Techniques to Monetize Content With A Personalized Video Membership Channel

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You must have been familiar with the term “membership channel” as a content creator.. Websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo are major examples which represent the key usage of membership channels, isn’t it! 

Largely, they are a source or serve to be a key in maximizing profitability and keeping your customers timely engaged..

Well, for initial businesses or starters, a membership platform proves to be one of the best ways to earn and form an online business. So, if you’re wondering how this works or run a successful video business, you’ve come to the right place..

But, where do you begin with things ?

Right from finding a suitable platform, figuring out pricing plans to create a video membership channel might be litte ambiguous to understand!

Luckily for you, we’ve created a guide by which you can get a support to launch a successful video membership channel in a unified platform.. In that we’ll cover: 

  • A Step-by-Step Process to Make A Video Membership Channel
  • Why Should you have a channel based on video subscription and 
  • How to create a professional-grade video membership channel of your choice

So, shall we get started? 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building A Video Membership Channel 

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of memberships, here is how to set up a video membership website:

Step 1: Pick the right channel-building strategy for yourself 

When it comes to building your content in a self-owned channel you’ll explore 2 options:

  • Sign up in a video-native website which manages your content in a centralized space 
  • Leverage independent monetization platform without hiring developers to build one

1) Utilize a video-native website via an online membership-based solution 

steps to build video membership channel

Streamline your content via a video membership platform where you can build a subscription-based channel without any single line of coding. This time-friendly option can help you to manage your entire library under a branded membership website and keep earning recurrently. 

Moreover, setting up a video membership channel in a unified platform can help you: 

  • Stream your personalized videos under a secure online platform 
  • Delve on every insight of your channel performance details offered
  • Monetize with flexible membership-based revenue models anytime 
  • Utilize a built-in payment gateway (such as Stripe or Paypal) to accept credit cards
  • Facilitate with varied membership levels via multiple revenue-generating plans 
  • As a whole, build online engaging community pertaining to your industry niche

Further, if you’re interested, you can find out comparitive features of other membership platforms and get to know why you need to launch your own defined channel in it!

2) Collaborate in an independent monetization platform without any need to set up entire platform via technical expertise 

Not every one gets the cash to spend or some months to spare in order to build a tailor-made website.  The most expensive site-building method is not feasible to content creators or influencers because it takes to shape a unique product right from the scratch. Therefore, looking into financial aspects it doesn’t serve the purpose.

Plus, you might also have to look into the maintenance of the membership platform.. There might be a case where you’ll need a developer or retainer to fix any sort of bugs for making sure the website is guarded with security. This might consume lot of time in your business!  

 Now, if you have the time but lack the funds, you might be able to use this next alternative.

Step 2: Upload your pre-existing video content

Once you’ve build your membership channel, you can upload as many number of video content that you want to. The process of uploading the videos depend on what method you would choose. 

  • Drag and drop option: All that may have to look into is dragging and dropping videos into the ‘content’ area in the centralized dashboard. You can sync them with your Dropbox account for you to upload directly from there. 
  • If you plan to build your own site: Say in a case if you’re using a WordPress website, you’ll definitely need to ponder over hosting and organizing your content using a plugin from WordPress. 

At the initial stage, uploading the existing videos is the prime thing. After that, you’ll have to think about your entire process on how to add latest content regularly and how can your users navigate throughout the videos in the online library.  

Step 3: Plan your content to optimize the overall UX

With reference to your videos that you have uploaded, it’s time to keep your content catlog in an organized manner. This means categorizing as well as showcasing your content in an optimized way can help you to boost sales, engability and enhance overall viewing experience. 

That’s why you’ll have to make sure that your catlog of assets are appealing, optimized as well as comprehensive to use. Remember, that your videos are good, only till the customer’s ability is more to find them. And that makes their browsing experience easy as well as engaging for them which will apparently increase customer retention.   

There are many ways by which you can keep your entire content library organized and make it presentable. 

