9 December, 2023

WhatsApp Business API – A Road Map for Powering Business Giants

The much talked “WhatsApp for business application” has put to roll out its standalone business app to help businesses communicate with its potential customers.

Although, the free WhatsApp on its part to help B2C and large-scale operation with global base customers. With its effortless usage of the application, local SMEs have adapted to WhatsApp communication to create an effective business value.

As we are very much enlightened about Whatsapp, it holds more than 1.2 billion monthly active users. It’s not so surprising that whatsApp’s update on the last September 2018 will undoubtedly create a new era of chat in marketing. With its latest update in business feature for a certain number of business partners, the Whatsapp business API will contribute major transformation in customer base, user experience, and business communication.

Who Gets Benefited with Whatsapp Business API?

Here is how WhatsApp business API feature that connects people with businesses.

Request helpful information: This could help in accessing notifications through Whatsapp about the boarding pass, shopping conformation from businesses or brands just by letting your mobile number to the respective business application or website.

Start a conversation: In order to have a quick chat with the website or business, a click-to-chat button on the Website or app to initiate purchase or service.

Get Support: To provide a real-time solution based on the product or user issue on WhatsApp through questioning and answering the issues.

With the new update of WhatsApp’s business API application for enterprises, new tools have been introduced which created a certain question on its pricing and cost estimation to build one. The new update also provides chances, where the businesses have to pay in order to send some selective messages and to remain end-to-end encrypted.

How About Getting Started With WhatsApp Business API?

The recent update on WhatsApp business API has brought opportunities for large enterprises to deliver a detailed information on products and notifications to customers in order to achieve direct interactions which in result affects the reputation and business value.

There are certain executions exist under which you can start using WhatsApp business API for Android/iOS to develop your business value on WhatsApp. In order to deploy WhatsApp business API client, there are some business steps and technical parameters to be carried in order to implement WhatsApp business API into your business communication.

Setting Up the Environment

Registering WhatsApp Business API Client

Testing the Installation

Setting the Profile, About and Much more

Creating Backup

Setting Up Webhook URL

Setting Up messaging Template

Integrating on Platforms

Since these parameters can be carried only after the business approval and requires a complete solid technical background to experience the comfort of WhatsApp business into your business application.

Get Connected with the World’s Most Engaging App (WhatsApp) with its New Business API

Contus Fly is a customizable chat app solution provider across the globe by having more than a million conversations taking place. The messaging solution offers to build chat app like WhatsApp, equipped with advanced features such as voice/video chat api functionality that triggers the value of your chat application and performs persistently on mobile and web applications. The solution has been in the research of developing WhatsApp Business API and finally, the proficient technical team has established the official Real-time Messaging API for WhatsApp Business armed with exceptional features that enrich the power of WhatsApp for your business.

Spotlights of WhatsApp Business API

Automatic Message Templates

Send rich transactional messages to any customer relevant to the ideal template and deliver personalized messages to different situations. Set a diverse number of locales to send personalized content to every customer based on the regional languages.

Advanced Dashboard for Instance Monitoring

Manage your entire conversation with the customer on WhatsApp with deeper insights on internal metrics with the response rates. Take control of the complete message analytics for effective performance within a single dashboard.

Enhanced Messaging Experience

With the advanced whatsApp business API for website and application, deliver impactful conversation with customers to drive the maximum amount of engagement and customer service through enriched messaging formats such as images, videos, documents and geo-location.

Product Discovery

Drive meaningful services and offer customer experience to its fullest by enabling easy discovery of products and services.

Real-time Notifications

Deliver effective messages to customers on delivery alerts, booking confirmations, shipping confirmations, request alerts and service reminders at right time no matter which channel the customer is active.

Scalability at its peak

No matter what the user base constraints (ranging from two to millions), WhatsApp’s API integration provides high-end infrastructure and advanced database to withstand any number of concurrent users.

In-built WebRTC

Standard WebRTC libraries setup for video & audio calls in our business API to avoid pay per use pricing option.

Hosting at its flexibility

Whether you are a brand or driving customer engagement, we manage the entire integration of whatsapp business API on cloud or on-premises and ensure the accessibility of the API client infrastructure at your earliest.

End-to-end Encryption

Send, Engage and convert up to N number of customers instantly within a safe infrastructure where your entire conversation between business and customers is fortified advanced 3-tier security features.

Gain the Early Access of WhatsApp Business

Since the release date of whatsApp business API hasn’t traveled to its maximum, still brands and customer engagement platforms have immense space in the market to leverage their business value with WhatsApp. Integrate your entire business with WhatsApp business api to reach out each customer with real-time notifications and solve the queries and convert into business in a direct conversation with customers.

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