3 October, 2023

How to Be iOS Developer?

With the growing penetration of smartphones in the mobile markets, app developers stand in good stead with increasing demand from smartphone users. With around 800,000 apps on the iTunes Store in Jan 2013, it is iOS developers for Apple products platform that are leading the race, from amongst different mobile app development platforms.

Before knowing the steps, it is always wise to know what the role of an iOS developer is. There are three key roles to be assigned, based on the kind of work they will be handling. These are

  • working as team agent,
  • admin member, or
  • as a member of iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

These responsibilities are extremely useful in bifurcating different activities or tasks.

The next step would be to register with Apple as an iOS developer. This helps you in two ways – you not only get to access a wide array of resources at Apple’s disposal but also allows you to quick compile your code on the iOS environment. For instance, on registration, you get to work on Apple’s SDK  (XCode and Tools). You can also obtain  good number of technical documentation that will help you progress to the next level.

Even skilled programmers face immense challenge by developing apps for a specific type of mobile device. For the beginners, the task is more rigorous: an iOS developer can do a better programming by learning the basic XCode  and other iOS developer tools, such as Objective-C programming language, Cocoa Touch (the API to build iOS device software) frameworks, and a range of other specific technologies included within the iOS SDK range.

It makes complete sense to gauge your caliber and place your app development skills in either of the three buckets or groups as mentioned below. This will help you understand the type and intensity of training you would need to undergo to become a successful iOS developer

  • Beginner programmers: The first step to become an iOS developer is to learn basic programming
  • Qualified programmers: The first step will be gaining proficiency in iOS developer tools, such as XCode, Cocoa, and Objective C. While they have the technical know-how, they will need to gain experience
  • Experienced programmers: They have the right balance of qualification and experience, and can start building iOS apps right away.

How to Learn iOS Development Process?

Depending on your skill level, you can either start off by reading or by undergoing through a professional training course. If you a beginner, nothing helps more than reading up. There are quite a few books available in the market that helps you hone your iOS developer skills. When used together these help you gain invaluable experience in code debugging, adopting programming best practices and coding for various scenarios.

In case you are a qualified programmer, then the obvious next step would be to gain experience under an app development company. They not only prepare you for the real world experience but also gives you valuable insight into client management and time management.

However, to move to the next level, you should also possess a determination and invest sufficient time and dedicated efforts towards continuous learning.

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Learning Developer Tools

In case you want to gain self learning, getting to know the iOS SDK would be a good first step. Some good resources from Apple will help to get that first app built and deployed successfully:

OOP Programming with Objective C:


Getting started with iOS development:


Getting to know fundamental architecture about iOS apps:


Your first app:


While there are no shortcuts to success, dedicated learning and sharpening of technical skills will definitely help a good iOS developer distinguish his/her expertise from the competition.

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    Thanks for the knowledge sharing post. I hope this post will be helpful for many who want to be an i os deveoper. The launch of the iPhone is considered to have begun the mobile application development. To become a successful iPhone app developer, you always need to acquire some specified knowledge of certain programming languages. These advanced programming languages include objective C, Open GL and Cocoa.

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    Interesting blog post and I am reading this impressive article to increase my knowledge. To start with iOS app development one should know the process of where to start and how to proceed with, such an informative post.well shared here.Thanks!!

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