22 September, 2023
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Choosing the Right Platform for Mobile Application Development

Each day a number of mobile apps are entering the market, which are developed on multiple platforms by coders at all levels (right from beginners to experts). Developers are able to choose from a plenty of mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian and Sun J2ME. Mobile application development is serving developers both in terms of money and creativity. But, the most important thing to concern about is choosing the right platform for developing mobile applications. It is crucial to think twice before stepping into a mobile platform. Analyse the pros and cons of each platform with the other and then decide upon the most absolute platform for creating the app. Below detailed are few of the tips that help you out in choosing the right mobile platform for developing your mobile application.

Target Audience-based Platform

First of all, think of the audience you intend to target. If you are keen about targeting the mass market rather than the business aimed aspect, then the iPhone and Android platforms will suit best. If you intend to target the business community, it is better to target users who would like instant internet access and other features on their phones. The RIM Blackberry platform can be a better choice under such cases. Bare in mind, though the size of sale is pretty important, it is not always the ultimate thing. It is important that the end user needs to be given higher priority than anything else. Hence, consider your potential customer’s needs as the most crucial thing.

Technical Features

The secondary factor to think of is the technical features you want to include on your app. Whether you are looking to create an app that is simple for basic users or wish to have something that is much complicated and runs in the background and help users perform their tasks in a much simpler way? If it is going to be complicated, then decide upon choosing something like the Palm OS rather than the iOS or android. If your app is subjected to provide some impressive graphics or similar other complex stuff, then consider looking at Maemo instead of Windows Mobile. The workload you undergo while developing an app is wholly dependent on the technical features the mobile platform will provide.


The budget or finance you allot to develop an application is also quite an important factor to consider. Do not just think about earning the profits initially. First of all, you need to understand that each mobile platform offers different income opportunities. If you are concerned about pumping good handsome money instantly, then consider targeting the mass market with a large audience for your app. Also remember that higher priced products will work out good if they are targeting over a top-notch business users, who will prompt to buy a product only if it is necessary to them and not just expensive.

Future Prospects

Think of the future prospects of the mobile platform you are about to choose. This is quite an important thing to consider, as there is no use in investing your money and hard work on a platform that turns no more in an year or two. Analyse whether the platform is stable? Will it keep surviving for a couple of years? Think! Custom Mobile application development industry is bringing in a lot of changes on daily basis and hence you should think about the long term. Hence understand the long term consequences of choosing a particular mobile platform.

Things to Do

• Have enough knowledge on mobile platforms
• Study of the latest platforms
• Clear thinking and processing
• Systematic documentation

Hope the above info helped you enough! For further clarifications and ideas share your queries as comments below.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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