28 September, 2023

I Cube 2014 – A Freshers Orientation High On Fun And Learning

This team building event held on the 28th of June 2014 marked the third successful edition of Contus’ I Cube workshop, an initiative and welcoming the new talents, which saw more participation’s than its previous edition.This one-day extravaganza, which began on Saturday morning, had 15 new recruits from various departments participating in it. A self introduction session broke the silence of the gathering in which participants were asked to deliver an excerpt of their bio by the facilitator Mr.Janakiraman, following which they had to speak out a couple of truths and a lie in such a way that the lie is misunderstood to be the truth.

After the warming up session, the participants were split into two teams and were put to test in various fun filled team building activities like sequential drawing, tower of Hanoi, paper tower building, pipe bridge construction which saw each of the teams winning in equal shares.

Finally, the freshers were given a pinch of the filmmaking talents of Contusians. Films which featured in the Contus-Corporate Short Films competition namely Samosa, Ippadiku Kathir, Legiyum and Change Over were screened which were thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

As a follow through of this event, a skit was staged by the participants of the workshop to the whole Contus family on the following Friday (4th July, 2014).
Find out what the participants had to say about the event:

We had no idea on what would the event be and will demand from us. To our surprise all the events we took part were thoroughly enjoyable and each one imparted a key learning. I simple words I would say that this event earned me good friends and paved way to establish a healthy relationship with my peers.

A great idea to welcome new recruits! Each event was a new surprise and had the whole bunch of participants excited all the time. The paper tower building and bridge construction helped me realize the importance of adaptive thinking. Tower of Hanoi is my personal best pick among the lot.

The event was totally filled with fun and frolic. It made us plan, think, execute and have loads of fun as well. My best part was the brainstorming session which exerted ideas from each participant. Familiarity among the participants grew alongside the day’s progress. I would like to thank Contus for planning such a great event.

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