22 September, 2023
Manual vs Automation App Testing

Manual vs. Automation: Why the Big Push to Test Automation?

Most often you might wonder why automation app testing! Every software developed even after a best manual testing process isn’t free from defects during delivery, and it’s the testers striving hard to fix them to ensure bug-free delivery. To accomplish this we should carefully impersonate an end user by using various inputs, scenarios and compare them with expected behaviors. Increase in complexity of app leads to increase in efforts too. However, for a human sitting in front of a computer for hours this is not possible; if so, is there any alternate solution? Of course, you do have one: Automation application Testing.

Manual vs. Automation Application Testing – An Overview:

Before, getting started with why Test Automation is widely favored by world class testers all over the globe, I would like to shine a light on why testers prefer automation testing. One can’t say manual testing is unworthy but when it comes to shortening the process of testing without hindering the accuracy and bug-free results, automation testing will be the best fit over manual process.

Here I’ve compiled some concrete reasons why automation is tester’s favorite down below. Join the discussion and eventually at the end of the post you’d realize why it automation is the best choice.

 Why the big push to app test automation?

Saves organization’s time and money:

Above all, automation testing helps organizations save money and time which is quintessence for any business.

For instance, consider a project where small changes are made in development. Under such situations testing should be repeated during the development process to ensure quality. Even for a minor change the entire process should be carried out in all hardware configurations and supported operating systems. Manually repeating these tests after each change is highly impossible and it may lead to new bugs.

However, with automation process, the time consumed is completely reduced and it saves a great deal of company’s cost.

Produces accurate results:

Is Automation more accurate than manual app testing? Definitely yes! Even a best testing resource may make mistakes due to monotonous manual testing. But automated app tests perform the same step with same precision each and every time testing is done.

Increases test coverage:

How automation increases test coverage? Consider a set of test cases to be run in different hardware configurations. We know that Automation can run complex tests unattended. Thus, thousands of complex test cases can be run on multiple computers with different configurations at the same time which is not possible in manual testing.

Offers re-usability:

Is re-usability important? Yes! Consider two or more projects with sign in feature; then automation tests once created can be re-used instead of starting the testing process from scratch every time. Thus helps in meeting project deadlines on-time.


Once created the same tests can be repeated again thus making it possible to conduct automation tests after each and every change done to the product, irrespective of the size of change done; it may even be a small change.

Makes impossible in manual testing possible:

While testing a web application testing its load and performance ability is important. At such times simulating thousands of users is not possible in manual testing but in automation tens, hundreds and thousands of virtual users can be simulated. Not only users but also different network conditions like 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi bandwidths can also be simulated.

Final impression:

From the above points, it is evident that Test Automation leads to improved quality and on-time delivery of a product i. e., Test Automation is directly proportional to quality and on-time delivery of a product.

If you find any other interesting differentiation factor between these two testing strategies please include via comments.

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