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Connect Millions of Students & Teachers Through eLearning Platforms Integrated With Interactive & Virtual Classroom features

Published On January 25th, 2024 148357Communication

Do you know that over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom due to COVID-19 pandemic?

The entire education system is drastically changing from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms. Online education is experiencing a vast spike as ever in history. The sudden shift of physical classrooms, the adoption of eLearning platforms are seen high since the technology advancement and access of digital devices are decently high across the countries.

eLearning platforms integrated with virtual communication features seem to be huge in the market where connecting students and teachers in real-time is the ultimate objective of any elearning platforms. With features like, video conferencing, virtual whiteboard, virtual seminars, and interactive video calling will bring a personalized and classroom-like learning experience to students sitting right from their homes.

Establish a Strong Rapport Between Students and Teachers Virtually

Step into the world of effective communication between the student and the tutor by offering teacher and student communication app structured learning environment through MirrorFly Chat API & SDK.

Real Time Communication for Education

Student to Student Communication

Peer interactions are made easy with education chats no matter where they are geographically put up. Now the students can collaborate with each other and discuss the subject and share the knowledge in a fun and secure platform providers.

Student to Professor

Connect to millions of tutors across the globe and get the most out of the chat apps for all your learning needs. Track the learning progress, record the lessons and get instantly connected to text, group chats or private chat through powerful SDK’s and instant messaging APIs’.

Use Cases of e-learning Website & Apps

Take your learning experience to a whole new level with the help of MirrorFly Chat Platform

API & SDK for Education App

Online Tutoring Providing a user -friendly platform that is tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of the teacher and student in a completely secured end-end encrypted environment. Students can track all their learning progress, transfer the files and connect to the tutor in a one-one chat for a more personalized learning experience.

Virtual Classroom facilitates real-time communication effortlessly by implementing chat app into any mobile (iOS & Android) or web applications.. With the help of the top-tier infrastructure now you can host your classrooms remotely and record the sessions for future references and share the content across multiple students.

Webinars & Events With the help of the advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit, webinars are fast and reliable through cross-platform messaging and calling platform, no matter where the students and tutors are geographically located. Education chat apps provides a win-win solution to both tutor and the student.

Video Conferences With the powerful integration of WebRTC along with the help of audio & video chat API & SDK & the teacher student communication app provides an excellent video streaming quality in high definition standards and reach your global students in a seamless way.

MirrorFly’s Innovative Approach in the Online Education Platform

Right from voice and WebRTC video chat app to the interactive live video call MirrorFly has it all within a secure environment.

Facilitates the Students and Teachers To be on the same page with virtual interactions

Communication is the key when it comes to the online tutoring and that is what exactly MirrorFly IM offers its customers with fast and reliable voice and video chats for students by successfully integrating chat app for online tutoring.

acilitates the Tutor and Student
Group Discussion

Make Every Group Discussion More Efficient and Classroom-feel like Experience

Build a strong team within the student community through powerful Group Chat features that not only help in knowledge sharing but also clarifies doubts and motivate each other.

Reliable Authorization Techniques To Protect the Integrity of Online Classes

Security comes first in MirrorFly solution which successfully integrates the chat app for online tutoring where the powerful end to end encryption and the highly secured 256 bit SSL model keeps the internet hackers and security crackers at bay.

256 bit SSL
Boost Up the Learning Curve

Boost Up the Learning Curve With Virtual Whiteboard TechnologiesUsers can take complete control of the system by not only sharing the screens but also able to add text or diagram which helps the tutors and students to collaborate in a better way.

e-Learning is the Next New Face of Education System:

Explore here to know more how the interactive features will keep the eLEarning platforms in the loop during this pandemic. With multiple virtual communication features, eLearning platforms can leverage learning and teaching experience to students and teachers.

Impeccable Features Which Make MirrorFly to Stand Out From its Competitors

Customizable options for online tutoring enables students to get trained in a versatile environment and increase productivity to a greater extent.