Other than ensuring with individual content which align your entire hub of video collections, you can also gain with: 

  • Categories: At the initial stage of content assembling, the key segments or categories that are divided into varied genres will fit your videos in a planned manner. 
  • Tailor-made filters: At the second level of organized repository, it helps viewers to fetch content at a much more faster pace. Let’s say for instance, if you have been creating a movie-based video subscription platform, your filters can be based on types of movie content, artist name, or year of movie arrival, etc. 
  • Collective pieces: Let’s take a case of group or series of packed videos which can be viewed by your audience consecutively. If you are a cooking expert and are specialized in specific category, you can have 5-mintue quick snack recipes for kids which can consist 5+ videos. 

Indeed, these functionalities can provide you with lot of opportunities to create a structured framework with any types of videos that you deliver it to your audience. 

Step 4: Select the appropriate membership plans to offer

The content that you create serves to be the fundamental base of your video streaming business.. And so, it becomes necessary to package and sell them in ways that match your business model.. 

It is much better to think about member-only types of content and other additional stuff for different kinds of membership options. 

There are some ways to package your content on your best subscription website:

  • Paid all-access membership: In this you can offer a flat rate which is expected to be paid over a certain period of time (i.e. monthly, yearly, etc) which includes access to all your exclusive content. 
  • Tiered-based membership:  You can offer different membership at varying levels along with unique pricing plans. In this subscribers can gain more access as the price gets higer. Let’s say a user chooses Basic plan with access to certain content & that might differ with premium plans. 
  • Pay-per-view access: Viewers can get access to your content after renting or buying content for specific duration or one-off basis. This is applicable to both single or collective pack of videos. 
  • Hybrid: In this plan, you can offer both types of member-only based content (i.e. tiered or all-access) as well as the allowance to buy or rent courses on a one-time basis. 
  • “Freemium” based plans: This means to offer free or basic access to any service that you provide with the option to upgrade to other paid plans. This is inclusive of premium content and so you can easily attract new platform members. 

This empowers non-members to get a hands-on look at your membership channel & experience all sorts of perks and decide if it’s suitable for them. 

Step 5: Prep up with marketing tools & integrations to promote on-the-go

Once your site is absolutely ready to get live, it’s time for setting up marketing funnel which’ll help you to reach wider customer base and earn maximized revenue. 

We would recommend you to use 3 main marketing tools before you could launch:

  • Emailing List: This tool allows you to gather email addresses of potential consumers (i.e Hubspot marketing hub, Salesforce marketing cloud, MailChimp,etc) 
  • Upsell via subscription: With a premium subscription feature you can provide purchase upsells of your membership platform for customers. 
  • Abandoned Cart: This feature automatically can contact people who leave the enitre sales process before they could complete their purchase. 

This way, you can create a solid foundation for long-purposed marketing of your business, nurture your sales, & recoup any ‘lost’ potential income from noncommittal customers.

Why Should I Have a Video Membership Channel?

reasons to have video membership channel

It’s wise to create a video membership channel for your company or as an individual! You are undoubtedly headed in the correct direction.

One of the best opportunities to create a reliable and continuous income is through professional video membership sites.

This is why:

  • Sure Shot of Recurring revenue‍

It doesn’t come to a surprise that being a part in a membership site absolutely benefits you with constant revenue. Depending on the present stage of your video business, you may have everything that you need to start with for multiplying your ROI. 

As as business spokesperson you maay indulge into selling your membership videos via a website, it becomes pretty easy to add subscription service to any business model that you are working with. The key to prospective success is to know how to price your membership channel. 

You can neither set prices too high which might change the idea of approaching you. Or tag it too low as you could miss the opportunity to earn more dollars a month. 

Comparatively, you can create an idea and approach to other platforms, who specializes in your niche. You can gain a fair knowledge of how the prices can be lucratively set. 

Indeed, it is the best feeling when you know you can optimally acquire a recurring revenue flow.  

