28 September, 2023

Contus Awards 2013 Ceremony – An Awesome Start to 2014

Every year since the inception of Contus December means festive season. However this year January 3, 2014 was kind of different and the change was on the positive aspect. This year’s Contus New Year Celebration was named as Contus Awards 2013 Ceremony and shall henceforth be known this way. New Year is a time to start afresh, the time of year when everyone feels motivated, happy and full of energy. To append more happiness and motivation to the Contusians, Contus came up with the Award Ceremony where in the talents are recognized and aptly rewarded. The various awards that were given on the D-Day event held at Radisson Blu, Chennai are;

Contus Raising Stars – awards specially given for the newbie and freshers of Contus for their outstanding performance in such a short span of time.

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Contus Best Techies Award – awards given for the technically suave and sound developer of Contus.

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Contus Star Performers Award – This was rewarded to the best performers from various teams for their dedication, talent and perseverance.

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Contus Pillars Award – This award was for the pillars of Contus or in other terms given to the Contusians who have been a great support to Contus through thick and thin.

Well, what is the point of an award ceremony if it doesn’t have some entertainment attached to it? To provide ample amount of entertainment and fun there was a variety of fine arts performance by budding talents of Contus’ Women’s Club members. The event kick started with a soul rendering Bharathanatyam performance followed by solo singing and group dance. To add more flavors to the event, there was an amazing flavor of cinema added to the ceremony. No, it’s not some random movie premiered on the D-Day but four of our Contus Corporate Short Films (made completely by Contusians) were premiered.

The awards ceremony didn’t stop with the professional awards alone but moved on to further level by awards being rewarded for top 3 best bay concept winners, short film awards (best actress, best actor, best director and best movie). Finally, won’t a party be incomplete without dinner and dance? That’s what added finishing touch to the grand D-Day.

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