9 December, 2023
images Retail Way partners with Contus

Contus Partners with Mint Digitall to Capture Enterprise Mobility Market Share in Brazil


Contus, the fast-growing mobility, web and cloud solution provider, signed a million dollar partnership deal with Mint Digitall, part of Retail Way, the biggest retail marketing, analytics and management organization comprising more than 1000+ employees and fabulous clients like Sony, D-Link, LG, etc. to penetrate the enterprise mobility market share in Brazil.

We with a clientele 40+ countries had a huge challenge standing in front of us on planning to deploy our solutions on the enterprise mobility market share of Brazil. The challenging part was the language which acted as a barrier while connecting with customers of Brazil. This hampered us to penetrate the market space and we were looking for an ultimate solution to overcome this since then.

To our surprise, the famed organization of Brazil, Mint Digitall, part of Retail Way came forward to assist us in the process of reaching out the customers of Brazil effectively. Eventually, we signed a partnership deal with Mint Digitall which could help us serve the customers of Brazil efficiently.

This significant deal partnership can enable us to connect with the customers of Brazil and serve them with our master-class solutions.


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