Top 7 Companies to Build SaaS Product Development 2024

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Do you know which is the rapidly expanding area within the larger IT field?

It is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Just look around. We live in a world surrounded by SaaS products — from AWS, Asana, Slack, Hubspot, and Basecamp to Zoho Mail and Google Workspace — there are tons and tons of them out there. 

If you’re working in the tech industry, It is close to impossible to live your day-to-day life without coming face to face with a single SaaS application. 

And it is unsurprising that the SaaS products market has witnessed rapid growth over the last few years.

The global software as a service (SaaS) market size is estimated to be worth approximately 197 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 and is expected to reach 232 billion U.S. dollars by 2024, according to Statista.

So, let’s talk about SaaS, what it is, why it is gaining so much popularity, and SaaS product development companies in the next few minutes. 

What is a SaaS Product?

A SaaS (Software as a Service) product is a type of software that you access and use over the internet instead of downloading it onto your computer. It’s like renting software rather than buying it.

Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the internet. A SaaS product essentially frees you from complex software and hardware management. It’s like renting a house instead of buying it; you use the software hosted on the provider’s servers without worrying about maintenance or updates.

SaaS applications are used for various business operations. Here are some well-known examples:

  1. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite): A suite of cloud-based productivity tools including email (Gmail), document creation (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), and more.
  2. Microsoft Office 365: Offers cloud-based versions of traditional Microsoft Office tools, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and additional online storage and cloud-connected features.
  3. Salesforce: A comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) service that helps businesses manage sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.
  4. Slack: A collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done in organizations.
  5. Dropbox: A file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

Now, almost all of these SaaS products are subscription-based. It means you pay a regular fee — often monthly, half-yearly, or yearly — to use them, and they are regularly updated and maintained by the provider. In return, you get access to the latest features and security updates.

Want to Build Your Own SaaS Product From Scratch?

How Does a SaaS Development Company Benefit Businesses?

SaaS products come in all shapes and sizes. A SaaS product development company offers numerous benefits to businesses, from cutting down on cost and human resources to everything in between. Let’s discuss them here. 

1. Save Cost and Human Resource

Businesses save on the significant costs of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading traditional software by turning to SaaS products. Subscription-based SaaS models mean lower upfront costs and predictable ongoing expenses. For instance, a small business can use Salesforce for customer relationship management instead of building and maintaining its own CRM system.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

SaaS solutions are highly scalable, allowing businesses to adjust their usage based on current needs easily. For example, an e-commerce company may experience seasonal spikes in traffic. 

Now, using a SaaS product like Shopify, it can easily scale up its resources during peak seasons and scale down during slower periods without changing its physical infrastructure.

This flexibility is vital, in fact extremely crucial, for adapting to market changes or business growth without the need for expensive infrastructure changes.

3. Accessibility and Collaboration

Since SaaS applications are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This facilitates better collaboration among teams, as employees can simultaneously access, share, and work on documents or data from different locations.

To illustrate, imagine a global team using Google Workspace for real-time collaboration. The team members in different time zones can work on the same document simultaneously, avoiding unnecessary gaps in communication. 

4. Automatic Updates and Maintenance

SaaS providers handle all software updates and maintenance. As a business, you always get access to the latest features and security enhancements without additional workload or downtime. 

For example, users of Microsoft Office 365 don’t need to worry about installing the latest updates or security patches. Microsoft itself automatically updates the software, ensuring all users have the most current, secure version without any effort on its part.

5. Data Security and Compliance

A good SaaS provider invests heavily in security measures, compliance protocols, and regular backups. This is a level of security that would be costly and complex for individual businesses to achieve on their own.

For example, a healthcare provider uses a SaaS electronic health records (EHR) system like Epic or Cerner. These systems are compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. So, you can stay rest assured that all your sensitive patient data is securely managed and privacy standards are maintained.

6. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Many SaaS solutions offer advanced analytics and reporting tools, giving businesses valuable insights into their operations and customer behaviors. This data can drive more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Let’s take the example of Hubspot. A marketing team uses a tool like HubSpot, which offers in-depth analytics on customer interactions and campaign performance. This data helps them understand customer behavior and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly. 

7. Focus on Core Competencies 

By outsourcing software development to SaaS specialists, businesses can concentrate on their primary operations while playing it to their strengths. 

For instance, a retail company can focus on product development and customer service, leaving the technical aspects of their e-commerce platform to a SaaS provider like Shopify. This resultant division of labor allows businesses to excel in their respective areas of expertise without being bogged down by the complexities of software development.

