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Top 8+ Best Digital Transformation Companies (2024)

Published On May 16th, 2024 282Engineering

Digital transformation is crucial in 2024. As tech grows and customers want more, companies must keep up or fall behind.

A report says global digital change spending will hit $3.4 trillion in 2024, up 17% from 2023. This shows how urgent it is for businesses to update for the digital world.

But it’s not just about new tech. It’s about changing how a company works and giving customers value. It involves strategy, processes, culture, and skills.

Choosing the right partner for this journey is key. This article looks at the top 8 digital transformation service-providing companies in 2024. They stand out for their innovative solutions and increased client retention rate in the industry.

Whether you’re starting or speeding up your digital change, these digital transformation agencies’ insights can help you become a digital-first company. 

We’ll look at what makes each digital transformation company strong, their clients, and how they lead change in their industries.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation involves updating and modernizing your business to align with how people live, work, and operate in today’s digital world.

It means using the latest digital transformation technologies like cloud computing, AI, and data analytics to change all parts of your business for the better.

From enhancing your products and services for digital compatibility to providing employees with contemporary digital resources, to potentially overhauling your entire business strategy.

The main goal is to create stellar digital experiences that allow you to better meet rising customer expectations in our increasingly digital age. 

People nowadays expect awesome digital capabilities whether they’re shopping online, banking on their phone, or interacting with companies in any way.

Want to Build a Better Digital Experience For Your Business?

What are the Key Benefits Of Digital Transformation Services?

  • Efficiency: Streamlines operations with automation, saving time and money.
  • Customer Experience: Enhances interactions through digital channels, offering convenience and personalization.
  • Informed Decisions: Leverages big data for smarter strategies.
  • Innovation: Introduces new business models and revenue streams.
  • Agility: Adapts quickly to market changes with cloud and mobile technologies.

How to Choose the Right Digital Transformation Company?

Starting the journey of digital transformation begins with a clear vision of your needs. 

The first step in choosing a digital transformation service provider is to cut through the jargon and pinpoint the exact business processes that need a digital upgrade. Consider bringing in a consultant who can pose the critical questions and assist in crafting a bespoke business strategy that resonates with your unique requirements.

Your chosen ally in digital transformation should not only boast a stellar track record of success but also embody competence, agility, and visionary leadership. The ideal collaborator is one who embraces change and recognizes that the landscape of software and technology is in constant flux, shaped by the latest trends. 

It’s vital to select a partner who can seamlessly weave new technologies into your existing operations with meticulous attention to detail. They should be adept at monitoring project milestones and delivering top-notch results without derailing your timelines.

In conclusion, transparency and open communication lines with your digital transformation partner are non-negotiable. Such clarity fosters mutual understanding and ensures everyone involved is in sync, working towards shared project ambitions and objectives. 

List of Top 8 Best Digital Transformation Companies in 2024

Are you looking for the best digital transformation service? We have listed the top 8 digital transformation agencies for you to explore and choose from CONTUS Tech, Apphitect, ScienceSoft, Clarion Technologies, LeewayHertz, etc…

1. CONTUS Tech

Empower businesses with the industry’s top transformation leaders to thrive in the digital era

digital transformation company

CONTUS Tech is a global leader in digital transformation services. They’re experts in creating apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms, helping companies enter the mobile market and find new ways to earn.

They build advanced, scalable digital solutions fast. Their agile methods and deep tech knowledge mean businesses can launch new products quickly.

They offer a wide variety of services like full stack development service, and DevOps services which transform your business digitally. In addition to this, they provide in-app chat experiences by seamlessly integrating chat, video, and voice capabilities powered by cutting-edge SDKs. 

CONTUS Tech facilitates smooth communication through SIP calling integration within digital applications. 

Their digital transformation solutions have helped clients automate over 10,000 manual tasks so far. This automation drives efficiency by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming processes.

2. ApphiTect

Pioneering digital evolution with our top-tier transformational expertise

ApphiTect stands out as a prominent digital transformation company, renowned for its expertise in SaaS development, automation, and DevOps services. 

Apphitect has worked with renowned clients across various industries, including Sony, McDonald’s, Hyundai,JCB Toyota, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Amazon and others, demonstrating their proven capabilities and client satisfaction.

ApphiTect leverage agile methodologies and deep technological expertise, enabling businesses to launch new products quickly.

Operating in over 40 plus countries, ApphiTect makes an innovative global presence and an proven track record, having served approximately 1,000 clients.

3. ScienceSoft

Revolutionize your business with our comprehensive digital transformation agency

best digital transformation companies

ScienceSoft is a value-driven digital transformation consulting company. It takes a strategic, consultative approach to providing digital transformation to its clients. 

They first start by understanding a client’s business goals, processes, and pain points. 

Then their digital strategy experts map out a roadmap leveraging the right technologies like cloud, mobile, AI, data analytics, etc.  

A core strength is ScienceSoft’s expertise in legacy modernization. Their teams migrate outdated systems and data to modern architectures like microservices and cloud, ensuring business continuity during the transition.