  1. Virtual Classroom Broadcasts : With effective audio/video streaming method which supports cross- VOD platform functionality paves the way to a dynamic learning space that facilitates both tutors and students.
  2. One-to-One & Group Video Chat : Experience High definition video chats whether it is a one on one video chat or group chats. The salient in-built technologies WebRTC and VOIP can be integrated into any mobile applications without any hindrance.
  3. Collaborative Whiteboard : Now students can get a classroom-like experience virtually with the help of collaborative whiteboard which is touch-friendly and allows the students and teachers to easily collaborate, draws sketches, edit content through smartphones, laptops or desktops and share among them by collaborative e-learning platform for students and teachers.
  4. Live Training : Instructor-led training is possible by the live streaming method with a sleek communication channel without any interruptions
  5. Screen Sharing : Online tutoring chat apps provides a visual representation of the subject through screen sharing, students can now understand the concept in a quick and better way.
  6. Archiving & Annotation : Chat history is one of the inevitable features that is offered by MirrorFly Instant messaging where the students can retrieve any important information anytime.
  7. Audio & Video Recording: Each student learns at his own pace. Thus MirrorFly facilitates the needs of every student by providing them with a video recording feature that can be used for future references.
  8. File Sharing: Content sharing can be done instantly with the help of the file-sharing feature. Now the students can transfer the powerpoint presentation or documents without any hassle irrespective of its size or format.
  9. Chat Admins: Get the maximum privilege where the chat admins can modify the access permissions to any member in the group or individual, enable or disable file uploads and has the ability to manage all chat rooms and view the histories of chats and shared files in the group chats.
  10. Push Notification: The in-app messaging provide push notifications which help to connect the students and tutors 24/7. With these push notification facility, it sends alerts to the students about the upcoming classes, any discounts or offers for the online courses anytime . It also helps to notify when a student or tutor is online. However, these features are completely customizable where the student can limit the number of alerts they like to receive per day.
  11. Virtual Whiteboard Teaching:MirrorFly comes with a real-time and interactive whiteboard feature that helps teachers and professionals to demonstrate problematic questions just by writing and drawing virtually. This gives physical classroom-like learning experience to students.
  12. Seminar Hosting:With unlimited video conferencing technology, teachers can host discussions, seminars and online training with multiple number of participants up to 100 by default and has capacity to limit up to 1000 participants in VOD hosting.
  13. Live Streaming & Broadcasting:The live VOD streaming technology helps to stream live online classes to thousands of students at the same time within any specific groups or channels consisting of 10,000+ students. Broadcasting gives additional add-on value to teachers to telecast recorded training, class sessions to any specific grades of students.

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Get a Multi-layered Secured Environment

All the education chat messages are encrypted in a highly secured network. Rest be assured with MirrorFly in-app messaging

chat security

End-to-end Encryption: Being proactive is one of the main USP’s when it comes to the chat security system. Experience multiple layered security with an end to end protection where every single chat conversation is protected. It also ensures only authorized users to get access to the in-app messaging platforms.

SSL Encryption: A secured network channel is crucial from any unwanted intruders or hackers penetrating into the traffic. Hence SSL encryption provides a dedicated channel between the client and the web server and prevents any malicious activities.

AES 256 Encryption: MirrorFly includes an advanced encryption standard model which uses 256-bit SSL with a special algorithm to protect the in-app chats and facilitates an extra protection layer making it more robust and reliable.

Robust Authorization: The entire chat app for online tutoring right from the chat logs and the call records are safely has a back-up for future reference. The solid security model provides a secure environment to the users every time they log in to the chat application.

Practical Monetization Techniques to Increase the Revenue

Convert all your users into accountable customers through easy video monetization platform strategy methods with the help of these teacher-student communication app.

Role-Based Access Control: Role-based access control is one of the methods which prevents unwanted access to users from accessing any information which is not relevant to them. Role-based access also makes the sensitive details like account information restricted to the admin roles or any authorized users.

Credit Deduction

One of the quickest ways to monetize your in-app messaging application is making the user buy credits in order for them to use the chat app features like Video, Audio, Whiteboard,Screen share or any other feature.

Custom Advertisement

Now students can get the custom ads in their app where they get ads on any deals like combo package offers or ads related to new class enrollments based on their favourite subject and so on.

Chat app for online education


Alex Sam is a mobility, IoT & chat app specialist and I would like to spend most of my time in reading and analyzing the latest happenings in the technology and how they fit into our daily lives. I always endeavor to identify more ideas and concepts, and develop user-friendly apps through leveraging technology.


  1. Coel Wilson says:

    Dear Admin,

    We are looking for a solution for our students and teachers that allow secure communication strictly between teachers and students.

    Coel Wilson

  2. Dilipan says:

    I want mobile app for online Engliah tutoring business with video chat like cambly app. Is this possible to integrate your inapp chat into our online tutoring website.


  3. Kaushik says:


    I am opening online tutoring business as a startup, The online tutoring will run over the app and am looking for an app with specification(ios & android application) :

    1- 100% customizable design
    2- white label which I can use my business name
    3- Minimum of 1 you’re video call on each call
    4- User management at least 2
    5- Calendar integration
    6- Video encryption
    7- Browser support (optional )
    8- Android sported
    9- Video recording
    10- 100 participants as startup with support of more in future .
    11- One time authentication option
    12- Secure message and data 13-supports different scream size

    Am waiting for quick response from your end. (Its an urgent requirements)


  4. Archana says:

    Thanks for sharing a valuable details of how to integrate in-app chat into online education website. Looking that content details also good.That content explained about more details like,
    1. Multiple use cases
    2. Important application features
    3. High-level Security
    4. Monetization models
    Am waiting more similar content. Keep it up!


