9 December, 2023

Contus Fly – A Chat App Solution that Makes your Sales Team an Unstoppable Workforce

Work from home. Selling on the field. Reporting within the office. Your employees can stay connected wherever they are with an instant messaging app.

The most important thing in selling is staying connected. A sales force that is seamlessly connected with each other can do wonders to your business order book. On the flip side, without a proper connection, chaos will be the order of the day. It will leave marketers confused, selling team confused and customers rattled. End of the day, your business will lose more customers than what it was supposed to win.

Mobile Messaging has become the primary way users engage socially on mobile. Not just for public users but also for employees who have to be available for communication at all times. But your everyday instant messaging is not the right choice for formal communication and information sharing within the office. They are plagued with several shortcomings which dwarf them from being ideal solutions for enterprise communication. If these reasons do not inspire you to create a chat app for your team, then nothing else will.

5 Reasons why Private Chat Apps are not Ideal Set for Enterprise Use

#1. They are hack prone

Even the best instant messaging apps are prone to third party hacking, information leaks, identity theft and privacy violations.

75% or more mobile apps would fail basic security tests. (Gartner)

#2. They are NOT easily scalable

Private IM chat apps often restrict the number of members who can be added to circles, have space restrictions on file transfers and lack the scalability that enterprises yearn for.

59% of organizations are projected to start some kind of BYOD initiative this year. (CyberEdge Group)

#3. They are malware infested

Despite the strict security protocols enforced by app stores, a large number of private apps downloaded by users are malware infested that leak data stored to third parties.

75% year-over-year increase in U.S. mobile malware rates in 2014.

#4. They are prone to phishing

Phishing and data theft attacks put online banking, official communication and private conversations at risk.

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9X more mobile banking Trojan attacks in 2014, as compared to 2013. (Kaspersky Lab)

#5. They have limited abilities

Best instant team messaging apps provide little or no chat or file organizing abilities. Free apps have serious flaws which sometimes even lead to loss of data or threats.

Nearly 1-in-10 reported threats originate from WiFi networks with “free” in the name. (Skycure)


Contus Fly Practical Applications for Sales Teams

Real-time backend updates

Contus Fly can help remote employees to communicate with their resident counterparts for instant updates about projects, orders and task completions.

Make buyers part of the formal circle

Contus fly allows users to create circles, groups or private channels where even customers can be added to detailed discussion about product, order, pricing and much more.

Hyper time virtual communication

Video conferencing takes a new turn as sales teams can connect with remote employees anytime. The need to be in a place with secured network is no longer necessary.


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  1. Deepa Senthilrajan Reply

    Good Concept. The idea to connect team through instant messaging is innovative. This can be implemented in other domains as well.

  2. Anushya Reply

    Great feed. The post shows the connectivity of group of teams in a single chat app. Agree with that, the current technology is growing fastly. Communication is the game of the business.

  3. Sussana Reply

    Contus Fly functionalities and features explanation are excellent. Chat app solution is in demand for all types of enterprises.

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