28 September, 2023

Trim and Tone app honored with ‘Best UI design’ award from bestmobileappawards.com

Contus’ focus on designing engaging and easy-to-use interfaces is laid on each and every in-house app developed. As a reward for the persistent efforts, Trim and Tone, one of Contus’ entertainment applications, has been honored for its outstanding UI design by bestmobileappawards.com. Out of 11 mobile apps qualified for the contest, Trim and Tone has been awarded as the top app for its 2014 Summer Awards Gold Award Best Mobile App User Interface
Bestmobileappawards.com organizes contests for honoring remarkably built mobile applications with perfection in various departments like designing, usability, functionality, and overall performance. The awards are given to the applications based on users’ voting and decisions given by a group of highly experienced designers and developers.

Hear it from the developer, Saranya, on what she has to say about her experience in working on Trim and Tone

Android App Developer It was a great challenge to distinguish the app from the millions of other in the market and so a very engaging UI became a key requirement for the app to beat out the competition. We made use of animations to provide fluidic effect for screen transitions, track list loading and screen splitting and thus achieved a smoother using experience for the app on the whole.

Next to it, we came up with features to ensure users find it easy to share their audio file creations to their friends and thus incorporated the widely preferred mobile messenger WhatsApp in addition to Bluetooth, Email and Sound Cloud. Technically, the merging of tones using the Tone Mixer was perfected using FFMPEG library.

Here is what the design brain, Vinodh, has to say about how was the design for the application conceptualized?

Mobile App Designer “I think placing only the required features at the appropriate places was the key to the success of the app. We focused on the clarity of the applications and hence made sure to avoid placing unwanted options at inappropriate places that might confuse a user.”

The UI design was conceptualized in such a way that it is easy from an end-user’s perspective to make use of the app’s features and functionalities. Right from color concepts to the animations, every single pixel of the app was instilled with a soothing effect.

The track loading was animated with a sliding effect. In order to stay focused on the key functionality of editing audio file, we decided not to confuse users with any other options other than the tone editor option, when a soundtrack is selected.

For ensuring an easier song editing experience, the app was bestowed with two cutting options namely, markers and picker. Using the markers (‘Start’ and ‘End’) users can select the desired portion by dragging them. Through the ‘Picker’ option, users can specify the start and end timing of the portion to be cut. Both these song editing options can be used simultaneously to edit the audio file with precision.

For users to navigate with ease, a filter option was developed through which users can move to other pages. The ‘Swipe’ option is one of the remarkable controls that allow users perform a variety of actions once a file is edited.

On the whole, the ‘Swipe’ reveals four different functions namely ‘Share’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Delete’. Sharing can be done through WhatsApp, Sound Cloud, Email and Bluetooth. The Settings option lets users to edit, assign to contact and set a selected file as a default ringtone.
To guide the first time users, a tip tool was created that renders information on how to use the features and functionalities of the application.

Bala M, Creatives Head, Contus speaks on what made him come up with a unique UI design concept

Bala Murugan, Who Proposed the Unique Design Concept “As the mobile app market is flooded with numerous tone editing and trimming apps, I was keen on coming up with unique features that would differentiate our app from the rest. I focused on coming up with a perfect UI and UX design. With immense confidence in our mind, I nominated the app for the awards and I am happy for, we have succeeded in clinching victory.” The overwhelming response for our hard work has motivated us to come up with more user-friendly features in the future updates of Trim and Tone

How was the app promoted to achieve bigger and better response?

Ismail- App Marketer of Trim and Tone Android App “As a digital marketing executives my responsibility was to promote the application and receive user reviews as well to measure the success of our application. I took on the social media platform and Android app listing websites for the promotions which earned us overwhelming response and reviews for the app. Trim and Tone has crossed over 5 lakh installs and is still going strong.”

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