery, supported by effective use of Scrum and Agile methodologies. 

We utilize multi-tenant architecture to create resilient SaaS development services that guarantee 99.99% availability, even under high loads.

  • Services Offered: Our main focus as top SaaS development companies is on developing a SaaS application, offering smooth cloud migration to SaaS and creating UI/UX designs that are engaging. In addition to these, we also provide SaaS consulting services as well as tailor-made SaaS custom solutions for businesses based on their unique requirements.
  • Location and Size: CONTUS Tech, situated in Chennai, India, comprises a robust group of more than 300+ certified SaaS development experts.
  • Founded: In the year 2008, CONTUS Tech was founded and has become one of the major participants in SaaS software development services.

2. Classic Informatics

Elevating businesses with expert SaaS in web development

saas development agency

Classic Informatics, a SaaS software development company, is also famous for its knowledge in providing a wide variety of IT services and solutions that meet the requirements of many different businesses. They develop SaaS applications, creating web and mobile apps, developing e-commerce platforms as well as automating digital marketing along giving IT consultancy. 

  • Services Offered: MVP Development, Product Development, Front-end Development, Full-stack Development, Software Development, Automated Testing, 
  • Mobile Apps Development, Content Management, Digital Transformation, Platform Modernization, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, etc.
  • Location– Gurugram, India
  • Company size– 110
  • Founded year– 2002

3. ApphiTect

Elevating your software as a service experience with our top-tier development solutions.

saas development companies

ApphiTect is the world’s most preferred SaaS product development company, renowned for building high-performing, scalable SaaS products tailored to diverse business needs.

Their expertise lies in the entire SaaS development lifecycle – from conceptualizing and designing the product to developing the application, providing consulting services, architecting the infrastructure, and seamlessly deploying to the cloud.

With a team of seasoned developers skilled across multiple tech stacks, Apphitect has delivered more than 1000 successful SaaS products, particularly catering to clients in Dubai.

Basically they offer innovative SaaS application across various sectors like media, IoT, retail, education, finance, and more.

  • Services Offered: Full stack web development, DevOps consulting services, IoT & connected vehicle, SaaS product development.
  • Location and Size: Based in the United Arab Emirates, ApphiTect has a strong team of over 350+ skilled SaaS developers. 
  • Founded: AppiTect was established in 2008.

4. Syndicode

Your partner in cutting-edge software as a service development

saas software development companies

Syndicode, the custom-made SaaS development services provider, has a group of professionals who are skilled in various areas like software development, designing, project management, and quality assurance engineering.

They build inventive B2B and B2C cloud-oriented digital products, which both satisfy the needs of users as well as generate steady revenue for owners.

Syndicode offers a variety of SaaS development services. This includes making new solutions for the cloud, enhancing present software-as-a-service products, and moving data to the cloud. In every case, the group at Syndicode understands what difficulties a business may have and gives its best solutions for it.

Services Offered:  AI & ML development, Data mining services, Web app development, Custom software development, Website development, WordPress development, Mobile app development, Android app development, iOS app development, Software testing & QA, UI/UX design, Dedicated development team, Business Analysis, IT maintenance & support, DevOps services.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine, with an office in San Francisco

Company size: 70+ employees

Founded year: 2014

5. ValueCoders

Offering innovative SaaS software development services

top saas development company

ValueCoders is a high-quality SaaS web development company, offering custom-made services that suit various client needs.

They have combined advanced technology with a thorough comprehension of market trends to provide creative solutions. 

They handle all stages in the creation process carefully from start to finish, making sure it’s smoothly integrated and works at its best.

They have skills in creating SaaS solutions that can scale and are efficient.

As a leading SaaS development firm concentrate on design for users, making sure they are easy to understand. Our services are customized to match the specific business goals and targets of clients, giving priority to their satisfaction.

Services Offered: Comprehensive software development services, including web, mobile, and enterprise solutions, AI, IoT, blockchain, SaaS, and more.

Location and Size: ValueCoders is headquartered in Gurugram, India, with a global presence and a team of over 650 skilled professionals

Founded: ValueCoders was founded in 2004, and since then has been delivering top-notch IT solutions to clients worldwide.

6. Taazaa

Transforming ideas into powerful SaaS products with top development company

Saas in web development

Taazaa is a custom SaaS software development service company. This company has a dedicated team to build secure, high-quality digital solutions that advance organizational goals. 

Taazaa distinguishes itself with an empathetic design philosophy and methodical, iterative development process. This approach brings down the risk factors and guarantees swift deployment. This means Taazaa delivers the final product that is closely aligned with your business needs.

Services Offered: Enterprise software development, mobile app development, product engineering, UI/UX development, web development, quality assurance, DevOps services, remote high-performing teams.

Location: Hudson, Ohio, United States

Company size: 201–500 Employees

Founded year: 2007

7. Zendesk

Leading the way in SaaS software development excellence

saas software development services

Most of us would have come across Zendesk as a customer relation management and engagement solution. However, Zendesk is also a SaaS development company in the backyard. The company specializes in cloud-based SaaS tools like ticketing systems with live chat support and knowledge management. Its platform is fairly scalable and offers decent adaptability 

SaaS software development companies allow you to improve workflow efficiency so your development teams can address and resolve customer queries more effectively. 