  5. Strashinskij says:

    Hello Admin,

    Hi we would like to deploy a solution for our client in the Educational sector, where they would like to have virtual classrooms, video calling and messaging. We would therefore like to integrate your API or SDK in our application.

    Can you please give us your one time cost?

  6. Raja says:

    We are making online platform that is technically similar to online tutoring, where entrepreneurs and business experts will educate and mentor others. We are looking for api/sdk solutions for video & audio calls, online chats to create and MVP.

    Could you please share your pricing?

  7. Mukul says:

    Hi Contus,
    Hi, We are building an educational platform and considering using your video conferencing service Our service is going to provided from UAE, As we know some video and audio services are not working in UAE due to some regulations maybe So the question is, does your video and audio service work in UAE and Saudia Arabia reliably?


  8. Asih bryan says:

    This is perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks for the sharing.I like this online tutoring solution. This solution reduce gap between teachers and professors and distribute the education documents with your students with full control. Students can study online and clarify the doubts within the tool. Its a powerful software all kinds online education websites. Its my personal recommendation.

  9. Dheiva says:


    Today technology has gradually revolutionised and the most of the tutorial website teaching their students via online. This post has explained a lot of details about how to integrate this api into existing website and application and What technologies are using to build conferencing app.

    But could you explained what kinds of features have on your product & how much cost.


  10. Omkar Dounde says:

    Dear Admin,
    We are interested in integrating video calling so that our users can create virtual events with an average of 30 participants, lasting an average of one hour.

    Could you please tell me more about whether this is possible across iOS, Android and web, and what the pricing would be.

    Omkar Dounde

  11. Mohmed Shafi says:

    We are in the process of building a scheduling application in the education sector. We would like to add the functionality of video chat between users to users, conferencing and this seems to fit what we are looking for!

  12. Parveen Mittal says:

    Dear Admin,
    We are looking to build a chat app for mobile and web to use in education and not for profit organisations. Before we start the conversation, I would like to clarify my question.

    1. How much cost to build an online education chat app?
    2. Is this support low latency network?
    3. Can I integrate our existing iOS, Android & Web?
    4. Is End-to-end encryption. What is it and how does it work?

    Please send the brief details to this mail id:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Parveen Mittal

  13. Yogendra says:


    I am very like this solution of adding real time chat to my education training institute. I can see something like this working for non profits. How can this work in a corporate environment?

  14. prakash says:

    We are a K-12 EduTech Organisation based out of India and we were looking forward to integrate MirrorFLy Video API with our LMS(which is subscribed by schools in India and UAE) for hosting Live Lectures. It would be of great help if you could share price quote for API Plan offering.

  15. Avi Mayer says:

    Dear Admin,
    1-1 video education session and file sharing , desktop sharing – all such things integrated in one platform

  16. Saurabh says:

    I am looking to build an international web app that would allow to have multiple group video calls (up to 7 participants in each group). does your api support that? what would be the pricing for that?

    Thank you.

  17. Deepthi says:

    Creating an app for children to communicate with each other, including games. I would like to check your options and possibilities.

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Mehdi Hussen says:


    I am checking out your platform and could not find some answers about your platform and your infrastructure. Maybe you can help?

    Our use case:

    P2P between two parties video calls via web interface.

    Low latency and high audio quality are the most important for us.

    First off, do you supply a JavaScript SDK for accomplishing that with your backend?

    If you do, here are some more questions. Does the SDK try to reconnect after network outages and is that configurable (i.e. number of retries or timeout lengths)?

    Can we force a certain audio codec and bitrate (we are interested in 48kHz 128kbitps stereo opus)?
    Is there a list of locations of your TURN servers?

    As we care about latency and sometimes true P2P is impossible, it would be very nice to have TURN servers in the countries where we operate (various countries in Europe).

    If the bandwidth is limited, can we force audio quality to remain as high as possible and degrade video quality instead to reduce network load?

    Does the SDK allow gathering stats on current bitrates and codecs in use?

    What video codecs are supported? Can we have video call where one party sends only audio?


  19. Naveenn Naidu says:


    We have a tutoring app that allows parents to book appointments with tutors/teachers. We’d like to allow virtual video call to take place at the time of an appointment if the appointment has been set up that way. I only need the functionality of video calling triggered directly from a confirmed booking appointment event. Im inquiring for how much cost about this.

