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How Much Does Video Conferencing App Development Cost?

Published On April 8th, 2024 3346Communication
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Video conferencing platforms are in use everywhere nowadays, from the free-to-use Zoom to premium-tagged apps that only enterprises can afford. Video conferencing is a unique collaborative communication solution that spun out of the darkness of 2020-pandemic’s need for remote conferencing. 

As the use and need for secure online video conferencing functionality expands, one cannot ignore the business of developing these video conferencing apps. At the same time not all apps have made a million download milestones. This implies that there is a science to making a video conferencing app a top performer and profitable!

Therefore, to build a video conferencing app you should use the right features and the right tech stack to make yours a popular app! 

Read on to learn more on how that’s done! 

Core Video Conference App Features  

As online video conferencing gains in popularity, developers and users are refining existing features with newer hardware and technology updates. 

The use of video conferencing applications is in conducting online meetings with no limit on the size or the strength of the participants. Hence an app used for such a purpose has to support any number of participants and ensure high-quality delivery of audio and visual signals. Additionally individuals can participate using a computer or a mobile phone hence making an internet connection the primary requirement to attend a video conference via the app. Moreover, participants can keep their cameras or the microphone on or off as per requirement of their participation in the meeting.

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The core video conferencing app features which deliver good user experience in a secure online video conferencing environment are as follows: 

video conference app cost

1. Screen Sharing 

Video conferencing feature that is most commonly used is the screen sharing feature. The need of this feature is for, when speakers need to refer or present data or points for discussion during the course of the meeting.

2. Virtual Hand-Raising 

Web video meetings are incomplete without this feature. Hand-raising is an important component as it draws the attention of the participants that a speaker would like to present or speak on the current topic. It is an emoji of hand raised for the host to allow or permit the participant to speak as feasible. This ensures that communication is efficient despite participation of multiple people. 

3. Chat 

Video conferencing SDK integrated chat feature allows participants to continue communications within the meeting. It quickly brings all the participants to the same page on the topic of discussion. 

4. Polls 

Video conferencing platforms are seen including this feature, especially for topics or discussions that need decision making. It allows the host to create a quick voting system and share it with the participants in the meeting to understand the responses on a given topic or discussion on hand. 

5. Record Meeting 

Real time video conferencing utilizes this feature and allows the recording of the meeting with the click of the button, showing that the meeting is ongoing.  

6. Mute Participants 

One of the main uses of video conferencing is to allow all participants to contribute to the discussions by allowing effective speaking. When a speaker is presenting, a host has the option of muting other participants such that the idea is presented entirely. Video conferencing SDK use this feature as an effective functionality for monitoring and managing the discussions.

Hence, your video conferencing application has to compulsorily have the above features to be effectively used. 

4 Major Steps to Make a Video Conferencing App 

The following section discusses the steps to build your own video conferencing app.

1. Backend Development

Video conferencing solution is based on the functionalities being set-up in the server side. The most commonly used solution is BaaS for video conferencing app, since it needs to have its own server built from scratch.

2. User Interface Experience Design  

Designing the whole experience and use of the app is in this stage. User experience has to be interactive and the learning curve to begin to use the app should be minimal. The performance and movement from one feature to the other should be seamless. user interference is therefore a very important aspect of this design and apps that lack good UI design are known to have failed commercially.

3. iOS App 

In developing a video conferencing app for the iOS platform the use of swift is very necessary. This is a very simple or objective C programming language and has wide use. It helps to build faster and quicker apps using the above core features and allows third party services to be used without complex processes.

4. Android App  

Android is developed by pulling and placing third-party tools first, the main tool web and Android developers use is developed WebRTC peer-to-peer, the open source Technology for real-time Communications that is based on sample APIs.

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Build a Video Conferencing App for Android, iOS Using this Tech Stack

The technology that needs to be used to build your video conference application is the Android programming languages like Java or Kotlin.

Toolkits used are Android Studio in which the SDK used is Android SDK and Video chat is WebRTC.  

video conferencing app for android

iOS programming language is Swift and the Toolkits are Apple Code, SDK is iOS SDK, video chat – WebRTC, API and Mirrorfly SDK are WebRTC.

video conferencing app for ios

Facts that Support Video Conferencing App Development

For a video conferencing app that can be as successful as Zoom, the costs of building such a solution would become primary. In developing such an app, the factors that need to be considered are the in-house development of the skills that are used and the type of outsourcing that can happen.

