3 October, 2023

Create Your Own Restaurant Ordering App – Meet your Customer Expectations

FYI   Would you believe that Burger King restaurant ordering app’s average user rating is just below 3 out of 5.

Well, if iconic brands like Burger King are missing out on meeting customer expectations via their dedicated food ordering apps it raises a question of what customers actually expect from a custom restaurant ordering app?

What does a First Time User Look Out for in a Custom Restaurant App?


Of course it will be the food first. Less seems ‘more’ compared to leaving customers confused with too many choices.

Food aficionados and lovers basically look out for day specials and restaurant specials. Make sure they are placed right.

Beginning with food ordering, users would lookout for value added services as well which they could make use of using the app.

What are the Essentials that an Exclusive App has and Restaurant Finder Apps Miss?

Third party restaurant listing and food ordering apps deny a great deal of offering which a dedicated app can and those include customizability, liberty of listing your local special food and unique service listing.
Restaurant ordering app

What do your Customers Expect from your Restaurant’s Mobile App?

Exclusivity – Build a Branded, Exclusive Restaurant App

build app
Your restaurant app development should be exclusive. Exclusivity as such is a dedicated mobile app on iOS and Android and for your restaurant. However, listing your app in restaurant finder apps like Zomato, Foodpanda, Burrp could will definitely serve as an additional advantage by increasing the number of access points to your restaurant services.

Social Media Friendliness – Social Media to Share Their Experience

social media sharingYour restaurant’s social profiles can drive in remarkable change in the way people see, recognize and feel about your brand. Build a restaurant app that allows access to your social profiles. Login and signup process can be hosted through social logins and users sharing their dining experience acts as personal recommendations which augments your customer base and brand image.

Reward Programs – Recognize Your Loyal Customers

rewardsUsing technologies like Augmented reality would help you create engaging loyalty programmes and there will not be a need for a study specific to the mobile app development platform used for your restaurant apps as visuals always derive desired user actions.

Rewards for ordering done via your restaurant apps can be managed completely through mobile. A track of purchase history in the restaurant app developed throws light on loyalty of every customer so that you can recognize and reward within the app.

Deal Deposits – Flexibility in Enjoying Deals and Offers

dealsDeals are sudden surprises and often go useless if a customer is not ready to avail it instantly. Many customers feel disappointed on this compulsive ‘take it or leave it’ attitude of vendors. A slight improvisation of this will make it very much customer-friendly. Option for customers to save deals and redeem it at their convenience will remarkably improve customer retention.

Value Added Services – Bookings, Cab Rides, etc

value added “Zomato has tied up with Uber to serve in 27 cities across 13 countries”Make provisions for incorporating value added services while planning for your restaurant app development. Providing cab booking service along with restaurant ordering in your app can turn out to be a game changer for your business as commuting to the dining venue is a problem faced by many.

Push Notifications – Notify at the Right Time

push notificationOffers always attract and notifications are those which make them count. So, you must be on the run when it comes to publicizing it. Notifying customers about your discounts yield more customer responses and eventually a lot more will be ready to take up the offer. Remind customers about the discounts they can avail at the right time and everything else will be a fairy tale.

Sensible Location-Based Notifications

sensible locationBuild on demand delivery app for restaurants apps equipped with geolocation technology. It will simplify tracking the location of the users to provide meaningful discounts. Based on a user’s current location, you can push discount notifications of your restaurant that’s nearest to where they are currently located. Thus the chances of a user grasping the deal becomes naturally high.

Show Off – From Dining Space to Kitchen

show offObviously a customer is going to get disappointed if your dining space is not as good as what your ads boast it to be. Provide a sneak-peek of your restaurant’s dining, cooking and other hospitality areas through images, videos or digital walkthroughs to your customers and let them decide themselves about dining at your place.

Technologies like augmented reality has become a part of restaurant app development process as they help in providing a digital walk through experience.

Payment Conveniences – Ease of Ordering and Paying

order and payCustomers can be given e-wallet options through which they can prepay in specific amounts and hold a balance which can be debited for bills. Make sure your restaurant ordering app that demands online payment provides a single-page checkout for a zipy payment experience. Try providing split payment facility and multiple mobile payment modes to improve their payment convenience further.

How Contus can help Building a Custom Restaurant App that Users Love to Connect With?

lansdowne sprite using ARTo assure of the possibilities of developing an app with the above discussed features, we’d like to show you a real example.

Lansdowne Pub app was developed by Contus for a Boston based restaurant and pub chain. Using technologies like augmented reality, geolocation, push notifications and much more, this restaurant app was developed with the sole purpose of encouraging customers to view, engage and interact with the app.

