7 December, 2023

Walkthrough on ReInvent – A CTG initiative.

Contus Techies Group, the innovation freaks of Contus, organized a week-long event titled ‘Reinvent’ from the 6th to 10th of October 2014 which had active participation of employees from both technical and non-technical background.

The inaugural event of the CTG had the technical brains of Contus sharing their knowledge on emerging technologies with fellow Contusians. This time, the event created a platform for all the employees to play their part.

The core idea behind the initiative was to encourage employees to showcase their creative side and help them enjoy their day’s work by getting them involved in games and activities as a timeout from their regular work routine.

The whole event was conceptualized and organized by the torch bearers of CTG namely Vimalraj Panneerselvam (Web Designer), Vinoth Kumar (Design Lead), Sunel Saminathan (Developer), Muthu Mohan (Quality Analyst), Kalaivanan Muthusamy (Sr. App. Developer), Rajiv Manivannan (Developer) and Ram (Developer) with the backing of Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy, CEO of Contus.

The promotions carried out by the CTG group had the whole atmosphere up and ready for the event. In order to create a stir the organizers hung danglers all over the work floor. Banners were placed in a public view in order to help employees to get to know about the details of the day’s event. The mentors had their time dedicated to help out the participants with doubts and queries related to the event registration, rules etc.

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Mixed with the right proportions of fun and creativity, the event had daily surprises, contests and giveaways which kept the energy soaring sky-high with the course of its progress. The level of participation increased in number from day 1 to day 5 which acted as a standing proof for the success of the event. Here are the highlights of the 5-day gala event.

CTG - Out of the Box Day 1:
The first day began with the introduction of what the CTG program is up to and how employees can be a part of it. What followed it was an interesting questionnaire which demanded participants to come up with creative answers. Among the hundreds of entries which poured in, a few were handpicked by CTG’s mentors for the different angle of reasoning and out of the box thinking.

Day 2:CTG - Focus
‘Focus’ was a game conducted with a view to improve concentration and focus on the second day of the CTG camp. It was as a dart game in which participants were provided six arrows each to score the maximum number of points possible.

Day 3: CTG - Connect the Dots
The third day was made interesting through the game titled ‘Connect the Dots’. This game had a cluttered display of letters belonging to words which are used in conversation on a daily basis. As the number of entries was more, a single winner was chosen through a lucky draw.

Day 4:CTG - Be the change
‘Be the Change’, was the activity which gave an opportunity for participants to criticize the flaws of the web and mobile applications they use daily.
Besides the gala, the registrations and preparations for the core event, ‘Reinvent’, were steadily progressing. Participants were required to form a team of 5 and each one had to come up with an idea to improvise a product in order to extend its capability to accommodate to the changing needs of users. Out of 27 teams, only 5 were chosen for the final product presentation by the screening panel which had Bala Murugan, Chief Operating Officer and Creative Head of Contus and Balasubramaniyam K, CEO of Contus as the juries.

CTG _ Go Get itDay 5:
‘Go and Get it’ was a clue seeking activity which had the employees on a run. This event was incepted with a view to improve interaction of new entrants with the management people of Contus. The players were asked to seek a clue from managers and gather them to figure out the hidden puzzle. Post this game event, the ‘Reinvent’ presentation took place in which each of the selected teams came forward and presented their ideas to all Contusians and judging panel.

Out of the five creative ideas ‘Smart Trolley’, lead my application developer Madhuri, which came up with the idea of ‘billing on the go’ during the course of shopping, won the award. The close runners for the first position were ‘III’, lead by Senior System Administrator Kavirajan, who proposed an idea to improve the safety of debit and credit cards that would help common users, especially absent minded people.
Post the award distribution, the event came to an end with a cake cutting session and vote of thanks speech delivered by mentors of CTG, MD & CBDO of Contus Mr Sriram Manoharan and CEO of Contus Mr Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy.


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