28 September, 2023

With Google Sites Make Your Upcoming Project Alive

Have you heard the recent outcome from Google that is crashing records in the industry? If not, know it! Google Apps have become exceedingly important with productivity. A project can be anything that requires more than one action step. Every individual is curious about in building projects than they have recognized. Consider for example: A project named ‘switch to Google apps’ must be something that involves multiple steps taken by multiple people over weeks and months. A complete project is something that takes months and even a year to finish, with conjoining efforts from multiple people and multiple action steps. Another better example for a project is ‘creating a budget plan for next year’.

Get Your Things Done

Individuals, who pursue this methodology, generally manage their projects with two essential tools: lists and reference materials. Lists specify the actions required for a successful outcome. For example, calendars. These are lists of things which happen on a specific date or time. Reference materials are elements needed during the course of the project such as instructions, reports, analysis or articles.

The project moves forward with the next action steps being absolutely clear. If you are not clear with the next action, you’ll face the impact in project. Keep thinking over the project’s next action every now and then, so that you’ll get the answer sometime.

Google Sites

Make use of Google apps to track and manage your lists and references and thereby accomplish with the requirements of your next action. With Google sites, you are able to,
• Manage timelines with calendars
• Manage task list and budgets with sheets
• Track meeting minutes and decisions with docs

A Google site enables you to add context to your lists and reference materials, thereby giving your project a dedicated project website. The site can showcase an overview of the project, timeline, budget and people involved. There is also a site discussion forum that lets you to discuss each of these elements individually.

The most specific factor is, you can share access to the project site with other people. You can set your project site public to the whole world or restrict to specific people. Offer some time in your worksheet to configure the site. Also, ensure that your collaborators are able to access the site.

Listed down are the steps you got to follow in order to create a basic Google site for a project using a template:

1. To begin with, login to Google apps and click ‘sites’ in the black menu bar at the top of the screen.
2. Click on the ‘create’ button, which is similar to that of the compose button on Gmail.
3. Either use your own site format or use a template. Using a template is my suggestion, if you are creating a site for first.
4. You can also look over the different varieties of templates by clicking on ‘browse the gallery for more templates’. Click on ‘business collaboration’ in the displayed options and enter ‘Project Wiki’ in the search box and click the search button. Click on the ‘project wiki’ entry and click ‘select’ to choose the template. The templates can be searched with the word ‘project’
5. Now, click on the ‘create’ button to build your site. Now, you’ll see your newly created site, which is waiting to be edited.
6. If you have used the ‘Project wiki’ template, you’ll be seeing the menu items from the template displayed. The default pages in the site comprises of project definition page, to-dos, time tracker, files and benchmark dates. This project wiki template also includes an example of an embedded sheet on the Site home page.
7. You are able to edit your site as per your requirements. The key editing controls for the site are available on the upper right corner.
8. You can also create new pages for your site as wished. These five page types provide diverse project management purposes like web page, announcements, file cabinet, list and start page.
9. Now, share your site. Click on the ‘share’ button to share your site with others. You have complete control to manage your entire site wide elements and page level access permissions.

So, your Google site is made complete by following all these steps. Your project reference material should be easy to find and be sure that your site conveys the ’next actions’ very clear. A Google site for your project will surely help your team deliver success in completing projects trouble-free.

Punith is Digital Marketing Head at Contus. He has worked with startups since 2005 to market their products and services. Along with the passion for analytics and marketing he enjoys offering strategic digital and inbound marketing solutions.

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