Access to pub services like table booking, intuitive rewards mechanism powered by AR, personalized discounts via push notifications and access to all social channels of the restaurant through the app were a few of the compelling features that helped the restaurant augment its customer base.

Design a Restaurant App for Customers


Masilamani Murugan leads the Digital Marketing team at CONTUS. He is interested in strategic planning for digital marketing initiatives. He loves to be fit and is a workout freak.


  1. Elias Dennis Reply

    I just got my restuarant app developed, sadly it dosn’t got all the benefits you pointed out. can you guide me through getting a customer focused app. may be you can develop me a one too…

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      Elias, glad to see that our features inspired you. Sure we will help you to create a restaurant app including the above features that i have mentioned and have contacted you in mail too.

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      Greg, lets explain you in detail. It depends on the following criteria’s

      1. Time duration
      2. No.of developers required
      3. App Nature
      4. Database and API
      5. Type of Restaurant App
  2. R.J. Reply

    I’m currently working on a restaurant app which is about 80% done. I’m having trouble finishing the other 20% due to a lack of information needed for the database (Obtaining menus). Would you be able to point me in the right direction to where I can find this information needed to complete my application? Also, if possible I would Love to get your feedback on my app.

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      We’ll be glad to provide our feedback on your app. And to answer your first question, I’d suggest you write to us with more technical details regarding your technical issue.

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      Yes. The app can be launched using a ready made script. It is super-quick, enables anyone with basic computer knowledge to launch their app and gives tremendous customization facilities.

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      Hi, If you are opting us for your mobile app development, deep linking and in-app chat features are bundled into the app as a regular feature. You can be assured that our mobile app development is one of the best with futuristic features that most companies do not provide. Feel free to reach us at bd@contus.in for any more queries.

  3. Rooney Reply

    Hi. Great work guys. Wel-written article with awesome inputs. I was researching on how mobile apps are positively shaping businesses around the world. Can’t believe that food delivery has become so easy and effortless with resturant apps.

  4. sarita gupta Reply

    Very Nice Content…… In today’s era people have reached to mobile phone and most of the restaurants are move themselves into online platform by publish android application to grab business from online platform.

  5. Pooja Yadav Reply

    Hello,Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. This blog provide you an option to create your own app and move your restaurant at online platform.

  6. Akhil Reply

    Very Excellent Article.I recently had an experience with ChocoGrid- Bars Restaurants. It is a comparatively new product but the team they have on support is freaking amazing… nominal charges and they deliver beautifully. They are still in their Beta phase but they over-compensate it with a very motivated team at the back end, just call them and they help you get through the whole process. In fact, I think it is nice that they are still in development because they took extra care of everything. Helped me upload the content, even improved it in some places. By the way they have good content teams also inn case you want to improve on your content too.

  7. lakshman Reply

    Thanks for sharing with us. We got the nice information about the restaurants. Nowadays, millions of mobile applications have come up to support business platforms. We also providing the android apps for run a business.

    In recently we launched a one restaurant app “TDL Restaurants”, to know more info about of this app TDL Restaurants,the main theme of the app is,restaurants are gain the profits and maintaining low manpower. In this app the waiter was don’t need to take Customers orders separately. If once restaurant is registered with this app, the customers are easily ordered their food without any help of the waiters. In this app, once customer is choose his required item, then immediately the order is directly goes into kitchen, suppose if any item is not available in today menu, that particular item is highlighted with “Cross symbol”. After his takes food, the bill was automatically send to customer mobile number and his mail id also.

    1. Masi Post author Reply

      Restaurant apps can be broadly classified into three categories:

      Restaurant aggregator: These kind of apps list the most popular and frequented restaurants in a region. User reviews, comments, unique specialities, cuisine, etc. are the bases upon which restaurants are listed. Users can also search and find restaurants based on their real-time location.

      Restaurant table booking: These apps help you book tables in popular restaurants where otherwise finding a table is a real struggle. Bid goodbye to waiting for a vacant table with these apps.

      Individual restaurant app: Hotel chains and brands typically want to keep the entire booking process to themselves. They develop mobile apps that allow their fans/followers/customers to book tables, order online, get food delivered and do much more using their individual restaurant apps. In a way it also helps in improving the brand image of a restaurant.

  8. Abhinav Shan Reply

    Advantages with online food ordering websites are time saving, no confusions on food ordering service, some restaurants offers user choice with the ingredients, and the best thing is you don’t need to walk off if one restaurant is closed as you can find a list of restaurants available in that area.

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