7 December, 2023

Contus Releases a Life Saving Mobile App to Save Human Lives

Contus, as a part of its continuous efforts in providing cutting edge mobility solutions, has now contributed a utile application for the betterment of human safety. Contus’ latest app is driven by a global view of inducing a responsible driving habit by prohibiting the use of mobile phones while on the move.

Mobile phones, apart from being an instrumental device for simplifying day-to-day tasks, have become an addiction for majority of those who use it. This over dependency has resulted in distraction while performing certain important daily routines, especially driving.

The toll of distracted driving on human lives in many countries is steadily on the rise. In the USA those who use mobile phones while driving are 23 times more likely to commit an accident compared to those not using it.

With a view to put an end to it, Mike Demele, from the U.S.A, wanted to create a practical solution that encourages drivers to sacrifice mobile phone usage while driving. Mike joined hands with Contus to develop the technology and mechanism needed to turn his idea into reality. Mike’s idea was turned into a mobile application on Android platform in order to bring it into practical use. The iOS version of it is in its beta stage.

Lifesaver app locks the driver’s smartphone when the car is in motion and unlocks it immediately when stopped. The motion of the car is detected through the changes in the accelerometer. The GPS helps the driver to navigate on the go.

“Imposing a lock on the smartphone was a cakewalk for us in Android platform but it was not the same for us in the iOS version as it doesn’t allow a custom lock to be imposed. Instead we have provided music play as an alternative to keep the driver’s mind off using the phone”, says Gopal, developer of the iOS version of the app.

Lifesaver doesn’t completely prohibit drivers from accessing their smartphone. The ‘Emergency Unlock’ feature has been housed into the app in order to allow the driver to use the mobile phone in emergency situations.

As and when the Emergency Unlock is used, a notification is sent to the loved ones (family members, spouse or friends) along with the details of the location it has been unlocked. Moreover, the loved ones can enable the driver to have a ‘Passenger Unlock’ feature through which the driver can use the smartphone as a passenger.

“Unlike other ‘no-texting while driving’ apps, Lifesaver comes up with a tool through which driving can be monitored. The idea of a driving monitoring tool is the best part of the app”, says Sathish, the app’s developer.

The application allows users to receive inbound calls and access maps for navigation. Smart usage of the GPS ensures maximum conservation of the battery power.

Lifesaver National DistractionThe app lets users report on the offenders. Offenders, according to LifeSaver app, are those who text and drive. If a LifeSaver app user happens to see a person using mobile phone while driving, they can raise a report to the LifeSaver app governing panel. They, in turn, will upload the locality of the offenders on the map called ‘LifeSaver National Distraction’ which will help others to stay cautioned. LifeSaver does a lot more than its core functionality of restricting drivers from using their smartphones. As an additional encouragement for teens, the app holds a reward system. Based on the frequency or the number of times the ‘Emergency Unlock’ feature is used, teen drivers will be rewarded with gifts with no charge to their parents.

LifeSaver challenge is yet another fun part in which a driver can be challenged to drive without unlocking their phone more than once a day, once a week and so forth.

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    1. Ramanathan Reply

      Yes this app is absolutely free and currently this app is available only in Google play store and App store.

  1. John Williams Reply

    From my experience I have seen life saving apps that locks the phone in case of over speed. I used to wonder as what will the driver do, if in case he urgently needs to call someone. But then this emergency unlock seems to be an answer to that. Brilliant.

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