28 September, 2023

Contus “New Year” Festive Fever – Bay Decoration Contest 2012!

Contus, before wrapping up each year conducts the dashing “Bay Decoration” competition. The year of 2012 too witnessed the competition which took center stage on 31st December, 2012, and this time it was cash prize foretold for the winners. Brainstorms and hectic work schedules experienced by the Contusians over the past 11 months were put aside and they have been awarded full freedom to ornament their bays in all sorts of lucrative ways related to their themes.

Nine different teams of Contus with out-of-the-box ideas and skills participated in the competition, making it tougher for judges. The event sparkled with scintillating exhibitions of ideas and innovations displayed amazingly by the Contusians with their fantabulous decorations, rising from collective team effort.

The teams (events) that showcased their deft skills included:

  1. Support and Designing (Spartans)
  2. Internet Marketing (Go Green)
  3. Service (Jungle Book)
  4. Testing (Veerapandi Thiruvizha)
  5. Support (Thamizhar Panpaadu )
  6. GPC (Achieve the Goal)
  7. Services GPC (Contus Food Court)
  8. Mobile Apps (Pongal)
  9. Business Development  (Party with Beatles )


All teams performed actively in the competition and came out with some outstanding decorative measures which really caught the judges by surprise. The judges, Mr. Amal, Mr. Bala, and Mr. Prakash, made their visit to the bays at 11 am on 31st Decemeber, 2012 to appraise the decorations catered by the 9 teams.

The teams exhibited their exemplary skills to demonstrate the themes in order to persuade the judges with their innovative thoughts and conceptualizations.

Finally, the gripping tensions and anxious moments subsided when the Judges delivered the verdict at the evening of the New Year Bash Celebrations hosted at Chettinad Mahal, Chennai.

The judges took into account the decoration, explanation, and conceptualization to decide the winners.  Services team for their spirited performance and enterprising appearances with the theme “Jungle Book” won the hearts of the judges and it was facilitated with the first prize.

The second prize was snatched by BD team for their instrumental “Party with Beatles” theme which inspired everyone.

The third prize was awarded to stupendous “Veerapandi Thiruvizha” theme which involved plenty of fun and entertaining factors exhibited by Testing team.

To sum up, it was a Bay Decoration contest for the Contusians to be remembered and cherished for a long time!

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