7 December, 2023

I Cube 2014 – A warm welcome for the new recruits!!!

Contus, as a part of greeting its new recruits organized iCube workshop on the 17th of May, 2014. In addition to the orientation, the workshop had more of fun-based team building activities, each one tailored with a learning objective, which helped the new bunch to open up and showcase their talents and mingle as well.

The workshop planned by Mr Janakiraman from Infinityfast, and Mr Thiaghu Radhakrishnan VP, HR at Contus, started off with an orientation session following which an avalanche of interactive team building events were triggered.

While addressing the new talents, Mr Thiaghu said, though it is a regular practice in Contus to greet the new recruits through a workshop, we make sure that each and every event is exclusively planned and produces a unique experience for each of its participants.

Contus is a company loaded with tons of opportunities and I hope this workshop will kindle your fire within and help you perform as a team player and take responsibilities as a leader”, he concluded.

19 participants, belonging to various departments were grouped into three different teams and were put to test through a variety of activities planned by Mr Janakiraman which included mentally challenging games like Tower of Hanoi, egg wrapping and physical potential testing challenge like chair balancing.

However the surprising part for the participants was the screening of four short films created by employees of Contus. The films Legiyum, Ippadiku Kathir, Change Over and Samosa were thoroughly enjoyed and were a great time-out for the participants.

Enjoy the fun by having a look at Contus-Corporate Short Films

Finally, at the debriefing fresh Contusians shared their experience and views on taking part in iCube workshop which have been brought to you by us below:

The involvement was constantly on the rise and the frequent shuffling of teams helped us to get familiarized with each and every single participants belonging to various departments. In person I liked the on-the-spot drawing competition which demanded quick thinking and execution.

The paper craft rocket and water-filled balloon event was fun while Tower of Hanoi was completely exciting and made us plan. Though we took time to work out, plan and execute, the pursuit of solving the puzzle made us realize the importance of team cooperation in achieving a target in quick time.

The workshop was a total surprise and the day turned out to be memorable in all sorts. The right blend of activities kept the surprise quotient on the rise throughout. The short films were really enjoyable and my best pick among the challenges is the egg parceling challenge. The event was not only a timeout, but a learning curve as well.

This program continued yet another big day where freshers conducted an interactive session with all Contus people. As a part of this session Ramp Walk and some other mind evoking events were conducted.

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