22 September, 2023

The Kings’ Party!

Work like a horse, relax like a king. The fruit bearing Contusians  were the kings last evening. It was a totally surprising party for everyone. Contusians proved that they are not just ‘productiveness-focused’ toilers but also fun loving freaks. As unique as always Contus gave its employees a completely gratifying new-year party that helped them rejuvenate their spirits. Everyone including the managers were on ultimate fervor and indulged maximum in all the waggish fun games that were conducted. Rousing music, quirky face paints, ignited dances, witty games, surprise gifts and victorious announcements. Celebration was at its peak! It was a perfect break from work for the toiling crickets of Contus. Not just the enormous spirit to work, the Contusians also proved to be great sportives. The Checkers’ party hall was filled with Contusians’ euphoric air on Thursday evening.
Contus always has been conscious about the truth that keeping the employees happy and satisfied is very crucial for productivity at work thus keeping the customers happy. Hence celebrations are always given vital importance here to maintain a enjoyable work culture and to keep the employees reminded that they belong to an appreciative environment.

The main highlight of the event was the ‘Contus Superstar 2010’ award. CXO Mr. Prakash announced the nominees, after which a very critical silence filled with curiosity existed in the party hall. In spite of tough competition the ‘Contus Superstar 2010’ award was grabbed by Ms. Sasirekha, the TL of Development Team, for her dedicated and laudable performance throughout the year.  The ‘Contus Superstar’ title is a reward given every year to the best worker,  which is decided after a series of tough assessments by the management conducted periodically throughout the year.

The other highlights were the ‘Best Bay Decoration’ prize which was won by the ‘Development team –Mighty Lions’ and the runners were ‘Products Team- Red Wolves’. The competition was held earlier that morning at the office.  The teams exhibited great team spirit as always in decorating their bays respective to the themes given.

CEO Mr. Balasubramaniam gave the most awaited speech revealing the ‘Contus’ Business Goal for 2011’ which was ‘Ultimate Customer Satisfaction’. Previously when he announced that Contus had achieved its set goal for 2010 which was ‘appointing 100 employees’  the applause and screams from the crowd was roof breaking! It was a great moment of celebrating success. The other surprising news to the hard-working Contusians was that from this year 2011 the alternate Saturdays will be holidays.  The spirit smashing Contus new year party came to an end with a high note of enthusiasm! The hard working horses had a king’s party!

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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