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Top 7 Best Webinar Streaming Platforms- 2024[Free+Paid]

Published On July 16th, 2024 182Live Streaming

Do you know that webinars have been uplifting businesses and startups as an essential storytelling tool ? If not, this blog will help you understand how having a webinar streaming platforms can speed up business and organizational growth. Also, Get insights into the best practices for yielding 10x ROI.

Are new to the industry or seeking information before committing to a webinar platform? Consider this statistic: 91% of B2B professionals prefer webinars as their type of content. It is high time to choose the best webinar platform.

The main purpose of listing these 7 webinars is to help you understand how the market evolves and competes. It offers interactive features and USP tailored for startups, enterprises and businesses.

If you belong to any of these categories, read the blog to the end and enhance your marketing strategy for surefire revenue.

Importance of Webinar Streaming Platforms

Before you go through the webinar listicles, it’s important to analyze the reasons for choosing a webinar streaming platform. Consider this as an eye-opening section to get started with your webinar journey right away.

  • Webinars help with better audience engagement and enable you to build personalized connections, for more conversions.
  • You can repurpose webinar content across various platforms to promote your business goals.
  •  They provide immense opportunities to create thought leadership content and foster discussions around topics.
  •  Webinars are a better forum for businesses to maximize their brand awareness.
  •  They also enable better data analysis to gain insights into user behavior, viewer opinions, and suggestions for your streams and concepts.

These are the primary highlights, there is a lot more importance attached to webinars, which makes them a cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy. Scroll down to see every piece of information bundled in this article for you! 

Like how Aristotle puts it, while learning something new, you will be able to learn more only when you start doing it! So without hesitation, find a suitable webinar platform and schedule your first webinar today! we would be most happy to see you onboard!

How to Choose the Right Virtual webinar platform for your business?

Now that you’re convinced about using a webinar streaming platform for your business, you might have a quick question: how do I pick the right one? Brush aside your worries and discover the platform that suits you best from our highlighted list!

Read through each platform, examine their key features, pros, and cons, and analyze their pricing plans to match them with your budget. Don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the required features at the same time from the platform you choose.

It is said that the Webinar registration page conversion rate can be up to  59%. Isn’t this great news for you to know, before you get started? Keep the spirit, with the same enthusiasm, lets talk no further and dive straight into the listicles. 

Top 7 Webinar Streaming Platforms for Small Businesses and Enterprises 

Here is the list of the top 7 webinar platforms that help you boost sales 10x like never before. 

If you have been worrying about leads for demos, try hosting a webinar today, as 62% of webinar attendees request a demo from sales.

1. OnTheFly

Free platforms for webinars

If you feel blindfolded and don’t know where to begin, here is what you need to hear. OnTheFly is a premium multistreaming platform to host webinars across 50+ social channels.

You can stream with 8 on-screen guests at a time, while managing the webinar with 500+ attendees in one stream. You can also pre-record your webinar right at your fingertips.

If you are looking for a solution to streamline your webinar hosting this platform is for you. You can onboard with OnTheFly in minutes if you are ready. 


  • The only platform that lets you stream in 50+ destinations at a time with a custom RTMP server. 
  • You can stream on your Facebook page/profile/group, YouTube, and Twitch in minutes.
  • Built-in interactive tools to drive more engagement with live Polls, Surveys & Feedback, Real-time Chat, Contests & Gamification, and push notifications.

Key Features

  • Irresistible branding experiences with editable layouts, overlays, banners, unique brand colors, and logo uploads.
  • Live stream your webinar with up to crystal clear 1080p HD quality. 
  • Multistream on 50 + destinations at a stretch without compromising on streaming quality. 
  • Host webinars by inviting up to 8 on-screen guests, and swap them in and out as needed for your event.
  • Pre-recorded streams allow you to store and rewatch your webinars and their content as needed.
  • Repurpose your webinar content by converting it and posting it on various social platforms to maximize reach


2. Live Webinar

webinar creation platform

It is not a free platform for webinars. It is a cloud-based webinar streaming platform that offers suscreen sharing, live streaming, and recording feature. You also get a varied options like branding, social media broadcasting, and audience insights and much more.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business leaders seeking for ways to generate leads with marketing automation tools, this platform is for you.


Build email marketing lists from your prospective webinar leads with marketing automation tools like CRMs.


You can’t multistream your webinar. 

Key Features 

  • join the webinar room without needing to install or download with the browser Access.
  • Customize and curate the webinar streaming platform to give your viewers a unique experience.
  • Stream your webinar streaming in high-level HD quality, and an HR recorder to rewatch. 
  • Embed the stream into your website with easy integration options and invite guests to your website to watch it.
  • Monetize your webinars by adding payment options to the webinar sign-up page.


  • The basic paid plan starts at 25.58 USN /month. 

Simple right?

3. Airmeet

top webinar platforms

Airmeet is a top webinar streaming platform that lets you host business webinars that close deals. It promises to deliver captivating webinars that speed up your pipeline and revenue.

This Platform helps you spotlight your brand by letting you design custom webinars, landing pages, and live stages.

You can manage your attendance, session performance, engagement, and boost visits all at once.


  •  View audience engagement score, along with the time they spend on each webinar session. With this, you can gauge the success of your webinar with prospective leads and conversions. 


  • You can’t multistream on this platform.
  • The platform looks complex. 
  • The subscription price is expensive compared to other platforms.

Key Features

  • Engage audience with automated must-read emails and follow ups to grab their attention to attend your webinar.
  • Pull in target audience with calls-to-action, polls to capture leads.
  • Post-webinar outreach program based on attendance poll rate and survey to boost conversion.
  • Analyze webinar performance with a real-time analytics on the session performance , webinar sign-ups and attendees’ engagement.


