22 September, 2023
HTML5 frameworks for best mobile app development

6 Best HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development

HTML5 has come up as a timely answer to a plethora of devices that are flooding the technology market today. With varying screen sizes and multiple browsers, HTML5 seeks to be the technological thread that binds these different web capable devices with the unified look and feel to HTML5 enabled apps.

For a developer who is still coming to terms with the power of HTML5, it would make sense to start off by using the readymade HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development that facilitates a certain level of stability and robustness to HTML5 mobile app development. Depending on the use, accessibility, availability, and user friendliness, some HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development are more preferred by mobile apps developers over others. Let’s take a look at some of developers’ favorite frameworks for mobile app development.

You can refresh yourself by Understanding HTML 5 mobile apps development much better, before you start through the frameworks.


Worklight is widely known for its easy to use and great adaptability. This HTML5 framework allows its users to use and enjoy wide range of HTML5 functionalities. It is also helpful in building and improving mechanisms like 3rd party integration power of app, offline support, and facilities of availing formidable combination of HTML5 and native codes.

Sencha Touch
Sencha Touch is one of the most popular HTML5 frameworks for development of mobile web application. Sencha Touch allows a developer to create native app like experience on the mobile browser of both iPhone and Android devices. Sencha Touch framework is one of the best choices for mobile apps packed with visual interactions.

jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile is a well-known touch-optimized framework and it is mostly used for tablets and smartphones. It offers a unified user-interface platform and is extensively popular for great adaptability. Instead of writing multiple for OS/mobile devices, this developer friendly mobile framework allows its users to create high-branded, unique, and completely customized website application. The best part of this app is it is executable on common tablets and smartphone platforms.

jQT (formerly known as jQtouch)
If versatility is one of the most desired qualities of an HTML5 framework, jQT deserves special mention in this aspect. Besides being an open source plugin, it offers excellent facilities for mobile app developers to play with better range with animation, auto-navigation, compatibility with mobile web kit browsers of Palm Pre, Android, and iPhone, etc.

NimbleKit is one of the quicker ways to extend applications for iOS. This HTML5 framework allows developer to build apps without knowledge of Objective C. NimbleKit offers project template in Xcode thus allowing developer to start off with app development without much hassle.

Wink is one of the popular mobile HTML5 frameworks that allows mobile app development on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Besides its use in mobile web browser, it is compatible for Phone Gap apps. And that is reason is being used as one of the most developer friendly versatile HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development.

That was our list of top HTML5 frameworks. While there are numerous other HTML5 frameworks for mobile app development, these frameworks do deserve a detailed mention because of the value they add in the mobile app development stage for developers.

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