22 September, 2023

Contus DART – On-Demand Delivery Software to Track Last Mile Delivery for all Deliverables

Ecommerce wars between online stores have now come down to a level where the best order fulfillment provider is the frontrunner. On the other hand, online shopping for daily needs like food, grocery and much more have turned delivery a complicated, tedious and challenging task for business owners.

This demand is now being taken into serious consideration by businesses. Serving to this need, Contus has pulled off a readymade software to build delivery tracking app from its tech lab, ‘Contus DART’.

Contus DART – As a last mile delivery app building software

Contus DART is an 100% customizable readymade delivery tracking app development solution that helps you build a native mobile application on iOS and Android platforms.

Making use of geolocation, GPS, Google Maps and push notifications, Contus DART helps you build a delivery app that can be used to track, monitor, navigate and know real-time updates. Being 100% customizable this last mile delivery app solution offers complete liberty of bolting in any peculiar requirements into the app.

Contus DART’s industries-wise utilities

eCommerce delivery appEcommerce:
For B2B and B2C online ecommerce portals, online orders average around 1000+ per day and hence their delivery management becomes complicated. Contus DART can serve as a all-in-one app which can helps admin assign and monitor delivery and provide customers a tracking option to know the shipment progress.

Food delivery appFood:
Most of the food buying decisions are made on the go as the orders are placed by 11th hour decision makers. Delivering food on time is very crucial here as quick delivery promise is a part of their business strategy. For these instant delivery requirements Contus DART helps in navigating to the busiest and remote of streets to ensure delivery is done on time.

Grocery delivery appGrocery:
Online grocers are frequent shoppers as grocery needs arise almost daily. Moreover, when it comes to the delivery demand, it is almost immediate. Contus DART can be a perfect partner for handling such frequent and on-demand delivery duties with features like real-time delivery tracking and status updates.

Courier delivery appCouriers:
Mails and all types of package delivery services deploy a huge fleet of transportation vehicles and delivery personnel. In such cases, management of the available resources, smartly assigning work and tracking every in-transit vehicle is difficult. Contus DART helps in assigning pick up tasks to the nearest delivery resource available.

Beneficiaries of Contus DART

Contus DART serves for all the three levels of users involved in the process of purchase and delivery – Administrator (business owners), delivery personnel and shoppers.

3 types

Shoppers -End users will get to know the progress of their product’s delivery in real-time. Customers can also rate and review a delivery service through the app.

Delivery Personnel – Notifications pushes to know delivery tasks in real-time, GPS and Google Maps integration to find the delivery location and navigate and personal accounts to keep track of delivery history.

Administrators – Assign delivery tasks, track delivery personnel in real-time, monitor the complete delivery network through dashboard and also the cash earned through COD deliveries.

How Contus DART help businesses handle their delivery demands

Contus DART is more than just a last mile delivery app builder. It provides business owners the ability to delegate work. Delivery duties can be assigned to particular delivery personnel and can be tracked in real-time.

‘Picked’, ‘In Transit’ and ‘Dropped’ are the statuses through which that progress of the delivery can be known. An exclusive admin dashboard offers a comprehensive view of all the happenings of the delivery network.

Apart from business owners, Contus DART provides end users (shoppers) the ability to stay informed about the progress of the product they’ve ordered for.

For a delivery personnel, your delivery app developed using Contus DART can be helpful in navigating the way to the pickup and delivery locations. Additionally, push notifications keeps them updated on the delivery tasks being assigned.

There are a lot more to come onboard for this agile on demand delivery app building solution. For a more detailed idea, have a look at Contus DART’s official page or write to us at bd@contus.in

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  1. Kristen Locke Reply

    I have been following the on demand industry growth for the past few months. Interesting to find Contus Dart is heading the right path in making these apps easily available for businesses. It’s a splendid business idea. It definitely has a meaty market scope in today’s scenario as a last mile delivery service.

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