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5 Ways Live Streaming can add muscle to the Branding Efforts of Businesses

Published On February 26th, 2024 1285OTT

” 78% of the world’s population watch online video every week. 50% of mobile traffic now accounts for online video streaming.“

Needless to say average video consumption per day has multiplied several times since the early days of smartphones.

Well, no surprises are there. Factors like these below have made live streaming a way of life in today’s world.

  • Smartphones are everywhere
  • Internet is cheap
  • Bandwidth has expanded
  • Mobile apps are plenty

It’s literally free!

As the fanfare for livestreaming keeps mounting, we can’t help but imagine the infinite possibilities live video streaming throws open for brands. Video content marketing has proven to be critical for businesses in 2016. More businesses are expected to set aside larger sums of money for video marketing in 2017 and hereafter.

Why live streaming makes an impact where other techniques cannot?

 Online video streaming is bestowed with some inherent abilities that makes it an ideal fit for marketing and brand promotion campaigns. To describe few of its capabilities:

in-the-moment experience

#1. Delivers an In-the-moment experience

live experience

Live streaming makes viewers feel in-the-moment. When you watch a baseball match or a President’s speech, you know it is happening as and when as you are watching it here. You are zero seconds away from the actual event.

This impromptu forces viewers to be there since a replay will not be as great as a live streaming experience. Moreover, mobile apps also lets online users to participate in the stream through comments thus amplifying the reach for the video.

content urgency

#2. Creates content urgency

A live broadcast can lure viewers easily. They want to be part of something that is happening instantly. This sets the stage for a social buzz, which for a business, translates into a possibility for brand image building. In fact, one study has found that, social video creates 1200% more social sharing compared to text, image or podcasts put together.

Further, it also creates a brand voice by keeping viewers true to your brand as a live streaming can be toggle with anything else. You have loyal viewers paying complete attention.

Of course, this will require your brand to come up with great video content that is either entertaining, educating, enlightening or all of them put together. But, that’s another part of the story and we’ll tell you about it in another story.

budget friendly

#3. It’s budget-friendly!

Let’s assume you want to host a product launch. That means you have to dole out funds for:

  • Venue rent
  • Food
  • Seating arrangements
  • Transportation of chief guests
  • Food & beverage

And several other cost units. But, with live streaming vs video on demand you can do the same product launch at fractional costs. The need to spend to anything mentioned above is eliminated. In fact, it even delivers another major benefit – Maximizes Audience Reach.

audience reach

#4. Maximizes audience reach

How many attendees can a public venue or a hall accommodate?

10,000? Or maybe a 100,000 if it’s a stadium?


Without live streaming, you can only reach out to a limited number of audience.

With live streaming, you can reach out to the entire world as if it’s your stage. You can reach out to any number of audience across borders and continents without any restraints.

For businesses, this means global reach and an upper hand on domestic competition. This is the prime reason why Google, Apple, Microsoft, Xbox, why, literally every global brand resorts to live streaming for branding and marketing.

Now, who can use live streaming to stand out from the crowd and to reach out to maximum audience? The following industries have a fat chance at live streaming:

  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Hospitality (MICE)
  • Corporates
  • Sports
  • Entertainment/News/Media

And everyone else who can win attention with their video making abilities


#5. Establishes & retains brand loyalty

Do you know? Facebook Live is making a silent revolution.

It boasts of 1.6 Billion+ users of which at least 1 Billion are active on a daily basis.

There is Dwayne Johnson live streaming his entry to the red carpet premiere from his official Facebook account.

brand loyalty

Similarly, Periscope. The live streaming mobile app has won the hearts of more than 10 Million users and is growing at a steady pace.

Periscope lets users streaming themselves live or record the video and share it in social circles. These apps are primarily used by viewers to watch live streaming videos of their favorite brands and celebrities. Ever wondered why Apple started live streaming its iPhone releases?

”Why Google I/O Conference has a live stream and only a very tiny fraction of people get to be there at the venue?”

It’s all due to the immense benefits that live streaming can deliver to branding. It creates a sense of belonging, attachment, an indescribable sentiment that makes them buy or remain loyal to the brand. And that’s what brands yearn for too. In the end, when is all is said and done, the truth remains:

Live video streaming has arrived and is here to help businesses magnify their brand presence.


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