22 September, 2023

Contus Trim and Tone Version 2.3 Arrives With A Minimal UI and Additional Functionality

Version 2.3 of Trim and Tone, an android app for cropping and merging audio files, is now released in the market. In spite of the earlier versions being received well by the users, they still had their share of feedback and requirements. So taking these valuable inputs in to consideration the trim and tone app has been revamped to give an enriching experience to the users.

Quick Excerpts about Contus Trim and Tone:

Trim and Tone app has similarities with mp3 cutter, except that this app surpasses mp3 cutter in terms of real world applications and an aesthetic UI design. Trim and Tone app facilitates users to truncate a portion of audio file they wish to hear, using the start and end markers from the ‘Tone Maker’ option. The ‘Tone Mixer’ option enables users to merge two different audio files. ‘My Tones’ serves as a destination folder for audio files generated from ‘Tone Maker’ and ‘Tone Mixer’.

Feature Improvisations:

 Firstly we have focused on the UI design. In the earlier version, audio files in ‘My Tones’ folder displayed with a ripple/wave effect when scrolled vertically (up/down). As users found it distracting we have removed that effect and replaced it with a smooth scroll.

Similarly when the users wished to trim or delete a tone or share it in Whatsapp or Soundcloud they could do so with a swipe feature in ‘My Tones’. But now to make this feature more accentuating to the users, we have replaced it with a legible Indicator. By clicking the Indicator the aforesaid options pop out.

In terms of functionality enhancements, now the users can set the tones emerging from ‘Tone Maker’ and ‘Tone Mixer’ as a default notification tone or as an alarm tone.

Download  Trim and Tone android app and start setting ring tones to your satisfaction !!


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