28 September, 2023

Contus launches Contalog, a SAAS-based field sales product

Contus has been delivering a number of catalog based applications for challenging businesses belonging to various demanding industries across the globe.

Over the years of experience, Contus has analyzed the growing expectations of the market and considered customers’ inputs in order to come up with a SAAS based sales product, Contalog, to redefine the way one-to-one sales pitching is done.

Contalog, which has a multi-tenancy architecture, is built on Amazon Cloud. It is a digital alternative for the conventional catalog carrying process and the product will be of prime help in:

Field sales:
Contalog provides convenience for field sales persons as it allows them to carry catalogs in a tablet. Presentation can be done with more ease as the app demands only clicks and swipes instead of manual flipping over of hard copies.

Retail sales:
In retail sales, Contalog helps by offering convenience to house any number of product catalogs along with detailing like, price, color, size, etc. This helps in recalling all the unique features of your products in a flash while in pursuit of wooing your customers.

What aspects of Contalog make it special for sales professionals?

The digital medium lets sales person to manage and present product catalogs in a much appealing way compared to the conventional methods.

Sales personals can easily place orders directly into the Contalog application. These orders will reach the sales network’s administrators desk instantly. This reduces the time taken to process the order and deliver products on time to customers.

Sales network management:
Contalog app has a web-based backend through which sale networks of any complex structure can easily be managed. An extensive set of order, user and client management tools makes sure no lead goes missing.

Considering the changing needs of marketing professionals and consumers, Contus has plans to enhance Contalog with some more advancement. The future focus will be on:

POS: Integrating POS with Contalog will help consumers pay instantly on the go
Ecommerce: A market with huge potential for digital catalogs and order placements
Inventory management: Inventory management for retail sales industry to ease off stock keeping efforts

Now Contalog Has Got Bigger and Better

What has been a field sales app so far has now been turned into an omni-channel digital commerce platform using which B2B and B2C businesses can sell in multiple digital platforms and redefine their one-to-one selling happening in showrooms and field marketing.

Updated with 30+ new additional features, Contalog now provides a centralized inventory, order and product information platform which syncs all selling channels into one making management easy for business owners.

To know more of Contalog visit: Contalog Functional Upgrades

We’ve frozen the moments of Contalog’s launch. Catch it here.


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