28 September, 2023

Contus Launches Contus Fly- A Customizable Real Time Chat & IM Solution For Mobile Apps On Cloud

Instant messaging apps have become a worldwide sleeper hit as it has instantly struck a chord with the users. Taking notice of this trend, online giants like Facebook and Google have launched their own real time IM applications to expand their user base. Apart from them, some of the popular IM apps like Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and Line have become a rage among users.

Realizing the importance of real time IM applications, even enterprises have started deploying them to facilitate a better collaboration among employees. In fact Yammer one of the popular enterprise social networking service, deployed in over 200,000 organizations, has integrated IM applications. This widespread acceptance of IM applications propelled Contus to launch Contus Fly.

What is Contus Fly?
It is a real time ready made solution to build a chat application for B2B and B2C mobile apps. This solution enables you to stay connected with your contacts amid your busy schedules by exchanging messages. The messages could be text, images, audio and video clips. However, this solution isn’t confined to these applications alone as it is expansive in terms of incorporating new functionalities and can be very easily customized to suit the user’s requirements.

Technical Capabilities Of Contus Fly
Contus fly is built on Ejabbered, as it is a robust, versatile, cross platform and modular XMPP( Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) server. Contus Fly supports TLS 1.2 and to ensure a rapid data transfer, native coding has been utilized. Further, the deployment of Amazon Web Service and Apache Cassandra, makes Contus fly scalable and fault tolerant.

Advantages Of Using Contus Fly

  • It is highly secure as HMAC encryption has been used, thereby preventing account spoofing and DDOS attacks.

  • As XMPP is customized, the login and relogin is very quick.

  • It integrates social networking accounts, hence users can login from their social profiles.

  • As push technology is employed, users continue to get notifications even after going offline.

  • The availability status of user is made known to other users in hangout.

Use Cases Of Contus Fly
With its eye grabbing functionalities, Contus fly has captured the attention of many organizations. Based on their requirements, we have customized Contus Fly to serve different purposes. Here are some of the applications that were developed using Contus Fly.

Live Chat Responses From Specialists To Quell User’s Doubts
Contus Fly was employed to create an interactive platform for users and subject experts. This application allows the users to post their queries regarding fitness, health, legality, finance and other domains. In return, the expert of the corresponding domain can resolve user’s doubts through live chats.

Revamping Corporate Training With A Nifty IM Application
Contus fly was utilized to make in house training more intuitive and interesting. Using this application, the tutor gets a bird’s eye view of their trainees, as it allows tutors to stay connected through live chats by monitoring task status, posting announcements and receiving push notifications for completed tasks.

Now you can have a real time IM and chat application created for you B2B and B2C mobile apps.

Contus Fly


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