  • The huge developer team of over 400 professionals in app development
  • Experts in the field of web and mobile technologies – ever since 2003, the team is building mobile and web app development technologies
  • Diverse domains are served – accelerating the operations in different industries with futuristic solutions
  • Excellence – is the primary focus at HiddenBrains and the pursuit of business innovation.

Expected Cost to Create a Video Conferencing App

When it comes to the cost calculation criteria that arises while developing a video conferencing App, is something like a million dollar question to answer! 

Practically, the cost varies upon numerous criterias including platform – technology stack, features, locations, app design planning, team size, and much more. So, once you have obtained a clear vision about these mentioned factors, Of course you can reach the nearby approximate cost but even here, not the exact one.

On the other hand, you should also keep a note on the fact that no two projects can be the same. Therefore, while planning to build your video conferencing app it is better for you to get in touch with a skilled startup app development company and have your requirements discussed with your preferred technology integration and security measures, etc., so that the cost can be reduced to some extent with non-compromising quality.

Now, let’s have a look at MirrorFly video conferencing API to have better exposure concerning cost estimation and other related factors that are needed to build your video conference app.

Why Is MirroFly API the Best Choice to Build a Video Conferencing App?

MirrorFly API is a secure real-time audio-video and web conferencing solution. It helps in hosting virtual meetings webinars and the collaborative use of tools to connect remote teams. 

MirrorFly API is an enterprise-level video conferencing suite that can be applied to all sorts of meeting needs. Different sizes and businesses for virtual conferencing are supported by the MirroFly API. 

It is backed by security stacks running under the hood, like multiprotocol gateways which ensure third-party support conferencing app points using SIP, H.323 protocols. Group conferencing collaboration tools and multi-platform support are all available on the single platform for API support at Androids, web smart TV and browsers. It is a unified video conferencing solution with multiple purposes.


Building your video conferencing solutions is the business strategy that is bringing in social connections to any application. But, the trick is to make it a top-class product! 

To achieve such app development goals you need to use the right technology stack. The facts of MirroFly API render the core app building blocks and functionalities allowing you to make your existing applications more powerful and productive. 

Now, it is up to you whether to go for building your video conferencing app using APIs or from scratch depending upon the cost. Make your own decision, as we are here to guide you further with our supportive team of developers. 

Thank You!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to launch an online meeting app with so much competition?

Launching an online meeting app among so many competitors is of course not that simple as it sounds. But, at the sametime if your video conferencing app stands out in the market then for sure you can grab most of the attention – for which your app needs to be unique with possible highlighted features that other apps lack.

How do you participate safely in the video conferencing app?

To participate safely in a video conferencing app, there are certain video conferencing etiquette to be followed that includes,
1. Make your presence on time
2. Get well dressed as per regulations
3. Ensure proper and quick internet connection for instant engagement
4. Ensure that your application is working properly
5. Mute yourself when you are not speaking
6. Frame the camera correctly

What are the benefits of video conferencing applications?

There are several benefits of video conferencing app including,
1. To train the remote employees/students despite geographical location
2. Supports to make perfect business decisions with endless interaction
3. Prevent unnecessary traveling that saves both money and time
4. To conduct online meetings in more personalized manner
5. To record the seminar/educational/online-web session for future reference
6. The participants can present their views by notifying the host through a simple click on video option
To know more in-detail you can check here.

How does a video conferencing app make money?

Video conferencing apps make money in a variety of ways that includes subscription fees, advertisement, hardware sales and also by investing in the startup companies. Most of the apps operate via freemium scenario with limited functionalities wherein the apps count on their users to upgrade to paid version.

Which video conferencing app is the most secure one?

We cannot particularize certain video conferencing apps to be the most secure one, as every app has their own ups and downs with security protocols. With BigBlueButton, it supports transit encryption wherein it uses standard TLS, using WebRTC for all the traffic that is moving from the user’s web browser to the server, and it does not support end-to-end encryption over any of its video data.

With Microsoft Teams app, it offers end-to-end encryption but with a restriction that enables the security only for one-to-one teams video/audio call. Get to know more on other preferred apps here.

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