28 September, 2023

Celebrating the successful run of our welcoming culture – iCube

iCube, the interactive workshop which has become an integral part of the welcoming program for the new recruits, celebrated its first anniversary very recently. Like our other initiatives, this one has a team of supportive people who are responsible for its successful roll so far.

Mr Janakiraman (team building expert) and Meenakshi (HR Partner) gave us their time to share how interesting it is to be the brain and muscle behind such workshops.

We started off with Janakiraman, long-term associate with Contus and thinker behind iCube.

JanakiHow long you’ve been associated with Contus?

The association has now reached 9 years. They have been great partners with me professionally and personally as well.

What is that you do for the company?

Basically it is the team building, leadership development and employee engagement programs which I take care for Contus. Apart from it I coordinate and curate for the company’s annual events and other celebrations.

What made you come up with ideas for organizing such programs?

The visionaries (founders) of the company approached me with a view to make the workplace experience an enjoyable one.

On my behalf I planned for workshops which could better the approach of employees towards work and peers. Here is where the employee engagement related activities kicked in.

How are your initiatives treated here and what do you feel as the culture at Contus?

They are totally welcoming when it comes to trying out new ideas, be it for business or employee empowerment and this quality gives me a freehand to try out new interactive programs that provide valuable takeaways.

They prepare employees to handle situations, step up to perform and learn by letting them do things. It is this work culture that brings the best out of an employee and does good for the company.

Now, let’s hear it from another key contributor, Meenakshi, to know her share of experience.

MeenakshiWhat’s special about the workshops that you conduct?

It is fun and learning in equal measures. You get to see the full energy, involvement of the participants and that motivates you to keep going. What starts off with a bit of hesitation will turn the other way round during the course. From there on, you never ask for participations instead it will start happening.

A feel-good factor about organizing such events

Being a person responsible for throwing a warm welcome to the newcomers, making people enjoy, creating a platform to familiarize and make friends, feels good from the inside. In other terms it is like working for a cause and getting paid.

How good is the reception from the employees for initiatives like these?

You should probably ask them.. I was trying to be modest.. Yes it is absolutely great and as I said earlier it gets better to best with time. The recent iCube session, which had around 40+ new recruits participating, was as lively as ever.

How about the plans for future?

Yes of course, there are plenty. As of now, we are focused on helping out the new recruits. In future more workshops will be planned to get the senior lads and leaders on a roll.

It is the treatment which we provide for the freshers makes them feel special and familiar within hardly a day.


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