  • Quintessentially to Improve customer loyalty

It is understandable that as an entrepreneur, you need to nurture customer loyalty & prioritize on top. Ultimately, you will want your potential customers to fall in love with your brand, and the products/services you offer. 

But this doesn’t happen in a click of a button! Loyalty and trustworthiness is built over time with the help of stable membership management. 

It is essential to earn customer loyalty to keep up your business going forward.. Therefore it depends on the membership site benefits which you choose and provide your followers the right place to assemble. 

Then, you may give them the access to your premium brand, and all the knowledge that you need to distribute. And having said that, it becomes the prime foundation for any loyal customer to get associated with. 

The more “touchpoints” you tend to create, it becomes far more easier to establish loyal brand fellowship.. By and large a membership site provides a medium for you to find load of options to communicate with your target audience. 

Let’s put it this way: Someone who is readily willing to pay for access to your membership channel in a website is already loyal to you. All you have to do is fulfill your end-user’s promise. 

  • ‍Other ways of merchandizing in the future‍

Let me tell you that channel or site members are already much interested in what you need to offer and they’ve decided to pay for your membership library. This indirectly brings the fact that your paying members could be ideal audience for your segmented and retargeted marketing campaigns. 

Here are some ways which you can use to upsell other offerings to your community members: 

  1. Deliver one-to-one tutoring sessions
  2. Periodically host exclusive webinars 
  3. Give primary access to downloadable products for continued engagement
  4. Provide extension to premium versions of products for channel members 

This determines that, while you have a place to gather all your platform fans can actually make sure to provide you a built-in audience who is very keen & open to purchase your other offerings. 

So, the opportunity is right there!! Just make sure that you don’t lose the focus to furnish primary responsibilities towards your members.. And that is to deliver value. 

  • ‍Build industry-driven authority in place ‍

Branding on a personal level along with industry authority have been essential factor to look upon. Definitely, you will want to be considered as a leader in your offered niche at some point of time. 

Right from improving your SEO, to give the confidence to your customers while utlizing your products or offerings, authority goes a long way. This adds value to your business in the long run. 

When you start your own membership channel and run a successful paid programs, you exhibit the world with something unique and effective to offer in your industry. 

Even if a viewer decides not to join, they’ll look at the website that you are in. And then realize other people are shelling out money to learn something from you. Later, the members are likely to favour you with praises. 

This helps the word of satisfaction which is bound to spread and solidate your authority. As industry authority grow, you will gain reach with credibility. With that you’ll have greater chances to have more members to your channel & more money in your wallet. 

  • An excellent opportunity to assist your audience needs 

The most successful brands aren’t only built on the intent of making money. They are built on the idea of helping other people to succeed. Their success is equivalent to yours. 

Sticking to the above example, SEO marketer has the capability to upsell members for them to establish another revenue flow. But before they do that, there must be complete dedication to helping reach their individual goals. 

Certainly, when you help your audience to find their purpose, they’ll help you. It becomes necessary to provide them value, answer their queries and show that you have the authority in your owned space. From there, opportunities will come to you without the need to do much upselling.

How Do I Create a Video Membership Channel?

One of the simplest methods to improve user engagement is by setting up a membership channel. By enabling visitors to sign up as members, you may entice them to stay engaged with your premium channel in return for benefits like discounts, special access to content, and other perks to consider.

create a video membership channel

  • Prioritize your desired membership model 

Choose a membership model where you pick what you’ll offer and how much you’ll charge annually before even collaborating with a platform. When you operate your channel using this model, you bill customers on a recurrent basis for access to benefits, data, events, networking opportunities, classes, or facilities.

  • Choose an apt membership platform fitting your needs 

 Now that you’ve brainstormed on your membership model, established the pricing structure, and created content, it’s time to choose an apt platform. Let’s say if you’on WordPress, you can compare membership plugins and choose the suitable one which caters to your business needs. Or if you’re on another platform, get to integrate membership offering by toggling platform’s existing-integrated settings or choosing a third-party partnership. 