  20. Raju Shahi says:


    I am the founder of an EdTech startup,*******.com. We are in the active development stage and been researching on a Voice and Video integration service. After carefully going through your website, I think Mirrorfly could be a best fit for our requirements. I would like to talk to an expert from your team on this regard. Looking forward to talking to you.

  21. Alka Yadav says:

    Basically what we are trying to achieve here is a classroom-like experience, where an Instructor will have a video chat with multiple Students. What we need is for the Instructor to be able to view/hear all Students simultaneously, and for the Students to only be able to view/hear the Instructor.

  22. Eric Moore says:

    Basically what we are trying to achieve here is a classroom-like experience, where an Instructor will have a video chat with multiple Students. What we need is for the Instructor to be able to view/hear all Students simultaneously, and for the Students to only be able to view/hear the Instructor.

  23. Natasha Miranda says:

    Hi, can your system be used for teaching? can it be integrated with wordpress? how much does it cost?

  24. Ishant Fulmali says:

    My basic end goal of using MirrorFLY is to connect students with teacher or tutors via online platform to help them with there daily school work. My goal is to make the interaction between students and teacher/tutor interactive, seamless and technology driven. This would be a brand new start up and I wanted to get a feel of how the process will run. In the beginning, we are expecting 10- 20 student a week per week, up to 2 hours per student. You can give up shout via email or my cell at 360-000-0000. Thanks for all your help.


  25. Bhuvan says:

    I’m looking for a sdk for group and private messaging for a school project! Please let me know what you guys can do, I am currently a sophomore studying engineering.

  26. Rathika says:

    I am searching a video call android app for teacher and Student online teaching. If you have this type of solution Please provide me. I am waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks

  27. Satyjit says:

    We are looking for a service to integrate video call facility in our web application. Its an education portal **********.com

  28. Hannah Miller says:

    I am searching a video call android app for teacher and Student online teaching. If you have this type of solution Please provide me. I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  29. Anurag says:

    Im a developer looking for video calling SDKs to build an education platform. I have a few questions regarding MirrorFly video call solution. 1. What’s the difference between video conferencing and broadcasting? 2. My use case is 1 video call, and 20 participants with voice only. How can MirrorFly help with my use case? 3. May I know the pricing for Voice, Video and Chat SDK?


  30. Ronak says:

    Hi there,
    We looking for the solution virtual classroom with video/audio and chat. thank you

  31. Mehdi says:

    we are interested in working with mirrorfly, we need an application that will be used for education. Please inform the concept of cooperation offered by mirror fly.
    Thank You

  32. Deepanshu says:

    Hi Mirror Fly Team,
    I am the product owner for a startup developing an online education service. Our aim is to be able to offer hosting of 1 to 1 and 1 to many;
    Video/Audio calls with additional education tools. We have chosen WebRTC as the right technology to support us. I came across your streaming product today and it seems to have potential.

    I’m keen on exploring the functionality further and will be discussing it with my technical team members tomorrow. We are also looking at other options in the market and seeking to establish a long term technology partnership in this area. In the mean time I would like to start exploring the commercials and understand how you may be able to support us in getting our product to market.

    Deepanshu 0000006007

  33. Chitra Thapa says:

    I am interested in integrating your video chat SDK to our online education platform. I would like to see the cost details and some demo how easy to integrate with it.

  34. Rupali Sharma says:

    We are an Edtech startup looking for a complete Video conference and chat tool to help us provide live lectures to our students. We would like to know the pricing, and user limits per host.

  35. Anurakta says:

    i would like to use your services to develop online class application for ios, android & web. please tell me what will be the commercial for that

  36. Dhineshbabu says:

    I am looking to build an app where Tutors and Students can meet, and I wanted to know if Mirrorfly could offer me all the communication services for the app. I was hoping to have a set up where the tutor shares their screen while on a call with a student, similar to Skype for business. I would also like to inquire about the pricing of your services.

  37. Nadeem says:

    We are an E-Learning startup company in India and have our learning apps. Now we want to integrate the web conferencing & screen sharing solution in our app. can you help us?

  38. Sumit says:

    I need to understand the pricing. We are a school with about 500 students. So 1 host (teacher) and multi clients.

  39. Manuf says:

    We are an education-based software company in Melbourne, Australia. Our software development office is in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Right now our main service which is an eLearning platform is getting developed. We already got the accreditation from some education bodies such as ACCA & CIMA etc. With the current economic and general condition of the world we need to finalise the development as soon as possible.