8. Accelerated Time to Market

SaaS development companies facilitate faster deployment of applications, giving businesses a crucial advantage in rapidly evolving markets. 

For example, a startup aiming to launch a new service can utilize a SaaS platform to roll out its app much quicker than if it had to build the infrastructure from scratch. This rapid deployment, combined with the ability to swiftly adapt to market feedback and changes, provides businesses with a competitive edge. 

A tool like AWS (Amazon Web Services) can be instrumental in achieving this as it offers multiple services that support the quick development and deployment of applications.

7+ Top SaaS Product Development Companies & Services (2024)

We have listed the top 7 SaaS product development companies based on their areas of expertise. Some of the development companies are CONTUS Tech, Classic Informatics, Syndicode, Taazaa, etc.

1. CONTUS Tech

Driving innovation with a premier SaaS product development company

saas product development company

CONTUS Tech is a SaaS product development company known for its customized, robust SaaS solutions. They specialize in zero downtime deployment, ensuring seamless integration and operation of their services. Usually, the company provides clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product) estimations, prioritizing both data security and user privacy.

We are committed to on-time delivery, and our process is backed by efficient use of Scrum and Agile methodologies. We deploy multi-tenant architecture to build robust, scalable SaaS products that ensure 99.99% uptime even during peak loads. 

Services Offered: We offer specialized SaaS Application Development, seamless Cloud Migration to SaaS, and engaging UI/UX Designs. Besides, we also provide SaaS Consulting Services and tailor-made SaaS Custom Solutions, catering to specific business needs.

Location and Size: Based in Chennai, India, CONTUS Tech has a strong team of over 300+ certified SaaS development professionals. 

Founded: CONTUS Tech was established in 2008 and has since been a key player in the SaaS development industry.

2. Classic Informatics

Elevating businesses with expert SaaS software development

saas development companies

Classic Informatics is a SaaS product development company.  However, it is also known for its expertise in delivering a broad range of IT services and solutions, catering to the needs of diverse industries. This company’s portfolio includes software development, creating web and mobile applications, developing e-commerce platforms, automating digital marketing, and providing IT consultancy. On the surface, it looks like Classic Informatics is a strategic SaaS marketing ally for businesses looking to tap into the SaaS product development landscape. 

Services Offered: MVP Development, Product Development, Front-end Development, Full-stack Development, Software Development, Automated Testing, 

Mobile Apps Development, Content Management, Digital Transformation, Platform Modernization, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, etc.

Location: Gurugram, India, with offices in Chandigarh, London, and Sydney

Company size: 100+ employees

Founded year: 2002

3. Syndicode

Your partner in cutting-edge SaaS app development

saas application development company

Syndicode is a full-cycle custom oftware-as-a-service (SaaS) product development company. They have a team full of highly skilled professionals — software developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers. They create stable B2B and B2C cloud-based digital products that not only meet user expectations but also bring in stable income for their owners.

Syndicode diverse SaaS application development services. Be it creating new cloud solutions from scratch or improving existing software-as-a-service products and moving data to the cloud, the company does it all. The team at Syndicode identifies the challenges in a business and provides the best solutions for them.

Services Offered: AI & ML development, Data mining services, Web app development, Custom software development, Website development, WordPress development, Mobile app development, Android app development, iOS app development, Software testing & QA, UI/UX design, Dedicated development team, Business Analysis, IT maintenance & support, DevOps services

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine, with an office in San Francisco

Company size: 70+ employees

Founded year: 2014

4. Taazaa

Transforming ideas into powerful SaaS products

saas product development services

Taazaa is a custom SaaS product development and software product engineering company. The company has a dedicated team to build secure, high-quality digital solutions that advance organizational goals. 

Taazaa distinguishes itself with an empathetic design philosophy and methodical, iterative development process. This approach brings down the risk factors and guarantees swift deployment. This means Taazaa delivers the final product that is closely aligned with your business needs.

The company assembles a skilled team of software engineers, UX designers, full-stack developers, DevOps experts, test automation engineers, business analysts, and product managers. This creates agile teams dedicated to fulfilling the strategy and mission effectively.

Starting from a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP), their team is adept at discovering innovative solutions that will help differentiate your business in the eyes of your customers.

Services Offered: Enterprise software development, mobile app development, product engineering, UI/UX development, web development, quality assurance, DevOps services, remote high-performing teams.

