22 September, 2023

Contus Corporate Short Films – Tamil

The year 2013 was indeed a great year for Contusians, leaving aside the professional achievements there was another great and unique talent that was explored among the Contusians in December 2013. The Contusians indeed were asked to form teams and create a complete full length short film for the Contus Corporate Short Film event held as a part of Contus New Year Celebration and Contus Awards 2013 Ceremony.

This was indeed a milestone in exploring Contusians talents since all the people involved in the making of the short film were amateurs and novice people. None of them had film making background or knowledge. Although few were exceptionally talented, they weren’t professionals. This corporate short film making competition helped these budding talents to put their skills on a right path. After nearly 20 days of hard work and excellent coordination between work hours and leisure hours 4 short films were made by the 4 teams.

The four short films were based out on corporate life and were pictured in and around Contus. The films that were successfully made are;

Legiyum – Appalika Productions: This movie was made by the Appalika Production House and this movie was an out and out entertainer. This team made the short film shoots to progress in a typical movie format by releasing teaser, trailer, conducting traditional holy rites and even releasing bloopers thus they raced the expectation of the audience. The movie was an out and out laugh riot.

Ippadiku Kathir – Reel Potti Studios: This film was made by Reel Potti Studios who started with a different story but towards the end came up with a complete sentimental off-beat script. This is one movie where the lead characters stole the show with their realistic performances. This movie touched many hearts and even brought a tear or two from the audience eyes.

Change Over – Ohho Productions: This movie produced by Ohho productions is a movie with a style and mass. This is a typical commercial movie with songs, dance, comedy and lots of reality. This movie has every element to be a good entertainer.

Samosa – Bioscope Productions: This movie is a complete mass entertainer and it has a brilliant script and several comical bombs installed at various unexpected scenes. This movie had brilliant acting from not only the lead but the supporting artists also did a pretty decent job. The movie has every ingredient to be a super hit one.

The awards for the short films were given for 4 major categories namely;

  1. Best Female Lead / Best Actress: There was a tie in selection of the best female lead and it was shared between Anusha and Kannagi of Ipadiku Kathir and Samosa respectively.
  2. Best Male Lead / Best Actor: This was given to the Raja (Screen Name: Kathir) of Ippadiku Kathir.
  3. Best Director: The best director was not just a director but an all rounder who is highly talented in direction, story, screenplay, music, editing, etc – Mr. Amarnath OKB.
  4. Best Movie: Without much doubts the best movie was awarded to Samosa – the overall entertainer.

This was indeed a pleasant start in exploring talents of Contusians and more is on the way.


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  1. Ranjith Reply

    Gald to know that company is promoting the workers talents. very nice 🙂 haven’t seen the films yet but will watch it later for sure. Congrats to Contus team. keep doing good. 🙂

  2. venkatesh.m Reply

    New direction, New stories. Excellent try, eye catching movie was samosa where the other one Ippadikku Kathir is mind blowing.

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