3 October, 2023

Skills to Improvise in 2013 – Exclusive for Developers

Maybe I am writing this year’s opening blogs in favor to web developers! Following my previous blog which was written about 10 Google based tools for web developers, this post is effusively centering on the 10 skill sets a developer needs to possess in order to augment a better career in 2013.

A year back, it was the mobile development industry to have expected a great rise, which was then eventually made up by tablets, particularly the android tablets that impelled the market to greater heights. Reviewing the development strategies in 2013, I observe that the factors in this list needs to change just a little bit. Ruby and Python are only new and it is not a must that every developer needs to learn them all. There are certainly few alternative career paths to choose among. Both web and mobile app development have also laid their path successful (as always) throughout the entire year.

Technological changes and trends most probably happen once in a year and almost every industry is evidencing it. Mobile and web development is never an exception for this and these are the industries which consider a year’s growth too long since their growth enhancements are witnessed in months and days. While the development trends emerged in 2012 are creating drifts, listed below are some of the must-know technologies for the year 2013.

1. HTML5
HTML – the all time favorite language of most developers. It was with the release of IE 10, HTML5 was pulling over the major attraction of users. HTML5 is now-a-days well preferred to head on with the next generation of applications. Most of the mobile devices these days have got amazing support for HTML5 and hence it is a better way to enter into mobile development.

2. Mobile Development / Mobile App Development
If you’re really looking for a time to learn mobile development, then this can be apt time for it. A recent report says that the sale of android devices surpassed the PC shipments in the third quarter of 2012. Take concern on the other giants like iPhone, iPads and RIM devices. If you are a developer who is making out software that runs only on PCs, now is the time to look over mobile devices and learn mobile development. While it is the mobile development industry to boom out like anything, on the other end is its infant industry – mobile app development to flourish out for a couple of years that follow.

3. Windows 8
Windows 8 is getting on an amazing start up and is sure to shine out well in the app store by chasing out its competitors. The advantages of Windows 8 are immense and this is one prominent reason why its apps are working great. Though Windows 8 sales have disappointed last year, the current app sales count of Windows 8 are showing the future result.

4. jQuery
If you are about to do any kind of web development, then HTML and jQuery is a must-known skill one should exhibit. Being developers, everyone knows the importance of jQuery and the role they play in development. Hence, I need not have to explain the reason why to add them on your skill sets.

5. Unit testing
This is a testing methodology which is considered to be a best practice in the industry. With the rising usage of dynamic languages, it has become more prevalent and important in using unit testing. There are a plenty of tools and frameworks available for unit testing. If you aren’t aware of how to perform unit testing, then is the apt time to learn.

6. JavaScript
Java Script is not just a web-only language and it is something beyond that. JavaScript is friendly component for native desktop and tablet development. XAML + C# or VB.NET may be a good way for you to get things done. However, if you want to maximize what you can get out of your knowledge, HTML5 and JavaScript are the best bet.

7. Python / Ruby
When it comes to dynamic language, lots of contradictions occur among various projects and not all projects are gone great. If it was PHP the previous years, it must be probably the Python and Ruby this year and years to come. Several debates and arguments have finally concluded up in favors to Python and Ruby as two absolute platforms for web development. You can hopefully add these languages to your existing skill set and learning python and ruby will sure be a solution to exhibit certain projects in a successful manner.

8. User experience
Creating a great user experience is quite difficult and the need to enhance this approach becomes significant every year. Many applications are differentiated on a feature basis, which in turn is based on the experiences users had on it. With poor user experiences, expecting a good business is an utter waste.

9. NoSQL
NoSQL suits well for relational databases schema but this sort of approach cannot be much appropriate for every project. For the past few years, a plenty of NoSQL database systems are being seen and people are using them even if they are not the best tool. One best thing with NoSQL is there is no technical limitation in their usage. If this is the case, will this be beneficial for every project or will they be replacing all traditional databases? Of course yes! This could greatly help certain projects and developers in some way.

10. REST
If SOAP on one end is easy and convenient to work with, on the other hand it is the REST which is booming out slowly. Microsoft is also beginning to integrate REST with OData. Even if you are running your applications in isolation it is not easy to hold up without having enough knowledge on REST.

By building the above mentioned skill sets on you, it is easy to stand out as a web developer. Things keep changing every year and hence it’s wiser that you also purse that way. Stay ahead of the trends by enhancing and updating your skills every now and then!

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


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