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12 Reasons Why VPlayed is the Best Alternative to Brightcove

Published On February 20th, 2023 2074OTT

“One size fits all is so passé. Flexible solutions that fit your business vision and strategy are where the spotlight is.”

Brightcove has evolved to be a sophisticated online video platform in the market that supports entertainment, marketing, and enterprise spaces. But when it acquired Ooyala’s OVP technology in February 2019, the immediate aim was to “grow the global workforce, accelerate delivery and support for all customers”. So it is obvious that Brightcove faces serious competition from greenhorn alternatives. Now, out of all the choices in the market which one is the best alternative to Brightcove?

Why is VPlayed Considered to Be The Best Alternative For Brightcove?

VPlayed is a fully customizable best white label OTT solution to build video, audio, live, and OTT platforms. As the number of competitors to Brightcove is growing, Software Suggest and Compare Camp reviewed VPlayed to be a “one-stop solution for superlative streaming for Web, mobile and TV”.

Here are some of the features that form the solid base for all VPlayed streaming platforms:

1) Make Better User Experience And Brand Exposure

Full flexibility is supported in end-to-end customization of your streaming platforms and not is just the player skins. Fit your brand and business vision to reflect in the player functions, security, marketing, and even video monetization models.

2) High Tech Packed Solutions For Business

Top-of-the-line technologies are used to build your platform, host it and manage your video and audio content. Through a high-density CDN and robust transcoding, low latency streams are delivered to a global audience.

3) Unlimited Uploads Without Storage Alerts

As compared to Brightcove and other alternatives, storage space for the content on choosing your VOD streaming platforms is unlimited with VPlayed. Further, they also have a choice to host it on servers on their own premises.

4) Integrating For An Immersive Experience

Third-Party Service Integration – VPlayed works with industry experts for analytic reports and ads to build unique streaming platforms for audio and video content.

5) Teaming Up With The Experts

A dedicated team of over 300 streaming engineers ensure that integrations and customizations are done swiftly for a rapid launch of your streaming platform.

6) Optimized Hosting For Any Storage Need

VPlayed is one of the few online video platforms that offer you a choice to either host your content on the VPlayed cloud service or in your own server. Cloud online video hosting platforms makes upgrades and maintenance on your vod platform seamlessly quick.

7) A Unified Solution For Streaming

A full spectrum of streaming capabilities – Audio on demand, Video-on-demand, Linear TV, Live streaming and OTT streaming are available. As compared to other platforms that have favorite niches, VPlayed has extensive experience in building these streaming platforms.

8) Strategise Revenue Flows With Custom Built Options

Subscriptions, transactional, PPV, advertisement-based monetization models can be customized to suit the revenue-generating strategy of your streaming platform. Server-side and third-party ad integration are also available on VPlayed.

9) Visuals For Engaging And Immersive Experience

Adaptive bitrate streaming and transcoding enable videos to be transmitted faster regardless of the internet speed. Your platform can be made compatible with multiple devices to widen the reach among diverse audiences.

10) Always Secure And Reliable

Watermarking, screenshot prevention, parental control features and IP & Device Restriction are some of the techniques that prevent unauthorized download and redistribution. By integrating a paywall on your platform, ensure that your videos generate revenue for every viewing session.

11) Automating The Marketing Strategy For Engagement

Backend metadata management, recommendation engine, lead capture forms and marketing automation are some unique features that set VPlayed apart from other Brightcove alternatives. VPlayed also supports social media sharing.

12) Track Data That Matters The Most

Measure the performance and ROI of your platform through a drilled-down report of various metrics including live dashboard report, video comparison report, 3rd party analytics integration, audience graph.

Bottom line:

While all Brightcove alternatives offer similar services, the underlying platform model and functionalities make all the difference. By using a SaaP model streaming service that offers end-to-end customization and intuitive security features, you can build a platform for a long-term online video business.

In comparison to Brightcove, VPlayed is a flexible, secure and marketable streaming platform for an extensive range of niches like education, live event streaming, linear TV, corporate collaboration, sports, and much more.

Best Alternative to Brightcove


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  1. John Britto says:

    Hi Sundar,

    Really very interesting features and explained more details via a blog. Actually, I planned to buy a ready-made video streaming platform. Now, I get an intelligible Idea’s on online video streaming platform.

  2. Allwyn Macdivine says:


    I am looking to create video streaming platform. I will have other users to stream their live program on it. I am also looking at the alternative of they copying their facebook embedded code in to the site and have it stream.

    Most importantly a software that will enable us to compress the video being streamed to reduce data consumption. kindly offer me the necessary info and software for consideration.

  3. Sophia says:


    We would like to build an online video streaming platform for our client in the sports sector,
    In that platform allows users to register, upload videos, SVODs/TVODs and allow them to easily market themselves. Does the Vplayed support all these factors?

  4. Benjamin says:

    Looks cool. But I want to know about how much does it cost to build an online video streaming platform like Netflix?

  5. Sarah says:

    Such an informative article. I’ll get some info about Brightcove with its features. If anyone looking for the perfect alternative to the Brightcove, Check out the list of OTT solutions here, You’ll get the additional list from this. Pick the right one and start your services… Cheers

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