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Enterprise-grade Video Content Management Provider primed for a video revolution

Published On February 26th, 2024 1790Announcement

Conventional Content Management Systems suffer from inferior network quality, meagre bandwidth, fuzzy picture quality and lack of analytic reports. Breaking those shackles, Contus Vplay renders world-altering enterprise video content management faculties that meet and surpass the needs of budding broadcasters to media monarchs.

Contus Vplay’s video content management system is cued to render succulent video clarity along with insightful analytics to track live web traffic. As a frontrunning Video Content Management Provider, can add value to content management workflow like never before. The online video content management system brings to table powerful capabilities that enable publishers to get more out of their digital video assets right from the call ‘Action’.

An Ideal Video Content Management System

A state-of-the-art video content management system like Contus Vplay, a complete video on demand solution can simplify processes like video ingestion and transcoding to create customized video discovery and delivery.



Control in your hands. Period.

Contus Vplay video CMS offers an always accessible and reliable video content delivery system that simplifies content library management and facilitates hassle-free HQ video delivery. Enjoy the advantage of hands-on control right, from the video transcoding to delivery.

Video file management


You own it, we store it in breach-free digital vaults.

Contus Vplay’s cloud based video storage system is a state of the art VOD CMS that gives massive storage capacities that are locked down from all imaginable security threats. Your video assets pass through a digital fortress to reach user screens safely.


Sophisticated Video delivery process chiseled to simplicity

The video management software workflow is well-thought-out to minimize the number of processes involved and to improve the end visual experience without compromising on the delivery efficiency.



Chaplin is comedy. Arnold is action. Know the difference.

Contus Vplay classifies your videos like water and oil for effective video database management. No mix ups, no grey areas. Plain and simple videos that are easy to search and quick to screen.

Features that Make the Big-Flatscreen More Fascinating

Video Search

Less time searching, more time watching

Contus Vplay makes it easy to find videos you want using keywords, tags, description or even genre. Advanced search facilities cuts down time taken to search videos and instead give more time for watching them.

Reporting and Analytics

Who, From where, When and how – You’ll know it all

Contus Vplay gives intuitive reports that will enhance your ability to decide what kind of content needs to go on air the next time. Video assets can also be sorted for specific delivery based on down-to-individual kind of information.

Mobile Streaming and Content Creation

Empowering common-man media creation.

Layman. Employees. Shoppers. Customers. Owners. Everyone can become a cameraman and create videos which on submission can be streamed live or otherwise to a global audience. Mobile videos can also be shared using the video content management system.


Optimal Playback Experience

Videos come alive, literally.

Contus Vplay’s secure online video platform is molded to render a smooth and relishing video experience to end-users. It supports HD clarity by default and is fully geared up to take on the oncoming waves of change in digital video delivery like Blue-Ray, 4K, 3D, etc.

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  1. Deepak Jones says:

    Can we integrate with CMS?

    1. Masi says:

      Hi Deepak,

      Yes, You can integrate with top CMS services such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Ektron etc.

  2. Patrick says:

    what is so special in your video content management service?

    1. Masi says:

      Ours is an astonishing platform for every video challenge. We have a collection of extensive data trails, of both VOD and live video, where it remains useful for our customers.

  3. Rafael says:

    Sounds interesting. This video management workflow system can simplify and streamline our video content that makes our work even more easier!

  4. Matthew Dion says:

    One of the most interesting articles in this category that I have ever read!You kept the technology on a good level. Thank you very much, Keep up the good work.

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