ScienceSoft also has strong enterprise mobility capabilities. Their solutions include custom mobile apps as well as mobile device management and security. This enables clients to empower their mobile workforce with the right apps and data access.

4. Clarion Technologies

Driving change, setting the standard – Leading the charge in digital transformation

digital transformation services

With its “Digital by Default” approach, Clarion Technologies aims to provide top digital transformation services into the core of an organization through emerging technologies.

As a leading digital transformation company they focus on using AI and machine learning models for intelligent process automation. 

They create tailored AI tools to simplify routine jobs, enhance operations with predictive data, and support smarter choices.

Clarion also has strong expertise in cloud migration and enablement of secure, scalable cloud environments. Their teams handle complexities like re-architecting applications, integrating cloud services, and ensuring robust data governance.

What stands out is Clarion’s offering of comprehensive digital services from strategy and consulting to delivery and change management. Their holistic approach covers tech, processes, and people to drive complete enterprise-wide digital transformation.

5. LeewayHertz

Unlock the future of your business with our curated list of digital transformation companies.

digital transformation service companies

LeewayHertz is one of the top digital transformation companies that focuses on enhancing digital customer experiences by combining design thinking with advanced digital solutions. 

Their UX experts design intuitive user journeys across mobile, web, conversational, AR/VR, and other digital touchpoints.

A key strength is LeewayHertz’s data management and analytics capabilities. They leverage big data platforms, AI/ML, and advanced visualization to generate customer insights that optimize experiences and improve business outcomes.  

LeewayHertz also has deep expertise in modernizing legacy applications to be cloud-native and customer-centric. Their solutions include custom app development, API enablement as well as systems integration across front and back-end systems.

What differentiates LeewayHertz is its design-led approach to drive meaningful digital experiences that resonate with customers while aligning with client business goals.

6. Info Vision Labs

Accelerating digital transformation across industries with the latest technology innovation

list of digital transformation companies

Infovision, established in 1995, is the top digital transformation service provider. They help businesses modernize and embrace digital tech across various sectors. 

Their work includes AI, cloud computing, and more to improve operations and client service

For example, their industrial IoT solutions enable smart factories through connected sensors, equipment monitoring, and AI-powered predictive maintenance.

In retail, they’ve created immersive shopping experiences using AR/VR.

Another key offering is Info Vision Labs’ AI Center of Excellence which provides a full suite of AI services from strategy and use-case identification to AI model development, deployment, and management at scale.

What stands out is Info Vision Labs’ strong innovation culture and focus on co-creating cutting-edge solutions with clients. Their agile practices like design thinking workshops rapidly prototype and deliver high-impact digital transformations.

7. Mphasis 

Achieve scalable, future-ready operations with the best digital transformation companies

top 10 digital transformation companies

Mphasis is a major force in digital transformation, providing cloud and cognitive services to various sectors. 

They use their industry knowledge and advanced digital solutions to help businesses completely transform on a global scale.

In banking, Mphasis has digitized processes like lending through AI-based data capture, decisions, and workflow automation. Their solutions have enhanced customer experiences while driving efficiency and compliance.

For manufacturing clients, Mphasis services span digital twins and simulation for product design to connected factory solutions leveraging IoT, cloud, mobility, and advanced analytics.

A key advantage is Mphasis’ global delivery model with agile, multi-skilled teams providing 24/7 support and flexibility to handle complex enterprise projects at scale. They also have strong partnerships with leading cloud hyperscalers.

8. Kellton Tech

Facilitates seamless enterprise transition into the post-modern digital age, mitigating risks

leading digital transformation

Kellton Tech focuses on driving “platform-led transformation” by enabling agile, scalable digital transformation consulting services providing platforms that act as a foundation for continuous innovation and growth.

A core offering is Kellton’s digital engineering services that modernize legacy systems through API-enablement, microservices architecture, and cloud adoption. This builds a future-proof digital core for rapidly creating new solutions.

Kellton also has deep capabilities in applying emerging technologies like AI/ML, RPA, AR/VR, and IoT to transform business processes and products across domains like manufacturing, retail, BFSI, and more.

What sets Kellton apart is their “co-innovation” approach where cross-functional teams rapidly ideate, build prototypes, and co-create digital solutions in an agile manner in close collaboration with clients.


In 2024, it’s clear: the digital revolution won’t wait. Every business must update its ways to survive in a digital-first world.

Top firms use AI, machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing to help others change. They’re creating mobile and customer-focused experiences, automating smartly, and making choices based on data. This brings more efficiency, growth, and an edge over others.

Digital transformation is ongoing. As tech changes faster, companies need partners to stay quick and ready for the future. The digital transformation agencies we’ve talked about have the vision and skills to help businesses from planning to doing.

Learning from these top digital transformation consulting companies can give you a head start in your digital change. They show how to focus on customers, use new tech, and be flexible. This helps you master the digital world.

If businesses want to change, they risk a lot. Those who think digital-first and work with the best will lead the change in their fields. Now’s the time to move forward in your digital transformation journey.

Ready to revolutionize your business? Partner with us, your trusted digital transformation experts. Let’s embark on a journey to transform your organization into a digital powerhouse.
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