22 September, 2023
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10 Reasons How Outsourcing Software Development Helps Your Business

“My Business is slowly beginning to function back. How to meet new delivery deadlines? Should I hire more in-house resources or should I expand my existing team in a new vertical? What is the solution? Why do companies outsource software development? Some of the common questions popping in the minds of business owners.”

Product-based businesses are in a compulsion to transit their services digitally due to the outbreak of the pandemic. COVID-19 is the prime reason why many companies asked employees to work from home and began to operate remotely incorporating digital technologies.

The Internet era with digitization, the seamless integration of technology, enabled businesses to operate. Several product-based companies invest time, energy, efforts and resources to develop a product. When their core is to build a product, diverting the resources for developing service tools is a mere waste of total efforts. The best possible solution to adapt is “OUTSOURCING”.

Software Development Outsourcing – The Approach & Strategy:

A thoughtful step by most non-technology and technology-oriented companies that helps them reduce the thrust on the internal teams, and enable them to focus more on the core work.
Many companies think about outsourcing to save time and cost. In most cases, exposure to a larger talent pool and access to more skilled professionals, the outcomes of outsourcing is numerous.

At a strategic point, companies think about outsourcing to allow their in-house team to strengthen and concentrate on their core business.

Why Should You Choose Outsourcing?

The advent of technologies like RPA, Artificial Intelligence, many companies are collaborating with the Outsource and Shared Service(OSS) Industry to get development assistance.
A recent survey by Statista depicts the global outsourcing market’s net worth was $92.5 million in 2019. Also, the outsourcing market size of the US in 2020 is $132.9 billion expecting 1.6% before the end of 2020. While in the middle east, the outsourcing market will reach an increase of $6.8 billion by 2023, reports by Deloitte.

Advancement in cyber securities, the cloud market, for sure Software outsourcing is going to bloom. Now let us understand why outsourcing software development will help you save 2X production cost.

10 Reasons that imply software development outsourcing benefits your business & save 2X cost

The direct benefit of outsourcing software development is cost-effectiveness and time-saving. Do these two reasons justify outsourcing? Well, there are several advantages to outsource software development. We have listed ten main reasons that would help you in deciding better.

1. Value your Core Business More

Value your Core Business More

To effectively utilize the evolving technology, and innovations outsource software development to a third-party service. It ensures the business growth, allows your in-house teams to concentrate more on the functional key roles essential in the core business. In a product or service-based business, the product or service is the essence of business.

Successful businesses understood the need for outsourcing and have invested in rightly. Outsourcing lends your business process to enjoy and fulfil the quality end products.

2. Get access to a broader talent pool

Get access to a broader talent pool

When you zero-in to outsource, you can reach the best talent pool irrespective of the geographic location. You can arrive at the best outsourcing partner by considering the criteria such as professionalism, team size, and skill set. With data like a company’s portfolio, reviews by customers and clientele you will be in a position to choose the perfect team.

3. Possibility to Hire the best-in-class experienced Professionals

Possibility to Hire the best-in-class experienced Professionals

As outsourcing is for getting better-developed software, no doubt about getting better outcomes. While outsourcing to specialists in a particular field, you have the access to the world’s best-in-class, intelligent and experienced professionals who will craft your project with cutting edge technologies.

For software as a product launch, you need coders for product and DevOps. An outsourcing company usually has a pool of resources including UI/UX designers, Analysts, Copywriters, Testers, QA Engineers and more. Outsourcing to experts saves time!

4. Advanced Technologies fall in place with the right skillset

Advanced Technologies fall in place with the right skillset

Speaking about the latest technology agile, and lean methodologies are no new but most needed for any product-oriented development. With many latest tools and techniques involved in software development, outsourcing will ensure all the DevOps and Development abide by the latest technology and will have professionals to deliver the same.

5. Move towards a Strategy-Driven approach

Move towards a Strategy-Driven approach

Concentrate on your core and focus on strategies that drive your business. Outsourcing software development helps you to create a better process pipeline, ensuring a smooth run of the process without any intervention.

6. Minimize risks with an improved & assured Compliance

Minimize risks with an improved & assured Compliance

Getting deliverables on time is a risky business. When you outsource, you ensure yourself from such risks by signing an agreement contract with the outsourcing agency. Also, hiring talents will be done by the outsourcing company and thereby accessing talent from worldwide is easy, and without any legal compliance.

7.Scale on-the-go

Scale on-the-go

“Where there is a need, demand arises”. When a project reaches a saturation hub, it may either grow or downsize. In such an in-prompt situation, thinking about expanding the in-house team is not advisable. If you have outsourced for development, it is better to scale-up the team through outsourcing.

8. Managed teams and effective Communication

Managed teams and effective Communication

The outsourcing companies will have in hand all the necessary collaboration tools like Slack, GitHub, Asana, and Jira and would have a workspace setup with predefined roles, responsibilities, and coordination all in advance. Outsourcing development allows you to stop worrying about every single task you get consolidated updates through the agency.

9. Best Resource at a reduced operational cost

Best Resource at a reduced operational cost

Startups and small, medium-sized businesses may not have required in-house talents. Outsourcing will help enterprises save in hiring, managing, infrastructure installation, and technical equipping cost. Outsourcing Software developments for Startups is a safe approach that will help them save up to 2X on operational cost.

10. Time-Saving and Comfortness

Time-Saving and Comfortness

In today’s business world, saving time is valued equivalent to saving a penny. By outsourcing the project and hiring remote developers, micromanagement is no more a need. Project Manager will be one point of contact from the agency and your company, ensuring all tasks go as per schedule. The outsourcing company will monitor support and maintenance. So, you save ample time! You give the details, and your software will be ready all in a comforting way.

Outsource Software Development Services and gain more!

Outsourcing software development allows you to enjoy benefits like cost and time saving with enriched development output. Additionally, it enables your business to focus on strategy, address the core functionalities and progress.

The future with robust technology evolution is a definite challenge, to meet the challenge and to succeed in your business, outsourcing software development projects is the only solution.

Start today, choose CONTUS DigitalTeams for your remote team requirement and reach your business goal successfully during the COVID-19 times. Stay Safe, Outsource development and gain more benefits.

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