22 September, 2023
Contus Cup 2013

Contus Cup 2013

Cricket is a religion, not only in India but also in many parts of the world. The cricket craze is transcending and the passion for the game is improving all the time. Cricket tournaments so far have never failed to provide the necessary entertainment people expected and it is evident from the huge fan base it has got all over the world. Bearing this in mind, we at Contus came up with an initiative of holding an exciting contest of Cricket tournament “Contus Cup 2013”.

Cricket tournaments are never short of buzz and ours isn’t an exception. Indeed, it created a tremendous hype among our professionals which in turn forced us to devise 3 teams with different talents. We realized teams with professionals of diverse departments would help understanding each other and building healthy relationships among them. So, we conducted this contest for creating a touch point among professionals of different departments with diverse work natures.  We devised 3 teams by packing talents of diverse departments together as shown below.

  • Contus Sharks – Talents from Marketing and Business Development Team
  • Contus Super Kings – Talents from Mobile and Web App Development Team
  • Ramapuram Rockerz – Talents from QA and Product Development Team

A 10 over match between each team was planned and teams picked randomly were allowed to compete. The teams with their collective efforts and special pool of talents displayed some amazing stroke play of cricket ensuring best entertainment to each and everyone of Contus present over the ground at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort.

Eventually, “Contus Super Kings” with their splendid team effort clinched the trophy with roaring applause all over the ground. The best batsman trophy was presented to Mr. Sathish Raj and best bowler trophy was presented to Mr. Balamurugan, followed by best all-rounder trophy to Mr. Adhavan.

Above all, this event is not just a contest of cricket, but a strong gateway to engage, encourage professionals by providing them perfect opportunities to get the best out of them.  In a nut shell, “Contus Cup 2013” is all about organizing and binding professionals together for achieving the collective gains and it paid off very well.

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  1. Christy Reply

    “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
    Experienced a great team-spirit. Really felt happy to be part of it. Had lots of fun. Thanks Contus.

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