Location: Hudson, Ohio, United States

Company size: 201–500 Employees

Founded year: 2007

5. Zendesk

Leading the way in SaaS product development excellence

saas application development services

Most of us would have come across Zendesk as a customer relation management and engagement solution. However, Zendesk is also a SaaS product development company in the backyard. The company specializes in cloud-based SaaS tools like ticketing systems with live chat support and knowledge management. Its platform is fairly scalable and offers decent adaptability 

Zendesk’s automation capabilities are a major plus. It allows you to improve your workflow efficiency so your development teams can address and resolve customer queries more effectively. Additionally, Zendesk’s real-time analytics offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction and support performance.

Zendesk’s commitment to user experience is evident not only in its products but also in its attentive customer support. It is widely accepted businesses using Zendesk’s SaaS solutions receive prompt and reliable assistance. Zendesk is focused on customer-centricity, and unsurprisingly, it continues to be a leading choice for companies looking to improve their customer service through SaaS development.

Services Offered: Multi-channel support, Zendesk workflow, Automated ticket sharing, agency collision detection, help desk automation, etc.

Location: San Francisco, California

Company size: 5000+ Employees

Founded year: 2007

6. Pixelcrayons

Crafting exceptional SaaS solutions for your success

SaaS Product Development

Pixelcrayons is a SaaS product development company based in Noida, India. It develops SaaS platforms for mobile apps, web apps, cloud hosting, APIs, and data storage. 

From being a startup, PixelCrayons has evolved into a leading software development firm over a span of 18+ years.
Just like Zendesk, Pixelcrayons is known for its customer-centricity and result-oriented SaaS app development approach. Evidently, they have a diverse clientele that spans across the world. Its customers come from various sectors like healthcare, retail, education, media, and entertainment. It only demonstrates the versatile and adaptable nature of Pixelcrayons to different industry needs.

The company has a good reputation for foreseeing future trends in the SaaS product development field. It values human expertise and gives importance to its core competencies, thus delivering guarantees, establishing partnerships, and building synergy among stakeholders.

Services Offered: Web and mobile app development, software product engineering, digital transformation, and IT staff augmentation.

Location: Noida, India

Company size: 650+ Employees

Founded year: 2004

7. Apiko

Empowering your vision with bespoke SaaS-based product development

Best SAAS product development company

Apiko is a software development company that specializes in digital transformation consultancy and software engineering. The company was founded in 2014, and it’s a recent entrant to the list compared to other top SaaS product development companies. 

Apiko services are mostly focused on delivering high-performing SaaS applications to businesses. The firm’s services are known for its commitment to scalability, innovation, and transparency in its actions. Besides, Apiko’s SaaS development expertise, the company’s competence extends to a variety of areas, like mobile software product development, staff augmentation, cloud & DevOps services, digital engineers have customers from several industries, including manufacturing, facility management, logistics & supply chain management, FinTech, healthcare, and eCommerce, among others. 

Apiko crafts scalable SaaS products with the help of the multi-tenant architecture that efficiently manages resources and reduces costs. Besides, they integrate third-party services to improve the functionality of existing SaaS applications and streamline operations. 

Their use of DevOps engineering ensures continuous integration and deployment. It allows clients to scale their SaaS products rapidly while maintaining high performance and reliability. This holistic approach results in robust, scalable SaaS solutions tailored to business needs.

Services Offered: SaaS consulting, SaaS prototyping and design, SaaS application development, SaaS application quality assurance, and cloud migration to SaaS.

Location: 13517 Tallinn, Estonia

Company size: 200+ Employees

Founded year: 2018


We have reached the conclusion of this blog. 

What are the takeaways?

The SaaS product development market has so much untapped potential, and it is brimming with opportunities, given the CAGR estimates. 

And, if you’re already convinced about building a SaaS product but are just looking for the right service provider, you should consider CONTUS Tech. We are a full-cycle SaaS development company, and we can support you at any stage in the entire SaaS development lifecycle, from product discovery to design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support. 

Plus, we have a fairly large team of 300+ certified, time zone-matched SaaS product developers with the necessary hard and soft skills to work with clients across the world. Together, we have developed 500+ SaaS products in the last decade, and we pride ourselves on the fact that almost all of them are deployed on time. 

We have worked with clients from diverse verticals worldwide, such as ICICI Bank, Versa Networks, Daimler Trucks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Tata Communications, etc. 

We look forward to delivering the same excellence for you.

Looking to build a refreshingly unique SaaS product?

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