  • The paid plan starts at $99.9/month.

4. Demio

Best webinar platform

Demio is a webinar platform for small businesses that provides transparent insights into marketing strategies for businesses. This platform promises a strong webinar ROI with its automated webinar management software. It also allowing you to generate leads even when you are not working.

Whether you are in sales, marketing, or customer success, its analytical reports can help you achieve 3x conversions with webinars.


  • Generates detailed webinar analytical reports to get insights into how your webinar has performed and how you can improve it in the future. 


  • You can’t multistream on this platform.
  • There are very limited features.
  • Webinars are restricted to a limited number of participants per session.

Key Features

  • Engage attendees with interactive features to make them active participants in the webinar, rather than mere observers.
  • Engaging analytical reports include metrics such as chat polls, no of downloads, total no of clicks, and engagement scores.
  • Integrate Demio with any of your CRM software to drive more users, leads, and conversions.
  • Customize your brand logo and color palette on your dedicated registration page, email notifications, and webinar room.


  • The starter plan starts at $59/month. 

5. ClickMeeting

Webinar platform for creators

ClickMeeting is a popular webinar software that enables businesses to showcase and promote their products or services through webinars and conferences.

Maximize promotional activities with on-demand, paid, and automated webinars, and manage your content across different formats.

ClickMeeting automates your webinar management in three parallel stages :ticketing, networking, and processing webinar results, giving you full control over the process.


  • Automate the webinar process, from attracting your audience with customized promotion options like registration forms or email follow-ups, to lead generation and deal closing with a click.


  • You can’t multistream on this platform.
  • No analytical reports can be generated.
  • Very few features are available.
  • Webinars are restricted to a limited number of participants per session.

Key Features 

  • Export leads by integrating with your CRM apps and selling your expertise with paid on-demand webinars.
  • Customize branded registration forms, waiting rooms, and email communications with specified options.
  • Get instant feedback from real-time chat and engagement during live webinar sessions.
  • Integrate with the Stripe payment to manage paid webinars & generate certificates for attendees.


  • The starter plan starts at $32 per month for up to 25 attendees per session.

6. GoTo Webinar

webinar platform for small business
GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar is a webinar conferencing platform that offers simple business communication and remote IT tools for use in the comfort of your home.

It provides tailored webinar solutions for various roles, including IT managers, healthcare professionals, educators, and more.

It also offers simple collaboration solutions like, screen sharing, and video conferencing.


  • This platform comes with various technical solutions such as cloud-based business phone systems, collaboration tools, and IT management and support features.


  •  Multi-streaming is not possible.
  • The platform looks complex to use.


  • Professional presentation experience for both hosts and attendees.
  • Attendee engagement tools like polls, and Q&A sessions, to foster engagement and participation during webinars.
  • Detailed analytical reports on attendee engagement, to measure the success of your webinars.
  • Integrate with popular CRM and marketing tools and streamline webinars to generate more leads for better conversion.


  • Contact the sales team, to get your quote today. 

7. Riverside

Pre Recorded webinar conferencing platform

Riverside is the best webinar platform for creators, that lets you create unreal, on-demand, and on -Air webinars. It promises high-quality recording and flawless streaming of webinars, that you can edit and share to the world.

It is not only a webinar streaming platform but also offers live-streaming options for creators. If you are looking for a variety of options to run your business with video streaming, go ahead with Riverside!


  • Producer mode button to help you run the show by giving access to your co-producers to take care of the webinar from backstage.


  •  Multi-streaming is not possible.
  • No custom RTMP feature.
  • Very limited features are available 

Key Features 

  • Flawless webinar streaming even during connectivity issues. 
  • High-quality separate video and audio streaming with crystal clear sound and 4k video quality.
  • Built-in editing tool to cut, edit, and upload files, slides, and media to share and record as your webinar to repurpose. 
  • Generate key takeaways after the webinar with AI show notes.


  • The standard packs start at $19/month. 

Wrapping Up

We hope the above lists have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of how webinar platforms functions. So, don’t fail to consider the point discussed when you choose the platform.

Choose the right one, start your webinar streaming today, and achieve your business goals with up to 10x ROI.

Remember, success lies not just in what you do, but in how you do it! OnTheFly wishes you all the best!

If You’re Looking To Host Live Webinar with Interactive Features? OnTheFly offers 30-Days Free Trial to get you started right away

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Webinar Platform?

A webinar platform is a digital video streaming tool that enables users to broadcast, host, and engage with each other in real-time discussions on revolutionary topics in endless fields in the form of virtual conferences. Meetings and presentations.

What are the top 3 platforms for a webinar?

Some of the 3 major top-ranking webinar streaming platforms are OnTheFly, Clickmeeting, and Riverside. 

Can you host a webinar for free?

Yes, platforms like OnTheFly let you host your webinar for free. Check out their pricing plans today to take advantage of excellent benefits for effortlessly hosting your webinar.

How do I create a free online webinar?

To create a free online webinar, you will need a webinar streaming platform. Consider using one of the platforms mentioned above, analyze its functionality during the trial period, and then transition to a paid plan to maximize its benefits.

Can webinars be pre-recorded?

Yes, you can pre-record your webinar and schedule them to stream them on time without any hassle and last minute iterations. Just stream them when you are ready and sit back and enjoy when the rest is taken care of by the platform. 


Kiruthika is a Senior Digital Marketer specializing in SaaS Marketing at GUDSHO, where she leverages her expertise to drive result-oriented strategies. With a passion for innovation, she has expertise in navigating the complexities of online marketing.

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