    Therefore we are developing and publishing our web app first then, later on, looking into mobile applications. For this eLearning platform, we would like to add your video API solution. We want to add a WEB RTC solution for the web application. What we need generally are Audio/Video communication between our education provider and One to One student One to Many students Screen sharing of the host (education provider) Data Sharing (Files/images) Chatting Mute capabilities and hands up and ask question capabilities to attendees (students) Recording of the session and delivering to our servers or host it in your server and playback of these sessions. Scratchpad Security and compliances End to end assistance Our development is done in C# and our web app is hosted in Microsoft Azure servers. The information we look from you are Given our requirement will you be able to cater? The number of users that can be hosted at a given time? Video/voice communication quality? Pricing? Server hosting and locations or hosting in our servers? End to End development assistance, as I stated above given the current condition we need to finalise the development as soon as possible.

    Let us know.

  40. Vishal Singh says:

    We are planning to launch a app for our Staff., Teaches ,Students parents to communicate with each other with advance access control for all users .

  41. Aniket Shinde says:

    Looking for integration of your api into our web platform which is based on education Industry.

  42. Apurba says:

    I need to embed video meeting feature to my education website,For that i need support for sdk integration

  43. nmklpiuytr says:

    Business requirement is not finalised yet. Base idea is live online course delivery for any course. Ex. digital class room. It can be either one to one or group video call. Initial platform will be on Android and later iOS and Web. I want to know the price structure for using Mirrorfly SDK.

  44. Kushlendra says:

    I like to integrate your live streaming api in my web based education erp software to provide live classrooms. Please let me know the details and pricing. Thank you

  45. Pathi says:

    I am building a platform for schools and colleges and want to add a video conference option asap. We have just launched our first version and looking for a customer to pilot the project. We would like to bring a cost effective virtual classes feature which is a burning need of the day. Please let us know if we can use Mirrorfly and you have any plans for Ed-tech startups.

  46. Pathi says:

    Hi, We are looking for conducting online classes and looking for a solution. We are expecting to conduct 8 classes per day of duration 45 minutes each class. Kindly let us know the cost and how mirror fly works.

  47. Sujai dev reddy says:

    We are into Virtual Exhibition Organising business. We are looking for a Video Conferencing, Peer-to-Peer calling & Multiple Chat API

  48. Neha Tyagi says:

    Hi there,
    Looking to integrate both peer to peer and group video chats into an application that is on Android, IoS and Web built on Django. We are in teaching via online with secure communication, encryption and data-protection compliance are vitally important to us. Your service looks like it could be up to the task, I just wanted to confirm compatability with our requirements. Thanks for your time,

  49. suresh says:

    PS is developing an online E-learning market place for students to connect with tutors/instructors to schedule and take online classes (1 on 1 and group webinars). This platform also allows instructors to host live streaming events for students to participate. The platform must support video calling, chat and messaging, conferencing and interactive broadcasting.

  50. jay says:

    Hi, I’m interested in establishing a web-based chat channel that would allow charities to reach vulnerable people isolated during Covid-19. It would need to have secure channels for each individual, to protect privacy and security. This could be through individual passwords to access 1:1 chats or other methods. It would need to be embedded into a website. Is all this possible with Mirror Fly, and what are your rates? Best wishes, Jay

  51. Kulmohan Singh says:

    The truly informative article you’ve shared here. The education sector is changing. With the adoption of technology by the people, every business should use technology in their business which helps them to provide better services to their customers or clients. In the education sector, Education mobile app development is the best way to reach out to the maximum of people and provide a better experience. With the app, people can learn whenever or wherever they want which improved customer retention.

  52. Mohamed says:

    We are a small team of web developers and we have a client who is a teacher and need an elearning platform for his students.. where he can upload recorded lectures and students get to watch them on our website after paying him a monthly fee.. How can your MirrorFly Elearning solution help us achieve this and at what cost? Thanks

  53. ahmedkhan says:

    We are launching Eudcation platform on data in the month of dec 2020, where 3 types of stackholders come on platform and require options to interact with each other by Chat, Voice and Video calls. We have already explored one vendor from US. We want to explore one more option hence writing this message to understand price points from mirrofly. Request you to get in touch asap.

  54. Anton says:

    Hello! We a re making a tech mentoring platform and looking for a chat SDK that can be integrated to our profiles where mentors and mentees can message, share files and book 1-hour video calls Would love to have a call to discuss possible integration

  55. sudil says:

    Online coding learning platform. Traditional requirements of an LMS. video calling facility
    Hello there, i want know your pricing for my education platform. I want to upgrade my website into online learning platform, with integration of audio, video and whiteboard. kindly please could you provide me your price list for it. thank you Sudil

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