  • Organize your priceless video content 

As you come to know how you’re going to build your own video membership channel, it time to plan your collective pieces of content. It is important to think about what kind of content you’ll need on your channel. It can be either, new exclusive releases, repurposed free content or a mixture of both. For your paying subscribers, it is necessary to have premium content. Also you can even bulk up your premium stuff by offering live streams or interactive webinars.  

  • Keep your checklist & get ready to launch a video membership Channel

Before you could invest in a platform to launch your membership-based channel, you’ll need to ensure about critical components. One, starts with premium content where videos that you have planned, recorded can be uploaded anytime, Next comes with existing audience where your community can be anyone who is associated with your existing content. Then engaged audience provides indication which lets you know about their likes and trusts your brand.  

  • Broadcast your members-only permitted pages 

Do you recollect about the gated content and posts which had creating long back? The time has come to stream those and mark it as members-only. For few platforms you can do this with a single click. And when it comes to other, you may have to navigate to pages that you are looking to protect and select ‘members-only’ option from drop-down menu. You may also look into best membership platform which offers options to create community forum accessible to only members.    

  • Decide on a pricing structure seeing market trends

Make sure you charge what you’re really worth of within the video membership site to give your members the ideal bang for their buck. Firstly, pick recurring fee structure & decide to charge them monthly, or annually. Then select on membership tiers, for you to offer premium content only which is inclusive of paid & free content. Later, you can consider on setting membership price which defines your revenue goals, existing followers that you have, conversion rate, etc.  

  • Build members-only based content for focussed value  

As you have created a robust membership models, now you can create content that can be gated, along with pages, courses, events and other stuff that you have thought to plan. It is for offering it to your members by establishing the content before its published with new membership options. Finally that can ensure that you would delight, but not frustrate your customers. Member-only based emails are also a great way to start it off.   

  • Tell about your new membership offerings via email & socially

Announce your new membership-based channel in and around your social media followers, email contacts or blog subscribers. For you to boost conversion rates, you can consider offering a stipulated-time reduced membership price. Another thing that can be given a thought would be to consider offering discounted fee for seniors or other veterans in order to increase better value of conversion rates.

So far we saw in what way can be the best way to create a video membership channel.. 

Now it is important to know on which platform you can broadcast your priceless content.. And to drive off your worries here we come with a solution..

Collaborate with GUDSHO to reap lifetime business value 


You can completely rely on GUDSHO which provides you with entirely-featured premium video channel. It can be exclusively owned by you with no means of sharing. This is the online space that you can call on your own & ultimately personalize your creator identity. In short, you can get the value of your work by making the world look up to your skills any moment. 

Overall, you can seamlessly manage, stream and sell all genres of content that you create. Let it be fitness, art, yoga, dance, online teaching courses, on-demand entertaining performances, cookery, etc to name a few examples. 

The key features that you’ll be benefiting with includes: 

– All-time streaming capabilities

– Easy to upload content anytime 

– Seamless content management tools 

– Dedicated video player 

– Variety of monetization models 

– Detailed study of content performances

As more and more people use varied device sets, streaming quality becomes an important factor and that’s where GUDSHO comes to rescue. There is absolutely no compromise in regards to streaming efficiency, when you plan to create a channel in the platform. 

Not only till there, but also empowers your channel by publishing every single content with meta tags, description, etc making it SEO-friendly. And above all of that your entire channel management is turned effortless since everything in & around is managed by GUDSHO.   

To Wrap Up: 

One of the best methods to improve user experience on your channel is to offer memberships. You can boost engagement and add other revenue streams to your supported channel by using any of the specialized membership-based website facilitators. 

As aforementioned GUDSHO which offers an all-inclusive video membership platform provides you with amazing opportunities to earn time and again using the power of streaming. Creating an individual video channel can help you to resonate your brand by facilitating content with images, descriptions, customized categories, etc. 

This can add value to your trademark which can optimize conversion rate and drive traction to your potential audience base. Explore such platforms with built-in functionality, or plugins mentioned above.

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