29 September, 2023
Hire Android app developer

How to hire an Android App Developer ?

There is no doubt that smartphones are at higher demands! Things have changed mobile these days and mobile apps are all on the wheels right now. Web companies are building mobile products just with a motto to enhance their business. Mobile apps play a vital role in achieving a better success rate for any online organization. Whether to keep pace with your business competitors or get connected with your customers, mobile apps can be quite significant in any aspect. Several business owners have started to build their own mobile apps to keep their business on-the-go. But, what most of them lack is the technical part and for sure they know, they got to hire an app developer. A mobile app developer is someone who brings true, your dream for designing and creating an app.

Why Android?

Not everyone has an iPhone, but most of us have an Android. This is the major reason why businesses are focusing on Android apps rather than on iPhone apps. In addition, there are a number of benefits enfolded in developing an app for Android. Whether you are looking to manage, maintain or track data and reports, a custom Android application can make it easy to do so. Developing an app in Android can absolutely benefit an online business by helping them to work more efficiently from planning to the execution and management of various business aspects.

Hiring the apt developer

Not all business people are good about developing an app, but all they have is the idea on how the app should be and what aspects it should be focusing on. With a capable android app developer, you can easily bring your requirements live. But what matters is the ‘CAPABLE’ thing. How and where to look for an able developer, who could build you an app, more absolute than you had ever wished. There are certain factors you got to look about before hiring an android app developer.

1. Experience
Well, experience keenly matters as in any field. Ask your developer that how many apps he has in the appstore so far. If he says none, just return back and look for another. Do bare in mind, this is gonna be your ultimate business app and hence it is not wise about training and paying a fresher. And, if you are really concerned about giving a chance to someone new, give a start that is simple. Train and offer a chance when you are absolutely satisfied.

2. Cost
Coming to the charge, nothing is fixed with app development. All that matters is the effort and work put on it. Costs usually vary for each app. A 3D game project would cost expensive, while a cookie cutter app can be relatively cheap. Don’t be too stingy and too lavish. If you have really gotten a developer who is efficient, experienced, and delivers the thing on time, then it’s worth spending few bucks on it. And, as they start working on your project most of the reputable developers will require you to deposit a half of the estimated cost in advance. But, be very keen with those who request a full payment in advance. Also, never fail to review and approve the project, before making the final payment.

3. Chat with their ex-clients
Ask your developer to show up their portfolios and make a chat with a couple of clients, for whom they have worked for previously. You can talk about whether the developer has delivered the project without crossing deadlines and know about the quality of the project. If you’ve picked a smart developer, he would certainly be pleasured to share their references with you.

4. Knowledge in Emerging Technology
Even if you’ve found out an experienced app developer, just ensure whether he is knowledgeable in rising technology. With world running behind latest technology each day, it is important that the app you create meets the requirements of all new platforms. It’s significant for any developer you hire to be informed on changes taking place within mobile app development.

5. Additional services
Along with the requirements you suggest, there are also developers who offer you with some additional services. Look for one such person. Creating promotional materials such as promotional video and launching a specific application on a particular event are a few extra services which they could provide.

6. Non-Technical Skills
In addition to the technical skills, it is also quite important for a developer to exhibit skills like communication, customer focus, work prioritization and delegation.


Now-a-days each company that is online, has got its very own mobile divisions with which they find success to knock their doors. Android apps can be an excellent way to enhance any online business and on hiring an appropriate android app developer, your business can definitely show off some higher grades.


Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


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