22 September, 2023

Contus First Corporate Video Launched

Video speaks larger and better than words.   The purpose behind the preparation and launch of this video is to help our existing and potential customers to understand us better and to give a clear perception as to our processes and goals giving a personal touch.   During the making of this video, we were conscious about the “branding” aspect and this helped us to model the video to give an impression about the higher level of brand of our organization as a whole.

One of the most repeated questions from our clients abroad was – “Can I see your office and team somehow?” This is very well understood since most of our clients don’t get any opportunities to see (visually) the way how we operate.  This video allows them to get a quick preview of how we operate, what are our processes are and our primary goals.

We hope this video absolutely solves our purpose and conveys with clarity of all that we wanted to share with our clients and employees. Another special fact about Contus Support Corporate Video 2011 is that it was Directed by Prashanth. R,  employee of Contus Support. His passion for film making is really amazing, and he is an aspiring director.  We appreciate him warmly for his efforts and hope that making of the Contus Support Corporate Video would have been a great experience for him.

Am passionate about entrepreneurship, start-ups and mobile technologies. So, I co-founded Contus in 2008 along with my friends to live my dream.


  1. Jay Reply

    Great work! Keep it up. May be we should slow down the product scroller and also list all in one screen.


  2. Mouli Reply

    Hi Bala,

    It was a nice video which covers about your organization and the services that you are providing to your customers. You guys have put lots of efforts to come to this place and I am impressed of all the hard work. Keep it up !


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