Zendesk’s commitment to user experience is evident not only in its products but also in its attentive customer support. It is widely accepted businesses using Zendesk’s SaaS solutions receive prompt and reliable assistance. Zendesk is focused on customer-centricity, and unsurprisingly, it continues to be a leading choice for companies looking to improve their customer service through SaaS development.

Services Offered: Multi-channel support, Zendesk workflow, Automated ticket sharing, agency collision detection, help desk automation, etc.

Location: San Francisco, California

Company size: 5000+ Employees

Founded year: 2007

8. Pixelcrayons

Crafting exceptional SaaS solutions for your success

saas development services

Pixelcrayons is one of the SaaS development agencies based in Noida, India. It develops SaaS platforms for mobile apps, web apps, cloud hosting, APIs, and data storage. 

From being a startup, PixelCrayons has evolved into a leading software development firm over a span of 18+ years.

Pixelcrayons is known for its customer-centricity and result-oriented SaaS development companies.

They have a diverse clientele that spans across the world. Its customers come from various sectors like healthcare, retail, education, media, and entertainment. It only demonstrates the versatile and adaptable nature of Pixelcrayons to different industry needs. The company has a good reputation for foreseeing future trends in the SaaS development field. It values human expertise and gives importance to its core competencies, thus delivering guarantees, establishing partnerships, and building synergy among stakeholders. 

Services Offered: Web and mobile app development, software product engineering, digital transformation, and IT staff augmentation.

Location: Noida, India

Company size: 650+ Employees

Founded year: 2004

9. Apiko

Empowering your vision with bespoke SaaS-based product development

saas development companies

Apiko is a SaaS development agency that specializes in digital transformation consultancy and software engineering. The company was founded in 2014, and it’s a recent entrant to the list compared to other top development companies. 

Apiko services are mostly focused on delivering high-performing SaaS applications to businesses. The firm’s services are known for its commitment to scalability, innovation, and transparency in its actions. Besides Apiko’s SaaS development expertise, the company’s competence extends to a variety of areas, like mobile software product development, staff augmentation, cloud & DevOps, digital engineers customers from several industries, including manufacturing, facility management, logistics & supply chain management, FinTech, healthcare, and eCommerce, among others. 

Apiko crafts scalable SaaS product development services with the help of the multi-tenant architecture that efficiently manages resources and reduces costs. Besides, they integrate third-party services to improve the functionality of existing SaaS applications and streamline operations. 

Their use of DevOps engineering ensures continuous integration and deployment. It allows clients to scale their SaaS products rapidly while maintaining high performance and reliability. This holistic approach results in robust, scalable SaaS solutions tailored to business needs.

Services Offered: SaaS consulting, SaaS prototyping and design, SaaS application development, SaaS application quality assurance, and cloud migration to SaaS.

Location: 13517 Tallinn, Estonia

Company size: 200+ Employees

Founded year: 2018


We have reached the conclusion of this blog. 

What are the takeaways?

The SaaS development company has so much untapped potential, and it is brimming with opportunities, given the CAGR estimates. 

And, if you’re already convinced about building a SaaS product but are just looking for the right service provider for SaaS development, you should consider CONTUS Tech. We are a full-cycle development company, and we can support you at any stage in the entire SaaS development lifecycle, from product discovery to design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support. 

Plus, we have a fairly large team of 300+ certified, time zone-matched SaaS product developers with the necessary hard and soft skills to work with clients across the world. Together, we have developed 500+ SaaS products in the last decade, and we pride ourselves on the fact that almost all of them are deployed on time. 

We have worked with clients from diverse verticals worldwide, such as ICICI Bank, Versa Networks, Daimler Trucks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Tata Communications, etc. 

We look forward to delivering the same excellence for you.

Looking to build a refreshingly unique SaaS application?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is SaaS Development?

SaaS development refers to the process of creating and launching software applications delivered over the Internet as a service, using a subscription model. Instead of traditional software installations on individual devices, SaaS products are accessed through web browsers, allowing users to benefit from features and updates without managing software themselves

2. What are the primary advantages of SaaS development services?

SaaS-based development service offers several key advantages

1. Accessibility: Users can access the software from anywhere with an internet connection.
2. Cost-effectiveness: No upfront installation costs; users typically pay on a subscription basis.
3. Scalability: SaaS products can grow or shrink to meet changing needs.
4. Usage-based payment: Users pay only for what they use.

3. What factors should businesses consider when choosing a SaaS development company?

Businesses should consider several factors when choosing a SaaS development company, including
1. Understanding business requirements.
2. Evaluating the company’s experience and expertise.
3. Assessing technical capabilities.
4. Reviewing past client projects and success stories.
5. Understanding the company’s approach to project delivery.
6. Inquiring about ongoing support and maintenance services.

4. How much does it cost to build a SaaS application development?

The cost of developing a SaaS application can vary, typically ranging from $15,000 to $150,000 or more. It also depends on various factors like project size, design complexity, technology stack, hosting requirements, security measures, and compliance needs.

5. How long does it take to build a SaaS product?

The development timeline for a SaaS product varies based on project complexity. Typically, it generally takes few weeks to finalize development and launch the SaaS product for users.


Brindalakshmi Rajkumar is a blogger cum digital transformation expert. She has several years of expertise in areas like full stack development, DevOps services, and everything related to Internet of things (IoT). You can reach out to her for all things related to digital engineering and product development.


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