29 September, 2023

The Most Desirable Groupon Clone Is Now Available As An Extension For Your Magento CMS.

Start your own group buying website with exclusive features now with a readymade extension for the best ecommerce platform “magento ecommerce”. The most popular Groupon clone script “Groupclone” is now available as an independent extension for magento CMS and is compatible with newly updated magento version. This extension integrates the core functionality of Groupon with more exclusive features.

The vantage of Groupon business is inspiring many new steppers to start up their own deal site. Survey indicates that most of the magento store owners are now planning to incorporate the group buying concept.  This extension perfectly suits the purpose. Simply download the Groupclone extension from http://grouponclone.contus.com/ and change your magento store into an attractive deal site. The Groupclone script adds to its features list another exclusive feature. It now comes with Apptha’s onestepcheckout extension worth $199 absolutely free. Hence you can enable an easy checkout process for your Groupon like website, availing your users to enjoy their discount purchase with simple checkout experience.

Another best aspect in the GroupClone extension is that you can now add any number of magento extensions to your daily deal site. The Groupclone extension does not interfere with the other magento extensions. Thus your exclusive group buying site becomes even more exclusive by adding other stunning magento extensions. The Groupon Clone script is a popular choice due to its numerous features and with the latest update it is surely a default choice for all group buying owners.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.


  1. mario Reply

    I buy group clone in march 2011, can I have the upgrade to this new version, I asked to all theses functionnality because when I bought your clone, I want to use all the functionnality of Magento when SURPRISE, I can’t.. like the discount coupon code… upsell, crossell product…

    Thanks for you answer!

  2. Arthika Reply

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for posting message in our company blog.

    Sure. We are ready to provide you the new version. You will get the service through ticketing system.

    Note : If we install the new version, the old files will be replaced.

    With Regards,

  3. Kalibao Reply


    Where can test the admin interface ? And why this extension is unavailable on Magento Connect ?

    Tanks for your reply.


  4. arun Reply

    Dear Pierre,

    Thanks for contacting us and requesting for admin details to play around our groupclone system. Kindly send us request in email to bdm@contus.in, so that we can answer for your questions and proceed further with our discussion.

    Looking to hear a response from you.

    Business development team
    Contus Support Interactive

  5. Santiago Reply

    Hi. Im very interested in understanding the differences and implications of changing my script (purchased in 2011) and this extension. My decision of getting the Grouclone script from you was based on that it was developed over Magento (proven e-commerce software) which I believed would provide me all the flexibility to install and integrate other magento extensions. Nonetheless the script didn’t actually was as flexible as I thought and trying to install or even use nice/core features of magento have been impossible so far.
    I will very soon undertake a customization work and redesign of my site with my (Contus Account Executive), but I’d rather try the demo of a site with the extension and understand if it fullfills my expectations, and if so, Id rather install (replace) my old script and work the customization over the new one (extension).
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,

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