9 December, 2023

Contus’ New logo: Sliced to Perfection and Leaves an Impression

Sometimes change is good, especially if it is for a future that is laden with ambitious targets. Guess that explains why Contus went for a major overhaul of its logo recently. Yes! We have changed our logo! But why? Because we believe that change is permanent and those who ignore that tenet will perish in due course of time. Contus Logo Past

The Picture Shows the Evolution of Contus’ Logo Over the Years

Has the logo changed completely? Yes and No. The original blue and black colors remain the same. We will talk more about the colors and what they symbolize about Contus in a later part of this write up.

So what is new in the new logo?n_text

Contus’s new logo now looks a lot more flowing with neat design aesthetics. The previous sharp edges are now refined to have more curved and smooth edges. The italic font indicates movement – Contus’s constant forward movement in inventing and innovating new digital transformations. Also, the new logo is proven to have better visual appeal when seen through tiny screens of mobile and hybrid devices. Also, the previous logo had a sharp and shooting forward arrow aimed at the centre of ‘O’ in Contus. The new logo retains the arrow symbol but with a new design and a distinct character. It takes the form of one half of the alphabet ‘N’. Inclined at 60 degrees it represents an arrow that is lunging upwards representing the brand’s continuous growth and progress.

The use of blue and black colors

Blue and black has remained essential ingredients of every single logo of Contus used till date. The deliberate choice of colors is to represent the various virtues of the brand as a growing organization. The use of deep black with gradients is to indicate strength, seriousness, power and authority. The gradients further add a tint of modernity to the design as is with the company’s ground breaking products. The Dodger Blue color stands for trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence and truth.

To sum it up

Contus’s new logo looks a lot refined and refreshing. It has a subtle character that is well aligned with corporate mission and vision. It stands true to the quote of the 15th century artist Leonardo Da Vinci – “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”


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